Thursday, June 30, 2011

DD Day!

As in Due Date Day!

For future reference Delivery Day will be assigned the moniker "D-Day" and if it does indeed happen on the 4th, you can expect a photo like this...or five.

How appropriate for a Navy wife.

Anywho, today is DD DAY! The day we have been counting down to since the beginning, and the day that nothing is likely to happen, other than me saying, "yay! It's Due Date Day!"

For you today I have some assorted photos and thoughts. 

My puppy has been extra sleepy and snuggly in the morning thanks to Daddy still being in bed with us every morning this week. I super love quiet time in the morning when I first wake up and both my boys are in bed with me snoozing away. Sitting there with a baby kicking in my belly, waking up slowly and seeing them so peaceful...those are truly contented moments.

That I then ruin by trying to take a photo of the dog...and waking him up. Whatevs, I couldn't resist.

I made the lemon cupcakes last night. So far, no progression on the labor front, but they are DELISH. I highly recommend them to anyone. Bings even liked the one that he got because it fell on the floor.

BONUS: Student Loan bill featured in the back of this photo. Gotta love that. I am SUCH a great photographer. Pssh.

This is the new view in my rear view window. Can you see that people? THAT IS A CAR SEAT! and one of those mirror things so that I can SEE the baby. So.crazy.

Also, I know the handle is supposed to go down, but it hits the back of my seat when down at the moment because I am sitting farther away from the wheel than normal. Hmm, wonder why? Oh, right. Giant belly.

And then there was one. My last paper link. Well, technically there are a whole lot more, because my office mate's due date isn't until July 26th. Hopefully, I won't be around much longer to see the rest of the links being torn off...but we will see.

By won't be around much longer I clearly mean here in the office. That sort of sounded like I had a death wish or something. I promise I am not suicidal. Love, Me. Um, awkward. Let's move on.

TODAY, I have my 40 week appt and first (and hopefully last) non-stress test.

And, A gets to go with me. Because this week is awesome.

That's all for now I guess.

If anything big happens...I will let you know.

40 weeks along

...and I can't believe how fast it went!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cute Kids

As part of my nursery design project, I had this BRILLIANT idea to hang a photo each of A and I as babies in the room. That way we can continually compare if Baby G looks like either of us.

Ok, that wasn't really the reason, but we shall see if it serves that purpose as well.

Really, I thought it was just a cute idea. And I loved seeing pictures of my parents as babies when I was a kiddo. So Baby G will too, naturally.

So my parents sent me a bevy of digital files of me as a baby! Don't you want to see them? You do? Good. Because that is what is included in this post.

**Warning, I was a fat baby. My parents called me "Buddha Baby". I was the biggest baby in the hospital for like 3 days. My poor little 5'2" momma. **

Apparently this used to be my "reading" space. 

Ok so this last one isn't so much a baby shot. But, that is my "buddy" from back when, Sarah. Her mom and my mom still keep in touch, and not even kidding, Sarah and her husband JUST had her first baby like days ago. So our moms are becoming grandmoms together after all this time. So funny how life works out!

A's photos are all hard copy, soooo....I will share them later? maybe?

39 weeks, 6 days along

...and this post exists because I am feeling totally restless and excited and cannot concentrate on mah life.

Christmas Eve.

It's like the movie Groundhog Day around here lately, except it is more like Christmas Eve.

We are so excited for labor to start and to meet this baby that it's like Christmas Eve when you are a kid. And then you wake up and it is Christmas Eve all over again. Still exciting, still on the edge of something big, but not quite the day you were truly hoping for.

On the upside, it has been nice to have A around home to get things done with me this week. Oh? Did i forget to mention that? On Monday A got to wave goodbye as the ship went underway - without him! Yay! Praise every deity you believe in.

So, he has had quite the amount of free time this week to help me wrap up final items on checklists, hang the pictures in the nursery - last piece comes tomorrow then the big reveal! Woo! - and just generally be a great husband. We have had breakfast dates every morning before I traipse off to work and it has been glorious. I wish I could just start maternity leave a bit early and go hang with him all day, but it has just been nice to see him and have him so relaxed before baby gets here.

Sidenote: this morning he wanted to know what we still needed for baby because he wants to buy a present for the kiddo (Not that his income hasn't already provided many, many gifts). But, he said to me, "I want to have something I can point to and be able to say, 'That's the first thing your dad ever bought you.'"

How freaking sweet is that?

Last night we bought a bag of lemons so that I could bake these lemon drop labor inducing cupcakes. Do I really believe in their ability? Ehhhh. But, I love a lemon flavored baked good, so why the heck not? They are on the agenda for this evening. Yum.

