Tuesday, December 23, 2014

28 weeks

*I'm just gonna post this over here on time like it's not the very first bump date I have done this entire pregnancy. Let's roll with it. Thank God for self timed cameras.*

Pretty good - Japan is a *lot* drier in the winter than Virginia was, which is crazy, because island, right? - but I think it's maybe the heaters? Not sure. But everyone is experiencing the same, if the availability and variety of humidifiers at each and every store is any indication. I have been trying to pamper my skin a bit more, call it vanity at the ripe old age of 30, so it's been feeling better as of late.

I have been embracing loungewear a lot more this go round. Probably because I am mostly…at home. I have been getting dressed and going out and twice this week was told I make pregnancy ooh adorable - which is super nice to hear, but still, strangers commenting on bodies…weird. I weigh way more than I did when pregnant with Liam at this stage, but I don't feel like I look it, so…we shall see how that goes. My midwives assure me all is on track, and I do have to remember that I started at my all tim high of pre pregnancy weights this go round, but le sigh anyways. This may in fact be the highest gaining pregnancy. Crossing my fingers that isn't the case.

Eh. Food. I like it. No cravings.

Im having some cramping and painful moments when laying down and shifting positions at night, but other than that, only if I really over exert myself during the day.

Starting to be more and more uncomfortable. The heartburn is not good and I am starting to wish I had a Snoogle, but my cheap self probably won't buy one because, hello, almost done already. The comfort level of my sleep could have a lot to do with two toddlers pretty consistently crawling into bed with us as well.

Up and down. Most days, up. Taking Zantac as needed and combining with Tums when I need to. Blerg.

Fetal Movement
Off and on. Swift kicks to the innards every time I think about the fact that I haven't felt a kick in a while…but then again it may just be that I am too busy to intentionally think about it and my placenta is in the front. G3 kicked the doppler at my midwife appt today though when she pressed down hard, which was pretty hilarious.

The Girls
Never in my life have I felt such an urge to go braless. It's really helping my put together, let's get out of pajamas attitude, let me tell ya.

New this time around
I am eating sushi. We live in Japan. All the preggos do here. (Even though the naval hospital still strongly recommends against it, yadda yadda.) The broiled salmon with basil sauce at our local establishment is TO DIE FOR. So good.

Oh yeah, this again.
Discomfort. Trouble bending. Out of breath at the top of the stairs. Realizing that my body will not be my own again for a good long while. Etc. Etc.

Mental State
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I am missing my family and traditions (and grandparents to help out with toddlers who insist on injuring each other with the fierceness of their emotions) while at the same time so starting to deeply enjoy this experience and opportunity for our little family. Plus hormones. 

It is a strange time in my head and heart.


Evelyn Rae is three, oh so very three, Liam is almost two, what the actual heck, and I am 28 weeks along with Baby G Number 3

…and that means third trimester. Guess we'd better stop using the baby's room as a storage area. Oops!

28 weeks last go round. And the time before that.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Working on it.

I have some goals.

For example, to be caught up on finally posting all of Liam's monthly updates and photos…you know, the ones from over a year ago? …before this baby is born.

And you know, maybe before Christmas.

And to maybe get some bump photos or some sort of documentation of this pregnancy up before announcing that we have a new baby.

So…I'll just be quietly updating back posts over here. And maybe some new stuff. Maybe.

{Like the new background and header. That poor pregnant lady in yellow. She was just supposed to be temporary until I, you know, had my baby and wasn't pregnant anymore. Alas. Here she remains.}

If you subscribe or have a feedly thing set up, you should see the old posts as they go up, even though they are back dated. If not…just poke around a bit. Like today I posted his 9 month update. You know. A few months late. Just a few.

{{Insert embarrassed emoji here}}

And I started a new label, where you will find the first couple of posts I had saved in draft from finding out about G3. Click on the label on this post "III" and it should show them all. All two. From like, July.

Until next time, friends.

Evelyn Rae is three and almost a half, Liam is 22 months (!!!) old, and I am 26.5 weeks along with G3

…and that is almost out of the second trimester, kids. STFU.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Why am I so tired?

Oh, right.

Evelyn Rae is (so, so) 3 years old, Liam is *almost* 22 months old, and I am 25 weeks pregnant with Baby G Number 3

…and sometimes I like to brush up on my Excel skills. You know, for fun.