Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Pillow Pilferer

...or the Snoogle Stealer.

I haven't yet decided what to call him.

Him being this little guy.

Who me?
Please note that he is resting his head on a pillow. 
Our dog thinks he is a human.

Well, the other night I was luxuriously sleeping in the middle of our bed, as A was out to sea, much like this lady here:
Except with better hair and better PJs...and no socks. 
Who wears socks to bed? Not me. Can't stand em.

Moving on. Somewhere during my night of blissful (ha) slumber, I awoke to find that my knees were touching. Where had my pillow gone?

Well, that little thief had managed to somehow maneuver the end of the Snoogle out further behind me so that the curve of the pillow and the crook of my knees made a perfect little nest for him to curl into.

I looked down and said sleepily, "What the..." and he turned his head, batted those big brown eyes, yawned and went right back to sleep.

In the morning after I got up to go to the bathroom and came back into the bedroom, he had migrated to the top curve of the Snoogle and was curled up like he wasn't moving any time soon.

Le sigh. Apparently he has claimed yet another thing in our home.

I decided to share this story today, because when getting to work this morning my google reader blessed me with this article.

27 weeks along

...and if you haven't yet read this beautiful, then horrifying, then haunting and ultimately empowering birth story yet, you should.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Photo Alert.

Scroll down to 26 weeks. It's there. I promise.

26 weeks, 6 days along

...and phew, am I relieved I got it up there before hitting 27.

Just a few months...

Here is the monthly countdown as it is happening in my head, on today the 30th of March.

1 month... 
until my friend's wedding! Yay!  I would have never in a million years imagined that I would be roughly 8 months knocked up at her wedding. With a little help from these babies, hopefully I will look hot (and not just because my face will be puffy and red, ankles swollen and sweat rolling down my neck).

Those really are black, though they look gray in this photo...whatevs.

2 months...
until (hopefully) all of A's little underway weeks will be wrapping up (at least the ones where he has to be there). Baby cannot.come. until daddy is in port. You hear that baby?

Also this is hopefully when everything on my to-do list is complete, so that I can just chill and enjoy being a whale for a month or so.

3 months...
until DUE DATE. WTH. It seems like just yesterday I was only three months pregnant!

Hello little belly!
(and to think that this was me sticking it out. Ha.)

The next three months are going to be a whirlwind, that is for sure - traveling for weddings, growing (daily), completing nursery (for which none of my sewing projects have actually even started yet), sister graduating with her Masters, a visit from my fam (brother, mom, dad and both grandmas are planning on coming!), maternity photos, working, baby showers (mine and others) and if my mental state currently is any indication - cleaning like my mom is coming to visit

I am certainly not wishing the time away, but I am really excited for what these next few months will bring!

26 weeks, 6 days along

...and I cannot believe that in roughly 3 months I will be holding my son or daughter in my arms.

Monday, March 28, 2011

26 weeks - with photo!

According to my resources, I can blame pregnancy for my dry eyes lately as well, 
so here go the glasses again.

Gah. Record lows in VA. Actually I don't know if they are record lows, but they see like it to me. It is flipping freezing, and Herman has made a triumphant return to my bedroom. Dear Sun, I need you. Kthanks.

I just read a startling statistic that I can expect my belly to grow 1/2 an inch per week from this point on out. WTH. That is roughly 7 inches. I measured in 12 different ways and I am hoping that means overall circumference as that is the smallest outward growth. But, seriously. That is ridiculous and I am not happy. 

I immediately felt the urge to slather on more lotion. I have managed to get this far with no stretch marks and was feeling happy about that, but then the gods laughed at me.

Clothes are starting to get more difficult already. My maternity dresses are ROCKING, but I already have a long torso, so some shirts are short on me, though they fit everywhere else. Add in a preggo belly and well, no one wants to see that going on. Dear weather, please cooperate so I can switch to dresses and flip flops immediately.

Doing ok. I have been able to avoid most cravings. Like, all of a sudden I will think "I need Doritos, now" but I distract myself with something else and the feeling goes away.

Also, I went to church this week and the priest spoke about water. specifically how water is symbolic in birth, sustainment, nourishment, baptism, all sorts of things. To which I replied, alright God. I get it. I will keep drinking water. Bah. Is this one of those things that people swear I will get addicted to, like running? Because that never happened for me. 