In super exciting other news, frequent accelerated baby reader and commenter, my friend, Andria has started a blog! She just gave birth to her first son, Malcolm and has posted his birth story. It is paired with some beautiful photography from that day, so you should all go read it! (and cry, if you are like me)

Another empowering story of natural childbirth! Woo! Way to go momma.

39 weeks, 6 days along...

and tomorrow is our due date?! What he heck y'all. Insanity.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Love Letter... my husband.

Dearest Husband,

I love you so much and am so excited to see you hold our child in your arms. I know that you will be the best comforter of their tears, since you comforted me through my silly and irrational emotional breakdown last night. Thanks for not trying to fix me, but instead just loving on me through the crazy.

I figure that one crying emotional mess of a night per pregnancy isn't too bad of a record, right?

At least you will know what you are getting into the next go round.

All my love,


39 weeks, 5 days along

...and I lost it over stretch marks and puffy face and vanity last night. No big deal. Oh, hormones.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Additional Burning Question...

Could we really not find a better name for it that "mucous plug"?

Because even though it is a totally normal pregnancy term to get thrown around among those currently breeding, it makes me feel icky to say to those not in the "birth loop".

That is all.

39 weeks, 4 days along

...and there may be something happening in that category. Not that it necessarily means anything. But, maybe.

Burning Questions and Answered Prayers

Mental state of an almost 40 weeks pregnant woman...

Burning Questions:
  • Will I be able to go see fireworks this year on the 4th? Or will I be cuddling with a baby...cursing people setting off fireworks in the neighborhood and waking said baby up? :)
  • When is this baby going to come?!?
  • Will my thighs ever not rub again?
  • Liam or Evelyn?
  • Is this Mederma Stretch Mark stuff really going to work?
  • How big are my boobs really going to get with nursing?
  • Will baby and I catch on to nursing?
  • Where can I find the scalloped edge mirror for purchase that I have created in my mind? It's the.last.thing.I.need.for.the.nursery.
  • What will my first celebratory drink post baby be?
  • Where is my iPod? I need it for my push mix and can't find it anywhere...
  • Are the dog and the baby going to get along?
  • Should I be sleeping even more than I am right now? Just to stock up?
  • When is this baby going to come?!?

Answered Prayers:

Yesterday, as I was walking out of Wal-mart (as a last ditch effort to find a scalloped edged mirror), I had an answered prayer from God.

That prayer went, "Dear God, please do not let my birth story start 'I noticed the beginning of labor while in Wal-mart...'"

Thanks God. I appreciate it.

39 weeks, 4 days along

...and I am so excited to find out when this baby is going to come!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Blogger on my phone!

This is a test for my new app...get excited. If this works, updates from the hospital will be possible!

39 weeks, 1 day along

...and I am not promising updates...but they may be easier this way.

...and I have no idea where the photo will show up, but those are my hand made ties for crib bumpers!

39 Weeks

**This could be my last officially weekly post! Of course now that I have written won't be. But, the possibilities! Ack!**

How much further can it go?? I am so surprised that the skin that use to be my inner belly button does not have stretch marks, as it seems to be the thinnest for sure of all the skin on mah body. It's pretty crazy just to feel it. 

Staying the same baby! Not a pound gained (or lost) since last week. Phew.
Sidenot: the clothes I am wearing int his week's photo are still pre-preggo clothes. Yeah, I dunno what Martin + Osa was thinking about that top either for non preggos (but it clearly looked cute enough on the model for me to try it out) but maybe that's why they aren't around anymore?

And thanks again Ann Taylor for those pants. I love them, love them, love them. Size 6. With a belly band. Unzipped. All the way.

Chomping on ice. Reminding myself to eat. Trying to be healthy when I do. Though I enjoyed a delicious .49 ice cream cone from McDonald's earlier today with my office mate. 

Wowza. This baby is chillin low. That equals some serious pressure going on down there. It's good though, because it makes me feel like I am making progress. And, bonus of baby moving down? I CAN BREATHE AGAIN! I climbed the stairs today without getting out of breath! Yay!

Lightly. Still. And hotly. I am a sweaty mess in the night. I hear there is more of that to come post delivery. Yay!

Mental State
Great! I am so.excited. about wrapping up all the "projects" (nursery reveal SOON folks!). 

Though I will admit that when i woke up this morning to the sight of the cosleeper (with my cell phone, water bottle and zantac currently sleeping in it instead of a baby) I had a vision of a baby there and went "Holy Crap!" 

They are actually going to let me after all this. And care for it! For life! Clearly they don't know what a good front I put up about being on top of things...

Luckily that thought only lasted for a second. I have a feeling it will come again though...probably as we are loading baby into a car. Or when I get to hold them for the first time and go "Wow. I totally just had a baby."

Gross. The one thing I will be really glad to get rid of post pregnancy.

The Girls
Doing just fine. We are on the hunt for some good nursing bras. Recommendations are welcome. 

