Friday, June 12, 2015

Snapshots of Six

Today, I have been a wife for 6 whole years.

Shortly after I became a wife, my brand new husband deployed.

And we bought our bungalow of dreams.

After he came home, we relished in married life for a bit.

Before long, I became a Momma.

And then again.

And then we moved to Japan.

And then my husband deployed again.

And came home.

And then one more time, I became a Momma.

And then my husband answered the call of his country one more time.

So this year, we are spending our anniversary apart for the first time. It is a sort of strange and surreal experience today as I just sort of clean and do my normal Friday routine.

{I'm crossing my fingers for a romantic email from him later.}

Our marriage has been one adventure after another, and I know that we are only at the beginning.

I can't wait to embark on a thousand more.

Evelyn Rae is 3 (but 'really almost 4, Momma'), Liam is 2 (and is 'a big kid for really, Mom'), Patrick will be 3 months tomorrow

…and with a deployed husband and no adult to regularly externally process to, I am beginning to annoy myself with my increased frequency of Facebook and Instagram posts. (Who knew that was possible?)

So, you may be seeing a bit more of me over here.

I do have a birth story to share, after all. ;)