I am like an old lady these days. HELLO SCIATICA. I have started having some sharp sciatic nerve pain, which is obnoxious and makes me hobble around. I googled how to get rid of it and did every recommended stretch and exercise on the floor last night, which made my baby daddy laugh. But, it did finally convince him that a back massage would actually help me. It comes and goes, and I am annoyed. I think I may bring in an exercise ball to sit on at work. Good idea? Bad idea? Discuss.

(Interesting to note, according to Google Chrome, "googled" is a misspelled word. Might want to add that to your dictionary Google, everyone else has.)

Sciatic pain = not sleeping well. I manage to get an ok amount of sleep, but it is very off and on. 

Mental State
I was feeling pretty good, until two of my three regular pregnancy calendars said this week is the last week of my second trimester. WTH. How did that happen? I am choosing to believe that I still have two more weeks left and will not hit trimester 3 until 28 weeks. Because I am the Queen of Denial. (It ain't just a river in Egypt and all)

We did manage to make some progress this week in the fact that we ordered the crib and bought the nursery curtains. Now we just have to clear crap out so there is room for said crib when it comes. Boo.

Nesting has kicked in. I talked to my mom for an hour and a half on Saturday and while we were talking I was washing the faces of all my kitchen cabinets (because that is so important, yes?) and doing laundry. It may just be genetics though because she was scrubbing toilets on her end.

I also managed to scrub my kitchen floor on my hands and knees (because that is the way my mom taught me was right, and that was how it this weekend - may have contributed to back pain, but whatevs, it was necessary) dust and vacuum and wash every pillow cover in our house along with slipcovers. Still to come this week - the upstairs. 

Oy. That is all.

Nasal Issues
Great. Hoping it stays that way when the pollen count goes for record highs in a few weeks.

The Girls
Bigger and bigger. No interesting colostrum developments yet. Sort of wondering when that will happen.

Fetal Movement
Crazy and like aliens. I was watching TV and had the remote resting on my belly (who needs an end table?) and it was rocking and rolling all over the place. I actually saw either a butt or a head move up my abdomen this week. #weird

Comes and goes. Trying to be good and drink water and move around. Still small amounts, thank goodness, but I notice.

Weird Stuff
Went out with my friend's bachelorette party and got hit on. Scene went like this:

Girls partying in pretty dresses and heels at a loud bar, one girl sits with a water on the rocks, twist of lime, obviously pregnant and obviously married thanks to rings on her hand.

Guy walks over to sitting girl "Hi, My name is Brett, what is yours?"

"Hi Brett, I am Courtney."

"So, what's your deal? You don't drink?"

Girl points with both hands at obviously pregnant belly, "Not right now, I am pregnant."

Guy, obviously surprised, "Oh wow! You look great, how far along are you?

"6 months."

"Oh wow! You know, my friend back home just had a baby!" Proceeds to take out cell phone and show pictures of said baby.

"Well, that certainly is a cute baby, you have a good night Brett"

"Ouch! You just 'good nighted' me. That's so dismissive."

"Good night Brett."

End Scene.

All in all, it was a killer night with great ladies. Can't wait for the wedding festivities. <3 

This is me attempting to give my unborn child shaken baby syndrome. No, not really, but the baby started kicking, and I was poking and prodding to get it to continue.
Mom of the year, right here.

26 weeks, 4 days along

...and when I came home the morning after the bachelorette party, my husband called me a rockstar and acted completely unsurprised that I got hit on. Bless him.

Friday, March 25, 2011

My baby isn't into kicking...

My baby is into rolling and flipping and swimming all around.

I have yet to feel any movement that feels like a jab. Mainly it is all gymnastics in there, sweeping against all my internal organs and making me go, "weird".

26 weeks, 1 day along

...and that's all for today as my last 48 hours has been consumed with taking care of one very ill (and needy) husband.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good Ideas

This post today over at The Lettered Cottage made me swoon.


Because I have the exact.same.idea to put an old vintage ladder in our nursery, except to hang blankets and quilts on instead of magazines.

Wouldn't that be the dreamiest?

25 weeks, 6 days along

...and this is two posts in one day.

Under 100

Now, I realize that that little ticker up there is not necessarily the most accurate predictor of when Baby G will arrive.

Though, wouldn't that be cool if you could, like put in your personal info, and it would say - "Baby will arrive on July 1st. Congratulations!"

But, I digress.

Today is the first day that that little ticker has a two digit number on it.

99 days (more or less) until Baby G arrives.

That is just too crazy for me.

What will my life be like once this little baby arrives on the scene? The closer that we get to delivery, the more I find my mind wandering as I walk through my home or drive in my car.