Fetal Movement
Lower and lower. There is definitely less room in there for serious baby movements, so it is mostly rolling from side to side. Slanty bellies are awesome! Pointy, shark fin shaped ones, even better. Both are daily occurrences these days. 

Puffy feet. They still look normal int he morning thank goodness, or I wouldn't remember what my real feet even looked like! Again the midwives say not to sweat it. So, I don't. Except when I catch sight of my graceful cankles in store window fronts or mirrors...or any other reflective surface. 

Appointment Updates
Met with Blair yesterday, and she said my cervix is almost completely effaced! Still only dilated a bit, but to quote her, "That cap will pop right open with a few good contractions!" Squee!

Also, I am now officially in "the bell curve". Most babies are born between 39 and 41 weeks. Therefore these next two weeks are the BEST chances for me going into labor. 

Let's get it rollin' Baby G! I know your daddy wants you to stay put until after the 4th because he has a big work shindig and all, but this is your chance to be mommy's favorite! You know, the one who has nurtured, nourished and housed you this whole time. Just saying.

Weird Stuff
My officemate and I went out to lunch together today, and can I just tell you what ridiculous stares TWO pregnant women get when they are together? Especially when they are wearing matching t-shirts from a work event?



In other news, the "Aren't you afraid??" girl from work asked me AGAIN today if I was sure I wasn't scared. In front of students. 18 year old boy students. Super appropriate. 

And I happily answered that I was so.excited that I couldn't even stand it.

She thinks I am crazy. I think I am awesome. Probably a bit delusional, but awesome.

One for fun - look there is space between my boobs and belly again!

39 weeks, 1 day along

...and as soon as the Navy let's my husband come home and get some rest, so he can do some manual labor for me...I will reveal the nursery!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Babies, Babies, Babies

Well, this morning all I can say is "Yay for babies!"

As I was doing my morning check of email, Facebook and Twitter this morning on my phone (before getting out of bed of course - what has the world come to?) I realized that two more friends in the area are expecting! I have so many friends from college that are at different stages of pregnancy, or just had babies, and it is just so exciting.

I really need to figure out what is wrong with my news feed because I missed both their big announcements that happened a few weeks back, just like another mutual friend who was 20 weeks before I saw the news.

Here is where I admit that I am a super bad friend about keeping in touch with people. It has seriously been my New Year's resolution for at least the last three or four years. I was really spoiled by my friend group from high school, because we are all still so close and just like family we can go months at a time without seeing each other or talking, and then we spend time together and it is like we were just all hanging out on my front porch yesterday. I love them for that, but they have certainly spoiled me!

In fact, one of them sent me this a few weeks ago, and I couldn't agree more that this is my main philosophy with all the people I love.

via here.

Maybe that seems like a cop out to some, but I am being totally honest when I say that if you are once my friend, you are always my friend - at least on my end. 

Wow, that was a tangent I didn't really mean to take. But while we are on it, I am so excited that the arrival of Baby G will also be coinciding with A changing to shore duty instead of being "at sea." Shore duty is a whole different ball game and for a few blissful years we will not have to worry about scheduling life events around watch schedules, underways, deployments or even that many late working nights. 

It has been even easier for both A and I to just snuggle into spending time together in our little Bungalow of Love without reaching out to others because his schedule is so nuts (I have spoken about that before...). When he IS home, we like to spend time together and are pretty selfish about sharing that time - even with our best of best friends. 

Something we need to work on for sure, because you always need a balance in life!

So, I am really excited about seeing all of my friends more (both those with and without kiddos), and being able to make some more solid plans when shore duty starts (both here in town and out in the bigger world where a bunch of people I miss live), but this morning I am also specifically excited about all of the friends having babies around here that we can schedule play dates with and just have our kiddos get to know each other - while we grown ups get to catch up as well.

Wow. Grown ups.

Maybe I will actually feel like a grown up once Baby G arrives?

39 weeks along

...and I don't know that I will ever really feel like a grown up ;)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On "being done"

First, can I just say HOW EXCITED I AM to have so few links left on my office paper chain till my due date. ACK!

It started here...

Last week it was here, with all my stuff still on my shelves...(my office mate is better prepared than I to leave and her due date is all the way at the end there - mine is that green link right in the middle!)

and now we are here!  Yay!

Ok, now on to the real post.

Inevitably throughout the course of being visibly pregnant, everyone and their mom wants to make some sort of comment because they feel the ice is all broken because they know something about you and your life choices. Without even having to ask! The joy! The excitement! The knowing glances that they can give you as they relate the story of their best friend's mom's cousin's daughter! It's all too much for them to keep in.

Plus, everybody loves babies.

