Monday, June 6, 2011

36 weeks

*Note: Since both my husband and live in sister decided to abandon me a mere 4 weeks from my due date (cue whining and crying here. jk.) I took these photos by myself using a highly technical method of balancing my super expensive camera on top of a stack of yearbooks and Jane Austen novels sat atop an ironing board. Are you impressed? I know I was.*

Gah! How much bigger am I going to get?! The belly button is as flat as flat can be, with the top even popping out a bit - mayhap I will end up with a "Turkey's done" button after all. 

Seriously though, I am wondering how much further this skin will stretch, which is exactly what my What to Expect weekly update told me I would be thinking this week. I sort of hate when they are right about my mental state. I am a beautiful and unique snowflake, you see.

Coming in under 200 lbs still! Yay! barely, by 3.5 pounds, but yeah. Wooty woot. 

According to many of my countdowns and tips about pregnancy, after this point my weight gain may actually stall or even reverse in these last couple of weeks. I don't think that's possible for me, but let's hope, k?

Still not picky, in fact I am not even hungry lately. This is super weird since I am a girl who is self-described as "not shy around food" but...I sometimes have to remind myself to eat. Still enjoying the taste when i eat it though, just feeling like someone who is eating because they are bored, not because they are hungry, though I know, I know my body needs the nutrients yada yada yada, so I am eating for a good reason.

Oy. Lower groin pain! Baby is definitely riding lower these days and the pressure is serious business some most days. This is a good thing, baby moving down that is, but wowza. Also, with most of baby concentrated down low, I am starting to feel how big this kiddo is and worry slightly about his or her exit strategy. BUT, I know my body can rock this birth, so there.

Good in that I am sleeping through the night mostly, bad in that when I wake up, it is to shift and sometimes baby has decided to settle all on one side of the belly (gravity and all). When I then try and rollover, it seems as though I have a 12 pound bowling ball in my belly and it hurts to move.

Mental State
Seriously the most excited to have this baby I have been in this entire pregnancy. To think that I am going to be holding this baby in a month or less (we figured out the latest possible date I would have Baby G is July 13th as our practice will only let you go to 41 weeks, 5 days before inducing, which would put being induced on the 12th and only possibly giving birth on the 13th) is just crazy. Crazy exciting.

As I mentioned, I have had a few fleeting moments of anxiety regarding the actual birthing process. Though, that seems to be more because of the unknown, versus any fear regarding the birthing process or pain, if that makes sense.


The Girls
Waiting for a baby to feed. I managed to stay in my larger C cup bras up until this point, though they are definitely fuller than they were when I first bought them. Based on that I am starting to stock up on some nursing accoutrement that will accommodate either the same size or a slightly larger D cup for the engorgement period, etc. 

Fetal Movement
Baby is low and Either that or nuzzling it with his or her face. Seriously, every down low movement is making the bladder of steel that I have maintained for the most part say "Buh-bye" for now. 

Still there. Once the heat wore down last week it wasn't quite as bad. 

98* in the beginning of June?! Are you kidding me Virginia? Let's get this together.

But once we were rolling in the 80s, and I continued with my regimen of protein, water and walking, things are better. definitely still swollen, but better. Again, the midwives say not to worry - BP is still rocking and low so it is more a matter of the conditions than a symptom of anything else going wrong (so far). I'm not worried, but trying to be cognizant of still staying on top of it. (it = being a healthy preggo)

**New Category**Appointment Updates
So, at my 36 week visit we not only scheduled all my other visits until D-day, BUT we also did my first cervical check. Kinda. The midwife asked if I wanted my cervix checked (because they are midwives and you have a choice with them y'all. Come on. Rocking.). I replied that we definitely could, but I didn't suspect that anythign would have happened yet.

That being said, she decided to do some exploration just to feel for how things were going but not the "check" my cervix so to speak. She got up there and said "Yup, that's a baby's head! Good job! Aaaaand, I am gonna stop there since we don't need to know any more for now. Great pelvic bones by the way!"

Of course, THEN I immediately wanted to know more information. Instead, I said "Thanks!" awkwardly to the pelvic bone comment, because really, how much do I have to do with that, and got all cleaned up. Next week I will definitely have them check because husband may have to go underway, and I would love to have as much info as possible before then (so I can beg and plead that he not go if I am dilated. Like, at all).

Weird Stuff
I think that my boss has a pretty traumatic view of birth. Not surprising for someone from her generation I guess, where hospital and super medicated births were the norm, but yeah, weird. Last week she announced at a staff function that she needed the number for A to be reached in case I, you know, "got wheeled out of here all of a sudden on a stretcher" because I went into labor. 

It's nice that she is concerned, but wheeled out on a stretcher? Really? 

36 weeks, 4 days along

...and since my sister was out of town, I totally stole that skirt from her room without asking (thanks sis!). She wore almost the exact same outfit to my baby shower back at the beginning of May.

How cute is it on a non-preggo? Ah, flat tummy. One day...

Also, thank the Lord for elastic banded skirts coming back into style. They fit right under the belly and manage to be comfy. 

Also #2, now that all of my Thank You notes have FINALLY made it in the mail, (that was the deal I made with myself, no post until the thank yous go out) I am going to blog about my awesome shower. Get excited!

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