I find myself trying to imagine toys and bibs laying about, and a high chair over in that corner, or looking in my rear view mirror to see if my natural setting allows me to see the headrest from which someday soon will hang a little mirror to see my baby's face.

As I lay in bed at night, often awake in the middle of the night due to heartburn or back aches or (more pleasantly) to some strong kicking and movement, I will curl up next to my snoring husband with our puppy at our feet and imagine the pack and play that will soon grace the corner of our bedroom, and a little snug baby slumbering (or crying) inside.

And each time I envision this future, I get the most calming sense of peace. And then I inevitably smile.

It's only when I dwell on the "stuff" that I find myself stressed and at a loss. When I think about the big picture, I am reassured. All is right in the world, this is how life is meant to be.

We are going to be parents. I am going to be someone's mother and the person I love most in the world will be that same person's father. And that person will exist with half of each of us comprising their tiny soul.

I can't wait to meet that person.

25 weeks, 6 days along

...and if you haven't seen this nursery yet, you should. Swoon.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nursery Stuff, Part Deux

As I may have mentioned - I have trouble actually committing to things (without freaking out) when it comes to planning for Baby G's arrival.

When A wanted to go to Ikea a few weekends ago and pick up our new dressers a day earlier than I had planned, my hormones freaked on him. Then I was ok.

Those dressers still haven't been set up, thanks to our overabundance of furniture. But now, a very gracious MIL has agreed to temporarily store some of our stuff. Yay!

That means I can keep planning without actually having to commit, because the furniture hasn't vacated our house just yet. Like I did today at work on my lunch break.

Exhibit A:

Thanks to I was able to custom design this little room for free. I have other designs with this website of our entire house layout (to scale, both floors). I am a crazy person, I know.

But, I like knowing that everything will fit before I go buy it. Usually, I do these things in PowerPoint (this girl's best friend ever since I figured that I could update the old DJ Tanner routine when I was in middle school), but for today, I figured, why not do this baby in color?

Besides, my PowerPoint version was saved on my home laptop. Why recreate the wheel?

So there it is. Everything will fit nicely. Yay!

Now it is time to commit to some purchases, though the rug (an impulse buy at Ikea) and the Hemnes dresser are already ours. 

This drawing includes our dresser which will double as a changing table, a cloth diaper pail, crib, floor lamp, PB glider and ottoman (though I am not entirely sold on the ottoman as necessary), and a little bookshelf for the corner. Am I missing anything?

25 weeks, 5 days along

...and I am ready to rock this nursery out - just don't make me lift anything myself.

Monday, March 21, 2011

25 weeks

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I sported my green and my newly freshened, lighter hair for the festivities...which involved me making chicken enchiladas (how appropo) and cuddling on the couch with a husband.

Feeling better about it. There is moisture in the air folks, as it is now spring time in Southern VA. I am excited for my skin to resume softness and sleep with the windows open to give Herman the Humidifier a little break before Baby G arrives.

Pretty good. Spring is coming, baby is growinig by leaps and bound, and yet, I feel like since i popped so ealy, my body has made pklenty of room for baby already - and the rapid gfrowth has slown a bit for now. Thank goodness.

I really do like showing off my growing bump now though, and since I really look pregnant now, people are treating me with delicacy which is also sort of nice. Weird, but nice. It is almost like living in georgia again with all the doors i have had held open for me lately.

In other news, I spill.everything. on my boobs and belly. Awesome.

The other day I spilled iced coffee at 8:30 am and looked slovenly all day. (Admittedly, that one wasn't all my fault as my coffee guy had left coffee trapped between the lid and the cup which later dripped on me. But still. Spilling on myself? Gah. I hate being dirty in pretty clothes.)

Pretty good, I am starting to get hungrier again, but I am keeping a pretty balanced diet - I hope. The cravings for sweets have defintiely been on the rise lately. 

Also, I am so sick of dirnking water. Bah. It feels good and it is beneficial, blah blah blah, I just want to be able to go get a huge Sweet Tea already. No one carries decaf Iced Tea in restaurants. Can we get on this food and beverage industry?

I feel sort of like a creaky old door. I make "ugghhh" or "ooof" sounds involuntarily as I sit, stand, attempt to bend over to wrestle on my new super cute cowboy boots or try desperately to paint my toenails with belly in the way.

Comes and goes. Sometimes I sleep like a rock, sometimes I am up every half hour. I still haven't had much of the wake int he middle of the night to pee thing, though I definitely have to go first thing every morning. My bladder o' steel seems not to have failed me quite yet.