I have done fairly well at managing the small annoyances at comments, suggestions, unwarranted belly rubs from strangers, all of that. (Much better than I thought I would anyway.) How? Why? Because I have just been so dag gone happy about being pregnant. Sure there have been the annoying aches and pains, small lamentations about the wine I have not gotten to drink, sushi that will forever remain uneaten, all of that. But, it's all totally worth it, and I really have to say I feel so.blessed. to have had such a happy and complication free pregnancy. ::sofarcoughcough::

BUT, I have decided that there is officially something that annoys me to no other now that I have hit the "close to due date status". That is people deciding for me that I should be "done" with pregnancy.

Um, say what?

In the last few days to a week, I have had acquaintances and coworkers and even people that I don't know, give me that sad face look and say, "You look like you are ready to be done with this whole thing."

That is the equivalent of saying to a non-pregnant woman, "Are you feeling ok?" or "You look so tired!"

Why, thank you very much, I am glad you are confirming that I look like shizz today.

(Please note: these phrases are not appreciated. Ever. If I really do look like death, take me to the hospital and continue to reassure me that my fever gives me a really pretty flush on my cheeks.)

The thing is...I'm not "over" being pregnant. I am not miserable (big yet here folks...I know I could get there soon). Thankfully, all is well in baby and I's world, so I am not really worried about hurrying things along.

Sure there are things that I am ready to have back to normal - puffy ankles can go away so my feet can look cute again...heartburn can go away so that I don't occasionally wake up wanting to vomit all over the place on my own acid reflux...stuff like that. But, none of that stuff is so bad that I am ready to shout "get this thing out of me!"

It probably helps that I totally recognize that my body will not be my own again for quite some time anyway, both image wise and usage wise (hello breastfeeding), so I don't really feel an urgency to not be pregnant anymore. 

What I am, at this point, is excited as all get out to meet my baby! I am thrilled to the bone when I think about finally laying eyes on him or her and getting to snuggle and learn all the little crooks and crevices of that tiny little body. And baby smell. Yum. Baby smell and puppy smell are two things I love.

I am even excited about the challenge of birth that lies before me. Color me crazy but I can't wait to be on the other side and be all birth goddessy and all "I totally just brought a HUMAN BEING into this world. I am clearly a rock star."

So no, I am not ready to be "done". But I am getting ready to have my life change forever in a thousand different ways, and really that's just another step. I will not be done with this journey for a long time yet, if ever.

38 weeks, 5 days pregnant

...and we have had a few little contractions today, just for practice. Yay for progress!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh, and...

The 37 week photos are now added to the post!

38 weeks

**It's been a while since we had a night time photo - but no one was around! Poor me.**

Thin and stretchy. The stretchmarks that I had originally not had a second thought about are now starting to annoy me. The ones that were there are fine, but there are three new tiny red ones that HURT. They are itchy and just sore...and if that is how stretchmarks are for other women the whole time, well then I am so, so sorry that I have been making light. Because those little b's stink. Bonus, I can't see them as they are under the belly, so they are extra annoying.
Up again. Boo. I was so excited about having gone down in weight! I don't know why, but after seeing the scale steadily climb for the last oh, I dunno 9 months or so...I thought it was nice to get a reprieve. Back up this week. We may hit 200 after all. Gah.

In other news, ALL I want to wear are my full panel pants. None of which are weather appropriate for an already hot lady in 96*+ weather. Boo. I have taken to wearing belly bands underneath my dresses for some added support as baby moves lower and pulls on the skin.
Still not anything in particular. I still love my Mexican food, though my penchant for sweets seems to be ramping up. All these dang parties with those delectable looking cupcakes! I have no willpower!  

Same ol, same ol. Pressure down low... definitely has me running to the bathroom more often these days. and general back aches and pains from hauling around this belly, etc. Overall though, I can't really complain. 

Lightly. In preparation for motherhood? A and the dog are waking me up no less than 6-8 times a night just by moving around. Then in the morning I cannot get out of bed on time to save my life. But, I still feel pretty rested.
Mental State
Doing well. A state of serenity about things and a calm before the storm feeling are battling it out right now. Both are calm though, so I feel pretty good. It is just so.hard. to wrap my brain around the fact that there will be a baby in that car seat there, or in that co-sleeper there, in like, no time flat. I feel as prepared as I can be, but that means nothing in the long run. I also sort of feel like I should be more concerned about things, but I'm not. I am just really excited to meet this baby and get on with the rest of our lives. 

Papaya Enzyme! Found it, love it, recommend it to anyone with heartburn.

The Girls
Hangin'. Seriously. I have started to feel like they are sagging a bit lately, but A assures me that they are just as perky, they are just "hanging" a bit more than I am used to because they are bigger and that's what bigger boobs do. duh. 

Le sigh. I should have taken some naked photos of my old body. Old body, I miss you!

