Wednesday, June 1, 2011

35 weeks

*Coming in just under the wire here, as tomorrow is 36 weeks. Whew. Busy-ness these days.*


Varies drastically, sometimes I feel like my skin is so smooth and elastic and has a lot of stretch left, and other days I feel like a ripe fruit about to burst. I am following a better skin regimen than ever before in my life in regards to exfoliation, moisturizers, etc. so...we will soon see how much more room this baby can carve out of my body.

We will see at my appointment on Friday! I don't feel as though my belly has gotten much bigger, but I do feel like my butt is expanding a little bit with my hops widening. Apparently that is totally normal and such so baby can, you know, come on out of there, but I am finally getting to the point where some of my pre-pregnancy pants don't work with a Belly band anymore. 

And on the subject of clothes, I am getting so tired of some of my maternity clothes. Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of them, but most of my favorite things are not work appropriate, so i find myself recycling through the same like 10 dresses for ease. When I get home I get to put on my fun clothes, which is awesome, but yeah. I will not be sad to see those work clothes go away. 

Not picky. When I go out to dinner with people they inevitably look at me and say, "You pick pregnant lady, what are you in the mood for?" Bless their hearts. but really, so long as there is good service with tons of ice water and a fresh wedge of lemon with each new glass? I am fine.

Comes and goes. Sciatic pain every so often, lower uterus pressure from baby descending, you know, all par for the course.

Good and bad, I feel awful that I secretly enjoy having the whole bed to myself when A is gone overnight on the ship. But I do. I really do.I am starting to be ridiculously hot at night though. I thought night sweats came after the baby came out?

Mental State
We are getting closer and closer and I am getting more excited and frazzled with every passing day! So much to do! What if this baby comes early? Ack!

But then, moments where I am so excited to rock this birth and have my baby in arms. Hormones = shifting emotional state. Yay for being crazy!

It's there. I am so excited for it to go.away.

The Girls
Doing what they are supposed to do! Yay!

Fetal Movement
Still moving a lot, but the big movements have definitely wound down. There just isn't as much room in there. It is really funny the shapes that I find my belly in these days though. The other day it looked like I straight up had like a shark fin shaped belly. Baby was exactly where they should have been and pressing their spine and butt outward toward the world. So funny.

You know, it continues. It is much more my feet than my ankles specifically, though yesterday was particularly big (for me) in the foot, ankle, calf area. Granted it was 97 degrees outside, and it went down once I put my feet up. But, seriously, who has TIME TO PUT THEIR FEET UP? I have so much to do! I know, I know, take care of yourself, blah. At the end of the day I have stuff to do and I cannot.just.sit with my feet up that much. 

Ankle circles and ten minutes with feet above my heart. That is what I am committing to today. And a nice long walk. And finishing my piping so that these crib bumpers can finally get into place...

Weird Stuff
The nursery is almost done. Awesome! And, it has helped me really visualize images of myself with a baby in there. In like 30 days. CRAZY.

35 weeks, 6 days along

...and I wore that same dress for our engagement photos. 

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