Mental State
Excited. Anxious. Nervous about the list of things that needs to be done. It is weird to incorporate another list of needs into my equation. Balancing my needs, A's needs, Baby G's needs (which I know will become more numerous upon arrival) and the puppy's needs. 

Look at that face. He knows change is coming...he just has no idea what it is.

Not bad, but weird.

Mostly I am heading to the point where I am "too excited to sleep" and I just wand baby here.already so that we can try different techniques and things and figure out what baby actually likes.

But then again, I really enjoy being able to just feel baby kicks and rub my belly and just sort of marvel at this whole pregnancy thing.

Stuck in the middle.

Comes and goes. I think it is more reflux than heartburn, but yeah. sometimes I have to sit up in the middle of the night because it is so all.of.a.sudden.

Nasal Issues
I can breathe. Shhh. The universe may hear this if we celebrate too loudly. (yay!)

The Girls
Tender and itchy. This usually means growth...yay?

Fetal Movement
Still there, kicking away. According to all my baby countdown stuff, baby should be moving into head down position anytime now, which is exciting. Hopefully soon I will be able to tell and feel where there is a baby foot, head and bottom. That will be tres cool.

Not too bad, but trying to take it easy. When I wore my killer wedges on Friday last week, and didn't drink enough water or get up and walk around enough, I ended the day with slightly puffy toes. Still not enough that others, other than my sister would ever notice, but enough for me to see. Water, water, water.

Weird Stuff
Nothing weird this week to report. Just that I am raring to go on getting a nursery put together.

Oh, and the pup seems to know something is up finally. He has been alternating between super cuddly and super distant. Sad faces. We still love you buddy!

The winning weekly "outtake" photo...

25 weeks, 4 days pregnant

...and this post is super late, but you can blame all the fun I had this weekend at wedding festivities for that. More to come on all of that soon!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Odds and Ends

Another somewhat meandering post on this dreamy weather Friday.

Seriously, as a salaried employee shouldn't I get to leave early on a Friday for no reason other than because I want to? No? Oh. Damn.

What about if it is medically necessary for me to soak up some Vitamin D? Still no?

Moving on.

**Alcohol and Pregnancy**

After A was so sweet and gushy about me being preggo when I first told him, the like third thing out of his mouth was, "Well, I guess I have a dd for the next ten months or so!" accompanied by a huge grin. 

Ha! Now, neither of us are really big drinkers, but as I alluded in my last post, I love wine. Just a glass with dinner, yum, so right. So, when A wanted a glass of wine with dinner it was a big deal to me (and my hormones). But, trust that he still drinks beer or whatever whenever he wants with no complaints from me. 

Some husbands give up alcohol entirely as a show of good faith while their wives are k.u.'d and that is so gosh darn cute. But, I knew that was never going to be the situation in our house, and I am ok with it, so long as he doesn't drink wine. In front of me.

Now all that being said, that last post was supposed to be f-u-n-n-y, but apparently I am not good at that. Lame. Because some now think I actually breathe fire about this issue. Not true. I promise.

Also mentioned by a dear friend was that some ladies enjoy the occasional glass of wine while pregnant, and that most women in Europe don't give it up. This is true. Also, my doctor reinforced this when I asked him about it (before switching to midwives entirely).

While I am certainly not against this, as I have done the research, and most people say that a relaxed mom is more important than a mom who hasn't had a sip of alcohol (after the appropriate amount of time of gestation, yada yada yada), the guy sitting in the chair next to me at that same appointment has a big problem with it, yo. When I brought up the subject, the hubs stood firm on this as something he found "unacceptable." Direct quote.

Naturally, I balked at this as an overreaction and thought that he would eventually see as just that. But, he hasn't budged. He doesn't usually take a firm stance on things related to my decision making or behavior, as we are both pretty darn independent people, but this he has taken a stand on. 

Since there have been about 3 things he has been like this about in the last 10 years, when they come up, I try to be the decent human being and not put up a fuss. So, I will do what I can to keep him happy. 

Until the day he sees the light and then hallelujah, we will pop open a bottle and have a half glass each.


Are making me an emotional wreck. Also doing it? Shows on Lifetime. WTH. Why did we need to develop an entire show based around military homecomings? Have you seen this? It's called Coming Home and it is basically a tv episode version of videos like these:

Why? Whhhhhyyyyyy?

The whole topic of deployment, etc. has been especially hard for me lately. When it was just me having to miss A and say goodbye to him, well, that was hard enough. But the thought and knowledge that someday in the very near future I am going to have to be the strong one, and hold it together while my kids cry because their daddy is leaving for a long time? And that I am going to have to hold it together for him, because he is going to miss so much. Ugh. Heart wrenching.