Fetal Movement
Moving all around. Weirdly I am starting to feel more appendages poking out. Today for example, my belly button hurt a little bit and i reached down and I am pretty sure there was an elbow jabbing out at me. Maybe a knee, but some small round knobby thing was def trying to make my once innie, now flat as can be belly button an outie.

Still there, happening, but still nothing to worry about. I have been trying to walk and put my feet up to keep it to a minimum, but it is weird to see puffy ankles. I never really swell in "real" life, so it is weird to see. Also, when it gets particularly bad my legs seem to swell as well. Lame. I promise I still have the same skinny looking ankles and calves when I get out of bed in the morning.

Appointment Updates
38 week appointment was lovely. Nell said I wasn't looking at a huge amount of progress, which is totes normal for a first time mom. cervix still thinning but no further dilation. I said that I was going to go home and walk around and let gravity take its course, and she suggested I go home and get busy with my husband instead. Well then.

Weird Stuff
Making lists, checking it twice...and then reaching a point where I am sort of "Meh, whatevs...we will get it after baby comes if need be"

Who is this person? Calm before the storm people, I am telling you.

...and a special one for my sister, who insisted on taking ridiculously unflattering photos - just for fun.

38 weeks, 4 days along

...and we are 10 days out from D-day people! ACK!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Booo./Updates on Baby Gear

I fail at life. I was so excited to upload my 37 AND 38 week pictures today...and I totally thought the camera cord was somewhere that it wasn't.

So, boo for another post with no photos. BUT, I do think I am going to send a happy little gift after all to the winner of the Birth Pool. So get on it peeps! Mayhap a Target gift card or some other fun thing.

Instead, I will update you all on the exciting world of baby gear as it pertains to this household.

"They" say that baby gear takes over your house. Ha. Understatement of the century.

Disclaimer: this photo was taken quite a while ago - 
I promise the nursery has come a long way since then.

It's not so much the baby gear itself as the displaced other things to make room for baby gear. Our room now has, in addition to the existing furniture, a co-sleeper and an ugly Barcalounger that I never wanted in the first place. Now I get to wake up to it every morning! Wee!

See that ugly blue chair? It has been replaced by my adorable glider...
and the chair is now in my bedroom. Boo.

But, the REST of the baby gear is exciting and cute, totally not gonna lie on that one. We are still finagling everything into place for the nursery - procrastination at its best folks! Even my crazy nesting instincts are no match for a lifetime of practice at procrastinating.

There are a few things though that are still making their way to our house though. After the shower and a few purchases myself I decided to strategize the cheapest way to get all the rest of my stuff for the cheapest price possible. (I love pretending to be organized and making all sorts of lists and excel spreadsheets. Formulas are my fave.)

In came an excel spreadsheet with all my items remaining, the actual cost, what coupons I could use for it, etc, etc, etc. Turns out, thanks to Babies 'R Us restrictive and ridiculous coupon policies, that most things I can just get cheaper on Amazon anyway. And, Amazon Mom = free shipping. Wee!

There are a very FEW things that I can waltz into BRU, coupons in hand and get for cheaper than on amazon.  So, generally I don't.

(Sidenote: Buy Buy Baby - PLEASE come to Hampton Roads. all the Moms and Dads here suffer under the monopoly tyrant known as BRU that doesn't even have the full selection that a largely populated area deserves! Seriously, I went in looking for something that is "sold in stores" and the woman said to me "Oh, that's just in the big stores, not like ours here. Just order it online!" "But your coupons don't work online and this s for 20% off said item." "Oh. You could go to MD for the day though!" Grrrr.

AND our Tragets totally all just downsized their baby stuff to make room for a tiny little grocery area. Dear Target, go Greatland or Super or go home. In between does not work for me. kthanks.)

Anywho, all this is to say Thank Goodness for Amazon and the internet! I used the Subscribe and Save feature to get some diaper wipes to my house for a low low price the other day too, which is super exciting. And they will keep coming every month like clockwork for that same price. You can cancel (and renew!) at anytime - you guys should totally try it out. 30% off. Yay!

In the next few days we should be expecting no less than 17ish items of more baby gear arriving at our home. I can't wait to be on a first name basis with the UPS man!

38 weeks, 1 day along

...and I get my cervix measured in like 3 hours. And A comes home today - think good thoughts about progress!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Baby G Pool!

Alright folks! It's about that time. We are two weeks out from Due Date! Ack!

I have created a fun little "Birth Pool" in Google forms (the ones online just weren't that cute) and you can access it right here on this post OR you can follow this link.

I have very few clues for you here, but I was 1cm dilated and 75% effaced at last week's appointment. No idea where I am now.

Due Dates:
June 28th (Based on Conception)
June 29th (Based on Ovulation)
June 30th (Based on Dr.s Wheel of Fun - Official Date)

Happy Guessing!

38 weeks along

...and the winner gets bragging rights? Maybe I will come up with something more fun.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Real emails...

