Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Registering for Baby

Well folks, it took some time, and some serious coordination of effort between the husband and I, but we have at least one baby registry up and running!


Registering is just something I find awkward anyway, and we were dragging our feet about it. We used a handy dandy compilation of lists from friends and people we trust...and baby blogs that I stalk, er follow religiously to come up with our list. We still didn't register for a stroller, as that debate has yet to be decided (why is this decision so hard for us?), but we plopped almost everything else on there.

The lists we used included:
Oh! Apostrophe
This Casita
Lucie's List

So, we went with the "standard" Babies R Us registry, though I want to vom every time I go in that store, because really, it's easy and all in one place. The lady was super ridiculous about going over all these rules and crap with us, and I wanted to look at her and say, "We are competent, we did research before coming in, and frankly I could care less about how many diapers you think we should register for Diane. Give us the scanner gun and let us get to work." But, I am nice, so I didn't. I just smiled and nodded.

Other than that we are doing a PB registry, for my glider mostly (10% off? yes please.) and we are doing a Wishpot registry. The Wishpot registry is for all the cute things I see on Etsy or Amazon that I love and can't fine elsewhere (and our crib as I refuse to register at thankyouverymuch) - or when we can find better prices/colors than what BRU offers...oh and cloth diapers! Yay for cloth diapering.

I also figure that if I register for clothes, at all (and I know that most people recommend against it, I know, I get it) I should direct people to other options than the yellow with giraffe prints that are available everywhere lately. How did giraffes become the unisex symbol for babies? Weird.

In any case, I am super relieved that we are on our way to being done with this, though I have swirling in my head. Thank goodness you can manipulate these things online. Not that that's what I do at work...that's clearly time for writing these blog posts.

22 weeks, 6 days along

...and it is so weird that we are really purchasing things for a BABY. To come LIVE with us. FOREVER.


  1. No discussion of giving your friend the registry scanner gun and letting her go to town? Sad day.

  2. "...and it is so weird that we are really purchasing things for a BABY. To come LIVE with us. FOREVER."

    It's just so weird. I look at my most recent belly photo on Facebook and wonder "Who IS that?!"

    It's just all so awesome and strange! Aaaand now I'm gonna go stalk your registry.