Mom, I didn't give you enough hugs. <3

**Mental Stuff**

My mental state is weird right now. For the last week, I have been very "We are having a bay. It is growing inside of me. And I will need to deliver it, and raise it, and it will be a person. WEIRD." It has been super surreal. Even baby kicks are little reminders of this person that I know nothing about. Exciting for sure, to get to know them and meet them, but ultimately so.weird.

The biggest thing that I want from this pregnancy is to be in.the.moment and to savor it, so this whole surreal disconnect thing is sort of the opposite of that. I am trying to kick myself into gear, but it's almost like my mind just cannot wrap itself around the concept of a baby coming home with us lately. Hopefully that knocks off here shortly. This is totally normal right? Someone reassure me.

**Decision Making**

The other thing, to borrow a phrase from my dear fellow pregnancy sage's boss is "paralysis due to over analysis." I could NOT have said it better. There are all these decisions and you want to make the best one, but sometimes the best thing to do is just jump in feet first. I have never had a problem being the jumper, but now...I am experiencing some hesitation. Bah.

Example: Last weekend we actually went to IKEA and picked up our dressers and two rugs. Yay! Originally we were going to go on Sunday, and then on Friday night, A decided it would be better to go on Saturday.

I panicked. For no rational reason, I was just like "Ack! We can't change the plans! I am not ready to spend that money TOMORROW. ONE MORE DAY. I NEED ONE MORE DAY."

Hormones do weird things to you. I, of course, got over it, but ugh, irrationality. Awesome.

**Happy Things**

I am wearing killer Enzo wedge sandals today that I bought for over $100 in 2006. How is it that I could fearlessly purchase things like this when I had no money and worked part time at j.crew, but now freak out about adult and necessary purchases.

If I have grown a spending conscience I might as well just end it all now. 

But, this is the Happy Things section. Yay! I am wearing killer shoes, and I love them. I feel like my legs look way better in heels and it makes me feel not quite so whale-ish. And that makes me a happy camper!

Also, I get to get all gussied up this weekend and head out for Bachelorette festivities with my friend. You know I really love her because inevitably this preggo gal is going to have to pee while we are hitting the bar scene...and I am going to have to do it stone cold sober. That is love. <3

This was really supposed to be a happier post, but welcome to all the thoughts rattling around in my head. Now that they have been written down, I can breathe a huge sigh and stare out into the sunshine some more.

25 weeks, 1 day along

...and I really am in a good mood today. I promise <3

Good shoes and good friends make all the difference.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I miss wine.

Seriously. This may be the hardest thing to give up for me during pregnancy.

Does that make me awful?

I love vino. Love.

Remember that time we drank wine at every meal in Italy? Swoon. 
Seriously, even our continental breakfast included mimosas. TAKE ME BACK THERE. 
I still have a bottle of this Chianti Classico waiting for a celebratory toast after Baby G arrives.

But, since I cannot drink while pregnant, and yes, I realize that I can only drink teensy amounts when nursing (for more info see here), I have had to console myself in other ways.

Cooking with wine, for example. I have become the Risotto Queen. 

I love the smell of wine reducing in a hot pan. Yummmm. It is almost like drinking it. Right? RIGHT?


In any case, I made Shrimp and Tomato Risotto last night. (Parenthetical aside: It was delish, btw, though I used way more shrimp than this called for because I had a pound and a half...and if I am going to eat shrimp, trust that I want a good amount.)

When A came home from work, I was just putting the finishing touches on this and some steamed broccoli. He hopped in the shower and came back down for dinner. The bottle of wine used for the risotto happened to still be sitting out on the counter.

You may see where this is going. 
I didn't suspect a thing.

He was already reaching in the wine glass cabinet as I was serving him up a plate of this creamy deliciousness when the words came out of his mouth...

"Honey, you don't mind if I have a glass of that wine with dinner do you?"

And, because I am an amazingly gracious and loving wife, I of course replied, "Not at all dear, go right ahead."


This is where I admit that I am a dirty, dirty liar.

My real response was something along the lines of...

"Hell yes I mind! Are you f-ing kidding me right now?!"

Delivered with a look that could rival Medusa on her best day.

He had the decency to look a little surprised and chagrined as he put the wine glass back in the cabinet and reached instead for the milk.