         From: A, LTJG
         Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2011 2:41 PM
         To: Courtney
         Subject: no subject

         You didn’t have that baby yet did you?

         LTJG A


Nope babe, no baby yet.

p.s. That is the entire message. No kidding.

37 weeks, 5 days along

...and today while at Lowe's a nice man asked me if I needed help finding anything. I said "Nope, thanks I got exactly what I need!" (tomato cages in case you were wondering) and he replied, "Are you sure you don't need a catcher's mitt too?" 

Haha. Very clever Lowe's man. Very clever.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rock You Like a Hurricane

Disclaimer: This post was specifically requested by my husband. So, please do not think that I am writing this as a critique and because I'm not. I love him. See yesterday's post for proof.

And listen to this while you read. (You're welcome, btw).

Sometimes when you tell a husband you are pregnant, he gets all emotional and sappy and excited. And sometimes when you tell a husband you are pregnant he does that, and then the third thing out of his mouth is, "Well, I guess I have a DD for the next 9 months!"


I have faithfully served as said DD for the last 9 months or so. Fair is fair and I will admit that in the younger days of our relationship there were many a night where I was glad to have my responsible boyfriend to drive me home. So, he gets his turn for a while, right?

Well. When we were in Texas, A decided to get back at me for all those times that I was a total freshman college girl and act like one himself.

After proving his prowess at consuming and then stacking empty beer cans at the rehearsal dinner, we all headed to a piano bar afterward to have some fun.

At said bar, A then decided it would be a GRAND idea to start drinking Hurricanes. Oh, did I mention that the bar we were at was Pat O'Briens? As in, the San Antonio location of the bar that is credited with inventing the hurricane?

A short while later I realized that while I, an actual freshman college girl at one point, learned the wonders, dangers, and potencies of such mysterious concoctions - freshman boys apparently don't learn that sort of thing.

5 hurricanes later, yes 5, I had quite the "fun" husband on my hands.

This is my fun husband doing who knows what with our friend Megan's hands. 

Please note the rose on the table. This is when I realized just what a "fun" husband I had on my hands that night, as he actually.went.and.bought a $5 rose for me from a guy selling them from a basket who had wandered inside the bar. My sober husband is cheap y'all, so this was a red flag.

Shortly after heckling the piano bar man (who admittedly was just mean and NOT funny), and paying waaaay too much money to keep hearing the UGA fight song over LSU (considering that I was the only one in the whole bar who went there) A decided to wander upstairs to the "dance party" level.

Let's just say he had a great time dancing and partying the rest of the night away while I kept him from consuming more alcohol by being the pregnant sober wife dancing with a super sweaty man who was enamored with the laser lights, secretly thinking to herself, "THIS is the father of my child". Proudly, of course. 

Everyone else thought it was adorable how enamored he was with me (as shown by his dirty dancing and grope-y ways) which was sweet in a totally drunk and sweaty kind of way (that I probably would have enjoyed more with a few drinks in me). 

We really did have a ton of fun dancing and playing with some of our best friends in the whole wide world, I promise I was not a complete party pooper, but I don't think that anyone had more fun than this guy:

Mouth stained red from too many hurricanes? Check.

Around 2 am my patience and energy started wearing out just a tad, so we rounded up the troops to head on back to the hotel. Please remember that this was the rehearsal night, so we needed to be up early the next morning to get wedding festivities rolling. 

On the way back I got to entertain such awesome questions as: 

"I am just so in love with you right now, why won't you make out with me?" 
Um, honey we are in the middle of a street...let's get out of the way of that trolley coming towards us, k?

"What do you mean my breath smells bad?"
Well babe, you just had a lot of alcohol and believe it or not, it smells that way. 

(While laying on the floor of our hotel room) "I don't want to take a shower, I just want to go to bed! Why do I have to?"
Because you are the sweatiest man I have ever seen and you are not climbing in those sheets with me, sir, until you

I laughed a lot that night. What else can you do?

The next morning, he was a treat, let me tell you. But after recounting all of his exploits to him while he groaned, he looked at me and said, "Well, at least you have had some practice reasoning with a toddler like mentality now."

That is true, my love, very true.

37 weeks, 4 days along

...and everyone deserves to go out with a bang, right? 

(because you know nights like that are gonna be few and far between in the next few years...)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two Years Later

Dear Baby G,

Two years ago today, your daddy and I stood in front of our friends and family and made some special promises to one another.

We had a fun day, full of lots of love and plenty of laughter.

You are being born into a really cool family, by the way, both biological and those who might as well be.

Back then you were barely a twinkle in our eye, as they say. We knew we wanted you, and we knew that we were starting the path towards the day we would meet you on that beautiful day in June of 2009.

