Monday, March 14, 2011

24 weeks

Oh nice weather, you taunt me. I have never felt quite so pale before in my whole life, though I know that I have been. I am a pale kid and I am usually ok with that, but since my legs are ever so slightly bigger and less toned than normal...I wish I were tan. I am thinking of signing up for a spray tan. Even skin that would stay hydrated would make me feel better at this point. Le sigh. Moving on.

My face has a healthy glow though, so yay for that!

My hair has never gone this long without a dye job. It is time, I feel like an old lady. I would like my hair to look like this again for summer. I think I will take care of it this week...though I have been saying that for a few weeks, annnnnnd I keep forgetting.

Feeling pretty good about this, especially since the midwife said she was proud of me and my gain! According to her records I have only gained 17 pounds, which apparently is really good for 24 weeks along (who knew? I didn't). Though when I was surprised by this she told me she was looking from my 8 week appointment on.

Never mind that I had a annual exam when I was like pregnant. and I gained like, oh, 8 pounds or so in those 8 weeks. Thank you water weight and bloat. Still, I didn't feel it was necessary to remind her of all that jazz.

On the clothes front, I am loving my spring clothes. WEATHER PLEASE STAY WARM, kthanks. I have been able to rock a few sundresses from my pre-preggo days and feel really cute in them. PLUS, my awesome friend brought a huge tub of maternity clothes for me to borrow and she has excellent taste. So, I essentially have a new wardrobe for free. What is better than that?

Also, I ordered all of this last week and they should all arrive today.

from here

from here

from here

Doing pretty good. I have not been hungry as of late. Eh.

Good. Nothing actually minus some lower back soreness and sciatic pain when I forget to get up from my stupid desk and move around a bit.

Sleeping better, though I am having wicked weird dreams. In one night this week I dreamed that I got stuck on the ship with A when they were going underway and that he dressed me up as some sailor to hide me. And I ate strawberries on the ship and we sailed through some French Riviera town. 

That same night I also dreamed that I had an emergency c-section and semi-woke up thinking I had to call my boss and let her know I wouldn't be back to work for a while, and also that I needed to get the baby. The feeling didn't dissipate until I felt my belly and realized baby is still in there all safe and sound.

Mental State
Good! Excited. Overwhelmed with actually doing stuff. I finally let the hubs in on my whole to-do list (which at this point I had kept mainly to myself) and now he is overwhelmed and I feel ok about it. The list that is, not overwhelming the hubs. Whoops.

Also, I actually can't believe that at the end of this they are going to let me take a baby home and raise it and someday it will call me mom. Weird.

Hit or miss. Sometimes don't have it at all. Yippee! 

Nasal Issues
Done with them. As in I am over them, not as in they have gone away. I would kill to be able to use some nasal spray.

The Girls
Tender again and itchy. Which probably means they are growing. Damn.

Fetal Movement
Yay for baby movement! I love it. I wake up to it every morning and love, love, love it. I tried to explain what it feels like to A, and the best I could come up with was putting your hand to your cheek and then poking said cheek intermittently with your tongue. Meh.

Also, our baby is either super shy or super stubborn. We had our 24 week appt with another ultrasound since baby would.not.move at the last one to get a decent face shot. This time we got a great shot right off the bat, which was great because then baby promptly turned toward my back and put both hands in front of their face. 

Based on genetics, I am betting on stubborn rather than shy. Oy.

None this week. Yay! Maybe it was just a rando occurrence?

Weird Stuff
Glucose test at next appointment. They gave me the orange drink already. 

It stares me down from the fridge.

I may have to hide it behind the milk.

This cardigan is slightly baggy because it is maternity and I wanted to show off my purple shirt a bit...

...and this is the face I make when my husband says it looks like a cape on me, 
and he thinks I look silly.

24 weeks, and 4 days along

...and apparently I need to make sure I only wear maternity cardigans buttoned, else my husband may start calling me Super Preggo.


  1. Don't get scared by the orange drink... They really aren't as bad as you think and you can chug it quickly...

  2. I did mine today! CHUG IT!!! I got a major headache from it. And then i was ready to eat after it was all done...get something in there besdies sugar. Good Luck!!!