24 weeks, 6 days pregnant

...and I also made this last night, with stellar reviews from the crowd. 
I mean, if I can't drink wine, I might as well overindulge in some carbs, amiright?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Maternity Photos

Besides our weekly photo sessions, courtesy of daddy-to-be and our newest family member (Our Canon T1i that is) the big question I have been getting is WHEN will we be doing a maternity photo shoot?

Now, I love photography. LOVE it. Especially good photography, and especially of me. Ha. Who knew? But seriously. We had two engagement sessions...

via here

via A's sister, Haley
who has a degree in photography, but no website. 

You can't hire her, yo. She's that exclusive. ;)

...and we had a kick butt photog for our wedding...

With all that being said, and all the money that we invested in those great photos (yes, I believe photos are an investment) you would think that the hubs would not be surprised when I brought up the topic of maternity photos.

But, he was.

Apparently this is something boys don't think about? We talked through a couple of different options and are pretty unsure of what to do about it. He did bring up a "good" point that we are investing in a lot of other costs for Baby G at the moment, but, BUT, BUT {insert whine here}.

So, we are feeling it out. I just feel like it would be nice to have a few nice (read: professional) photos of this time in our life. Taken by someone who knows to tell me to turn my chin just.that.way so I don't look quite so rotund. Or, so that A and I could be in photos together. 

Hmmm, who would have thought of that?!

I am not talking the nekkid kind of maternity photos either.

But the cute ones.

Like this girl.

via here
disclaimer: I don't know her, or anything about her photography...
our relationship consists of the fact that I google imaged "cute maternity photos" and she came up.

Any thoughts? What do you guys think? Are you having them done? Did you have them done? Are they passe?

24 weeks, 5 days along

...and I just may be calling the Aunty-to-be and my friend Jess to do double duty on this situation (and keep my cheap-o husband from hitting the roof).

Monday, March 14, 2011

24 weeks

Oh nice weather, you taunt me. I have never felt quite so pale before in my whole life, though I know that I have been. I am a pale kid and I am usually ok with that, but since my legs are ever so slightly bigger and less toned than normal...I wish I were tan. I am thinking of signing up for a spray tan. Even skin that would stay hydrated would make me feel better at this point. Le sigh. Moving on.

My face has a healthy glow though, so yay for that!

My hair has never gone this long without a dye job. It is time, I feel like an old lady. I would like my hair to look like this again for summer. I think I will take care of it this week...though I have been saying that for a few weeks, annnnnnd I keep forgetting.

Feeling pretty good about this, especially since the midwife said she was proud of me and my gain! According to her records I have only gained 17 pounds, which apparently is really good for 24 weeks along (who knew? I didn't). Though when I was surprised by this she told me she was looking from my 8 week appointment on.

Never mind that I had a annual exam when I was like pregnant. and I gained like, oh, 8 pounds or so in those 8 weeks. Thank you water weight and bloat. Still, I didn't feel it was necessary to remind her of all that jazz.

On the clothes front, I am loving my spring clothes. WEATHER PLEASE STAY WARM, kthanks. I have been able to rock a few sundresses from my pre-preggo days and feel really cute in them. PLUS, my awesome friend brought a huge tub of maternity clothes for me to borrow and she has excellent taste. So, I essentially have a new wardrobe for free. What is better than that?

Also, I ordered all of this last week and they should all arrive today.

from here

from here

from here

Doing pretty good. I have not been hungry as of late. Eh.

Good. Nothing actually minus some lower back soreness and sciatic pain when I forget to get up from my stupid desk and move around a bit.

Sleeping better, though I am having wicked weird dreams. In one night this week I dreamed that I got stuck on the ship with A when they were going underway and that he dressed me up as some sailor to hide me. And I ate strawberries on the ship and we sailed through some French Riviera town. 

That same night I also dreamed that I had an emergency c-section and semi-woke up thinking I had to call my boss and let her know I wouldn't be back to work for a while, and also that I needed to get the baby. The feeling didn't dissipate until I felt my belly and realized baby is still in there all safe and sound.

Mental State
Good! Excited. Overwhelmed with actually doing stuff. I finally let the hubs in on my whole to-do list (which at this point I had kept mainly to myself) and now he is overwhelmed and I feel ok about it. The list that is, not overwhelming the hubs. Whoops.

Also, I actually can't believe that at the end of this they are going to let me take a baby home and raise it and someday it will call me mom. Weird.

Hit or miss. Sometimes don't have it at all. Yippee! 

Nasal Issues
Done with them. As in I am over them, not as in they have gone away. I would kill to be able to use some nasal spray.