This year on our anniversary, we want you to know how important our relationship is to us, and how important that we know it will be to you and any brothers and sisters who come along. Sometimes we will gross you out, and sometimes we will undoubtedly embarrass you, but I know that deep in your heart and soul you will be reassured by our love for one another and for you.

And today we make a promise to you. We promise that we will always work to make our marriage a great example for you of the importance of love, respect, affection, fun and genuine friendship so that someday you can be confident in finding someone who fulfills you the same way that we fulfill one another. 

We love you, baby.

Momma and Daddy

37 weeks, 3 days along

...and I can't believe how far we've come.

Friday, June 10, 2011

37 weeks

Pale, pale, pale. Pale legs make even the slightest nit of swelling... unattractive? To say the least. My skin is getting thin for sure, and this baby trying to bust out of my abdomen aliens-style is not helping. Seriously, Baby G is head down where he or she should be and pushing out against the front of me when stretching. Craziness. Sometimes it hurts. Meh. 

Down a 1/2 pound from my appointment last week, though I certainly feel bigger. Life is getting a little more difficult in the simple ways of sitting up in bed etc. Sitting up from laying down flat when you have a watermelon on your midsection = tres difficile. 

Meh, not hungry. Drinking water, eating protein, you know. I am having the weird burst of nesting energy they say hits some women in the last few weeks though and LOVE cooking right now. So, we are rolling with that. 

Yikes with the pressure in the groin. Baby is weighing heavily down there, and it still hurts my right side if I try to roll over there...I dunno why that side hurts more, but the belly definitely needs support these days. 

Also... Braxton Hicks! Yay! Just a few, but they are definitely happening. Fun times. They don't hurt at all, they are just weird and there. Intriguing.

Doing ok, but it is HOT out. We live in a 100 year old house with 1 zone heating and cooling...and let me tell you that the last two summers upstairs have been fine for me. But, this summer spring has been ooc. When it is 98* all day beating down on the top of the house. Bah. The nights are warm for a preggo. We bought one of those fancy tower fans with temperature control the other day though, so we will see how that works out. At this point it is more about it being cool enough for baby to remain comfy as well.

Plus, I am getting woken up by baby movements! This baby wants to rock and roll all night apparently. But I get to practice sooting techniques by patting and rubbing my belly and saying soothing phrases. Usually calms him or her right down...for an hour or so. 

Mental State
So excited! Did you not see the post from yesterday? Ah! Fun times. Also, I find myself getting slightly jealous of all my teacher friends who are getting out for the summer...and then I remember to not be jealous because they will all be FREE to hang out with me and Baby G all summer long! Woot!

Also, I am really feeling great lately about this pregnancy and how it has been. I think I finally breathed a sigh of relief (that I didn't even know I was holding in) knowing I was full term and that things were going a-ok. I am totally at peace, and will miss being preggo for sure, but I am getting to the point where I am so.ready. to meet this baby. And not in a "get this baby out of me NOW" kinda way that I was sure I would be feeling by now. Give me till I pass my due date and check back. Ha. 


The Girls
Hangin out. They have been the slightest bit sore this week, so i am wondering what that's all about. Growing again? Quelle surprise. 

Fetal Movement
Groovin! So funny. The alien movements are ooc with my belly now. And I think that we are far enough along that Baby G has started developing a sleeping pattern. Turns out this baby is nocturnal (like most other newborns) and really wants to play when I am going to bed and in the middle of the night. 

Oh, and any time I chew ice. Baby LOVES ice. Just like momma. Swoon.

Still there, BP is still rocking it out and baby's heart rate is all good, so apparently it is environmental. Oh and that whole huge volume of blood thing. You know. All of that fun stuff. 

Appointment Updates
37 week appointment was great. First it was all exciting because as I was pulling into the parking lot I got a call from Nell, one of the midwives, that I would need to go to the main office rather than the midwifery because she had a woman laboring and about to give birth! Yay! I got so excited for that unknown woman!

Anywho, I trotted over to the other building and got to see Beth, whom I love, so all was dandy. She told me my Group B Strep test came back negative (wooty woot! no IVs for me!) and that everything seemed to be swimming right along from their end. She checked my cervix (just in case since husband's next few days/weeks are spotty in being able to attend our child's birth). And I am 1 cm dilated and 75% effaced! Woo! I mean that is not like a huge thrill and is totally normal at this point, but exciting that things are doing what they are supposed to! Yay!

Weird Stuff
I am nesting like CRAZY. I don't think I have ever had such an eye for dog hair in my whole life. I want to be scrubbing baseboards and reorganizing closets...and A just wants to relax. Which is totally understandable but leading to a bit of tension since I 

Everywhere I look I see some little mess or another than needs to be in TIP TOP SHAPE. Then I get tired and go to bed. I really just wish I could be home all day instead of tethered to my boring desk job and cleaning. So, instead I make lists. All day. It's a good little stress reliever. 

