Friday, August 1, 2014

Goodbye Twenties, it's been real.

Tomorrow, I turn the big 3-0.

In honor of the eve of the big occasion, and saying goodbye to a decade that taught me so much, here are the top 20 things I learned in my 20's.
  1. It is ok to be honest. Whether that is with yourself or others, a little tact and honesty can go a much longer way than agreeing to things because you feel guilty or have a need to be the "Yes." person. Admit the hard stuff. Be genuine. Be you. It will still give you anxiety, but it's way less anxiety producing and better in the long run.
  2. The perfect ratio of cream is essential to a good cup of coffee, and there is no easier way to ruin a good cup of coffee than by making it too sweet. Ick.
  3. You really can push a baby out of your lady bits. Who knew? And, it comes out a real, live person. Crazytown.
  4. Related: Pregnancy is not my favorite state of being, and that is ok. It is emotional and hard and exhausting and nausea inducing. And though it will prepare you for motherhood, not liking being pregnant is in no way a reflection that you will not like motherhood.
  5. At the beginning of my 20's I wanted nothing more than to be out with people having fun and achieving things all the live long day. {In fact, when I turned 20, I became a sorority president, so yeah. All that that entails.} But as time wore on, I came to be able to really enjoy quiet time at home, by myself {/with small children who endlessly need your time and attention}.
  6. I am a better person when I find time read.
  7. And travel. Let's go see the world.
  8. My children are the only people in the world that can drive me so completely and totally nuts - and then wash it all completely away with a quick kiss on the cheek. Poof. Bad mood gone.
  9. It may - in fact - be a life long journey to try and get addicted to running. I've been trying since I was in middle school - still haven't gotten there.
  10. That goes for water, too. Still trying to be a better water drinker. The struggle is real when all you want in life is a fountain Diet Coke with crushed ice and a wedge of lemon.
  11. Marriage is tough sometimes - even if your spouse is your absolute best friend, you were together for 8 years and lived together for two of them before you got married. Being a grown up is hard work, and being intrinsically linked to another human while being a grown up, with their own thoughts, feelings and opinions that may differ from you is challenging and reassuring…all at the same time. 
  12. I can sew things. Like pillows. And clothes. And crib bumpers. And it is fun. So domestic.
  13. Hangovers are way worse as time goes on. {I imagine that this will probably be present in ten years when I reflect on the things I learned in my 30s.}
  14. I am content to have a really good meal be the entirety of the program for a night out. No need to see a movie, go to a show, whatever. {Though I still love those things} But a great meal - appetizers through dessert - to be savored and not rushed, that is something that soothes my soul.
  15. Your metabolism really does slow down as you age. Screw you, biology.
  16. I will probably never be the girl who leaves a party early or goes to bed at a reasonable time. Eh. It is what it is.
  17. Glorifying busy is really just terrible and exhausting. Our culture really beats this into you, and it is just soul consuming. This is something I am trying to conquer about myself every day.
  18. The right angle in a photograph really makes all the difference. Same goes for the right attitude, though.
  19. Confidence ebbs and flows in every facet of life. This is normal. But when you feel it ebbing away, learn what helps you to stockpile it back up. And then go do that. Nothing will solve problems like confidence.
and finally -

20. I will probably never, ever feel like a "real" grown up. 

Fake it 'till you make it, I say. 

Cheers, friends.

Evelyn Rae is 3, Liam is 17 months, I am signing off on my 20s

…and I am pretty ecstatic about the decade to come.