The Girls
Tender again and itchy. Which probably means they are growing. Damn.

Fetal Movement
Yay for baby movement! I love it. I wake up to it every morning and love, love, love it. I tried to explain what it feels like to A, and the best I could come up with was putting your hand to your cheek and then poking said cheek intermittently with your tongue. Meh.

Also, our baby is either super shy or super stubborn. We had our 24 week appt with another ultrasound since baby would.not.move at the last one to get a decent face shot. This time we got a great shot right off the bat, which was great because then baby promptly turned toward my back and put both hands in front of their face. 

Based on genetics, I am betting on stubborn rather than shy. Oy.

None this week. Yay! Maybe it was just a rando occurrence?

Weird Stuff
Glucose test at next appointment. They gave me the orange drink already. 

It stares me down from the fridge.

I may have to hide it behind the milk.

This cardigan is slightly baggy because it is maternity and I wanted to show off my purple shirt a bit...

...and this is the face I make when my husband says it looks like a cape on me, 
and he thinks I look silly.

24 weeks, and 4 days along

...and apparently I need to make sure I only wear maternity cardigans buttoned, else my husband may start calling me Super Preggo.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Today... one of those days where I just feel good about being pregnant. I woke up feeling like a hot mess, but am raring to go now.

I feel cute.

I like my belly. It feels reasonably sized today and not overly huge.

Baby is kicking.

I am wearing leggings and ballet flats.

I have a midwife appointment today, and another ultrasound peek!

It is sunny outside.

I am drinking tons of water.

I am thinking of going to Forever21 to see about their maxi dresses this afternoon.

Bonus: I get to go home early from work and hang with my hubby (who works all.the.time now, but will be with me today!)

24 weeks, 1 day along

...and today just feels like a good day. Also, please go here to see one of the cutest preggo ladies ever in existence.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brain Dump

...that do no equal a blog post on their own, but together...just maybe.

**Pregnancy Brain**
I thought that it had abated...until the other day when I found a stack of cards with names and stamps on them and no addresses.

Y'all, they are Christmas cards.

I seriously thought I sent them all, but apparently the ones that I did not have addresses with me up in Wisconsin never got mailed.

and it is March.

Oy. If your name is Matt R., Kari, Jessica, Steve, Jackie, Missy or you happen to be my cousins in England and you would still like to receive your Christmas card, please let me know. And I am SO SORRY. And send me your address, because I for sure threw all of my Christmas card envelopes with your addresses away.


I finished reading Ina May and I feel so empowered about giving birth. Huzzah! I was so pumped to read it and progress onto other books when I first started it, and now I just want to hole up with some good novels instead and call it a day.

I am a selfish reader - ask my husband, I ignore everything else when I am in the middle of a book - and I am pretty sure pleasure reading will go out the window for a while when Baby arrives. So, I am trying to stockpile reading time now. Good for productivity? No.

**Baby moving**
I was almost late to work the other day because I was so entranced by watching my belly move from baby kicks and wriggles. It was simultaneously weird, awesome, and comforting. Next time I will try and get a phone video.

**Feeling Grateful**
This weekend was my sorority sister luncheon baby shower. Unbeknown to me, it had a book theme, which I loved. See comments above. Even though it was a small and intimate gathering, I felt so loved and showered by some of my favorite ladies. Baby got a lot of the classics and I got to spend time with friends who I love.

Certain friends brought some extra special stuff to the event as well. My friend's mom is a quilter, and I had a secret hope in my heart that she would think of me and possibly make something for baby - and she did! A play quilt featuring Spot, who was also the star of the book she gave me. It is truly beautiful.

I was overwhelmed by generosity this weekend. Love you ladies.

**Talking to my mom**
Don't get me wrong here, I love my mom, always have and always will. But, I have never been the greatest about calling. Some moms and daughters talk every day. We never have. 

I probably set that precedent in college when sometimes my parents wouldn't hear from me for weeks. No news was good news though, so it was all well and good. 

Lately though, I just feel this need to call her, like all.the.time. Just to talk about nothing. But it is so comforting to hear her voice. Thanks for bothering with all my weirdo random phone calls Mom. Love you!

**Boy or Girl?**
The votes on our little poll keep me wondering. They are pretty neck and neck, but Girl votes have always been ahead on the blog. Everyone I talk to though thinks there is a little Boy in there. 

Most people have asked me what my intuition is, and I have to answer honestly, I have none. If this is a precedent for Mothering instincts, I am screwed. 