Since I don't have the real photo from yesterday with me...I snapped this in the bathroom. I wish you could see my cute black sandals because then the flower wouldn't look so rando. But, I am comfy. 

37 weeks, 1 day along

...and that dress in the cell phone photo is yet another example of non maternity clothes that you can use while pregnant. It's at Target RIGHT NOW for $18. Seriously. I almost bought it in every color because I think it will make nursing easy and accessible and is just plain cute. (P.S. Waaay more colors online) Others were buying it as a swimsuit cover up? I mean sure, if you want to, but I promise it's a dress. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Full term!

Today, Baby G and I are at 37 weeks, which is officially FULL TERM! Woo!

I am so.freaking.excited y'all.

No seriously, I have always been excited to meet this baby, but now even more so. I didn't even know that today was a big marker in my head until...well, today. This baby can come at any time! I am going to be a mom with a baby all unattached and stuff in approximately 3 weeks! Craziness.

I am torn with sadness that this pregnancy is coming to an end for sure, but then I turn around and think, who the heck cares?! I get to meet my baby! Even through all the nausea in the beginning, the lack of sleep, the fact that this baby has recently been trying to bust through my skin aliens-style, everything, I really have enjoyed being pregnant. Such an amazing experience. (Plus when else is your belly so big, but still so firm?)

Updates after my appointment today, but first let me share my most favorite video of all time with you all to convey this sort of emotion.

37 weeks along

...and my husband and I quote that commercial to each other all.the.time.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Yesterday I wrote about some changes in the budget at our household, and today I bring two more very.serious sacrifices that I will be making for Baby G.

(clue: anytime I link 2 words with a period, that equals sarcasm.)

Sacrifice #1: My Body

Now some people are very serious about this being an actual sacrifice, and I get it, I do. There is a totally vain part of me that is so damn mad I got stretch marks and that my thighs now touch and that my arms are chunkier than they used to be. Lame. I know.

But you know what is not lame? Growing a human being inside of you! That is pretty darn awesome. Then using that same body to sustain your baby = even awesomer.

That being said, I would still like to get back in shape post baby exiting my body. Mainly because I want to be healthy and fit back into all my cute clothes, but a small part because approximately 12 weeks post delivery this girl is getting married:

My about to be official sister-in-law and I at my wedding.

AND I will be a bridesmaid. With some of the same ladies from these other weddings...

This is actually all of us! Same ladies, different bride. <3 

In any case, the reason for this photo show is that I have pretty friends. (It's true, don't hate.) And, when it comes to the wedding this Fall, I would like to feel just as pretty as the rest of them. (It's true, I am vain, and woman enough to admit it.) Plus, these photos will forever be on display in places that I frequent because the bride is my SIL! I certainly don't want to be hanging out in my in laws house for Christmas staring at a picture of me on the wall that I hate with a fire burning deep inside. It's just the truth.

Mission Get Courtney's Body Back will start as soon as the doctors clear me for exercise. Now, I know me, so please do.not.worry that I am going to be too overzealous here. I am way too lazy to get into the addicted to working out mode. BUT, I would like to make a good effort. With that in mind, I have asked for a treadmill for the house for my birthday! Yay!

I even took a look around Craigslist yesterday to see if there were any good ones listed on the cheap in our area. This one sounded perfect.

Treadmill for Trade

"I have an older model treadmill that works well, but has been sitting unused for several years. I am looking to trade it for something useful. I'm looking for a new(ish) climbing tree stand for this bow season, but I'm open to other trades if you have something worthwhile. "

Bahahah, now where did that climbing tree stand I got for Christmas last year get to?

Sacrifice #2: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

Oh? You don't think HP is cool? Please watch this and THEN tell me that.

Here's the thing. I LOVE HP. After discovering it in high school, I pre-ordered and bought all the books at midnight after the 3rd one (or had them shipped to my house early. you know, as you do.). AND I have seen all of the movies when they came out. Like, the day they came out if not at midnight.

Originally our wedding date was July 17th instead of June 12th (thanks Navy for that switcheroo) and a group viewing of HP6 was actually a part of our schedule of wedding events. Seriously. My friends love it too. 

You think we are weird? You can kick it to the curb. Read these books. They are great. That is all.

Release date for the LAST HP MOVIE EVAH? July 15th. What?! That is probably within the two week time frame where I am supposed to be doing nothing except resting, sleeping and breastfeeding Baby G.

Waaaaaaaah. I definitely am not going to see this thing at midnight, I am realistic about that. But....I am wondering if I can still make it out to see it on Day 1? Many people think that I just won't care, but I am still sad. So is husband since he loves HP too.

They say being a parent is all about sacrifices right?

36 weeks, 6 days pregnant

...and I really am a well adjusted person, I swear.