Monday, June 20, 2011

38 weeks

**It's been a while since we had a night time photo - but no one was around! Poor me.**

Thin and stretchy. The stretchmarks that I had originally not had a second thought about are now starting to annoy me. The ones that were there are fine, but there are three new tiny red ones that HURT. They are itchy and just sore...and if that is how stretchmarks are for other women the whole time, well then I am so, so sorry that I have been making light. Because those little b's stink. Bonus, I can't see them as they are under the belly, so they are extra annoying.
Up again. Boo. I was so excited about having gone down in weight! I don't know why, but after seeing the scale steadily climb for the last oh, I dunno 9 months or so...I thought it was nice to get a reprieve. Back up this week. We may hit 200 after all. Gah.

In other news, ALL I want to wear are my full panel pants. None of which are weather appropriate for an already hot lady in 96*+ weather. Boo. I have taken to wearing belly bands underneath my dresses for some added support as baby moves lower and pulls on the skin.
Still not anything in particular. I still love my Mexican food, though my penchant for sweets seems to be ramping up. All these dang parties with those delectable looking cupcakes! I have no willpower!  

Same ol, same ol. Pressure down low... definitely has me running to the bathroom more often these days. and general back aches and pains from hauling around this belly, etc. Overall though, I can't really complain. 

Lightly. In preparation for motherhood? A and the dog are waking me up no less than 6-8 times a night just by moving around. Then in the morning I cannot get out of bed on time to save my life. But, I still feel pretty rested.
Mental State
Doing well. A state of serenity about things and a calm before the storm feeling are battling it out right now. Both are calm though, so I feel pretty good. It is just so.hard. to wrap my brain around the fact that there will be a baby in that car seat there, or in that co-sleeper there, in like, no time flat. I feel as prepared as I can be, but that means nothing in the long run. I also sort of feel like I should be more concerned about things, but I'm not. I am just really excited to meet this baby and get on with the rest of our lives. 

Papaya Enzyme! Found it, love it, recommend it to anyone with heartburn.

The Girls
Hangin'. Seriously. I have started to feel like they are sagging a bit lately, but A assures me that they are just as perky, they are just "hanging" a bit more than I am used to because they are bigger and that's what bigger boobs do. duh. 

Le sigh. I should have taken some naked photos of my old body. Old body, I miss you!

Fetal Movement
Moving all around. Weirdly I am starting to feel more appendages poking out. Today for example, my belly button hurt a little bit and i reached down and I am pretty sure there was an elbow jabbing out at me. Maybe a knee, but some small round knobby thing was def trying to make my once innie, now flat as can be belly button an outie.

Still there, happening, but still nothing to worry about. I have been trying to walk and put my feet up to keep it to a minimum, but it is weird to see puffy ankles. I never really swell in "real" life, so it is weird to see. Also, when it gets particularly bad my legs seem to swell as well. Lame. I promise I still have the same skinny looking ankles and calves when I get out of bed in the morning.

Appointment Updates
38 week appointment was lovely. Nell said I wasn't looking at a huge amount of progress, which is totes normal for a first time mom. cervix still thinning but no further dilation. I said that I was going to go home and walk around and let gravity take its course, and she suggested I go home and get busy with my husband instead. Well then.

Weird Stuff
Making lists, checking it twice...and then reaching a point where I am sort of "Meh, whatevs...we will get it after baby comes if need be"

Who is this person? Calm before the storm people, I am telling you.

...and a special one for my sister, who insisted on taking ridiculously unflattering photos - just for fun.

38 weeks, 4 days along

...and we are 10 days out from D-day people! ACK!

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