**Baby Cuddling**
I have had the biggest urge lately to snuggle with babies...but there are none around for me to snuggle with. My puppy Bings (Mr. Bingley) is getting slathered with attention and cuddles in their stead. 

**Photo Updates**
I unequivocally fail at getting photos up in a timely manner. Bah. Inevitably I forget my camera cord, or my camera, or a memory card. But, I got some up today! the 23 weeks post has been updated, as has the Bump Watch page. I will try to be better about it.

That's all I got for now folks. 

Thanks for baring with me.

23 weeks, 6 days along

...and dreams about giving birth to and snuggling my baby are becoming way more real and vivid...and are bringing a sense of comfort and peace to my mornings.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Big Reveal

Even though we are not revealing our baby's gender (and we still don't know it either), we have no problem revealing our name choices.

Names are such a tricky thing! We tend toward more classic names, though I don't like "simple" names as much as longer ones. Also, it was really important that we go with nicknames that I liked for each kiddo possibility too, since that is what I will probably be yelling most often, ha.

Friends and family have asked very cautiously and tentatively what we were thinking for names - probably thinking since we are keeping the biggest surprise under wraps that we would do this too - but we could care less - we will shout them from the rooftops.

Baby G Boy Name:
who will go by
Baby G Girl Name:
who will go by
**pronounced Ev-ee, not Eve-ee**

I have to admit that we have had our "boy" name for a while. It is comprised of family names, and since our family is super important to us, we wanted to honor that. Our girl name is family oriented too (my middle name being passed on down), but we played with a few first names before hitting one we (both) really liked.

Disclaimer: We, of course, reserve the right to change our minds once Baby G makes his or her appearance into the world. In fact we even have a few back up boy names, and one back up girl name.

People get really sensitive about comments and criticisms I guess, but we like them, so we could care less. That being said, if you have known a bratty kid or jacka$$ of a person with either of these names, feel free to (show that you were not raised in a barn and) leave that off the comments. If you L-O-V-E love them, on the other hand, feel free to gush, as always <3

Yay for babies and names and making major life decisions!

23 weeks, 5 days along

...and I had a dream the other night that I had twin boys just like in the movies where they say, "Hold on just a minute, I think we have another baby" even though you have had plenty of ultrasound opportunities to show that there are not two babies in there.

And then I cried to my friends with twins, and they totally understood. Not that I would cry if we had twins.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Non-baby Baby Items

There is a whole bunch of other stuff that I want to take care of before baby gets here that are not necessarily things for a baby, but seem more important to me now that we are having one. These are being lumped into the "non-baby baby item" category.

First among these is new dressers for our room.
1. I would really like matching dressers
2. One current dresser is perfect for baby dresser/changing table
3. Husband's clothes are all in the nursery right now and since we will need that closet for BABY stuff, he has to move back into the Master Bedroom with me. Rather than get rid of my stuff, let's just make more room. Don't you like our problem solving skills?

In order to not break the bank (since there is a BABY coming to live with us soon, and I am still undecided about working and/or staying at home, we are rolling with larger versions of the same dresser we are moving into baby's room. Hopefully we will be picking them up this weekend. Huzzah!

The Hemnes dressers from Ikea:

We are undecided about the will be one of these two finishes and BOTH of these dressers though. I love the light finish for the feel of our room, but hubs thinks it is too trendy. Meh.

They are tres reasonably priced, and also solid wood. Check and check. Thanks to Navy moves in the future we try not to spend too much money on "investment pieces" because who knows what will happen to them. That being said, sometimes I still do. Spend the money that is. Gah, this is badly worded. Let's move on.

The other big item on my list is the Dyson Animal:

We have had a craptastic vacuum cleaner for a while now that, thanks the A's ingenuity, is held together with packing tape. It was $40 and was fine for my little apartment in Georgia, but for an almost 1800 sq foot house? Puh-lease.

I mean, we keep things relatively clean, but clean enough for a baby to be crawling around on? No thanks. Hardwood floors and dog hair = nasty visions of me racing toward a baby putting fist of dog hair tumbleweed in mouth. GAG.

Since my daddy works at Sears, he managed to snag this for us at one helluva good price (on sale, plus friends and family night, plus employee discount). I pick it up on Wednesday and I could NOT be more excited to see this baby in action after tons of reviews from friends and family alike.

Moment of realization: I am excited about a vacuum. My life has gone down hill. That is all.

23 weeks, 4 days along

...and I managed to refrain from making any jokes about our vacuum sucking in this whole post. Until now. I couldn't resist.