Monday, March 21, 2011

25 weeks

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I sported my green and my newly freshened, lighter hair for the festivities...which involved me making chicken enchiladas (how appropo) and cuddling on the couch with a husband.

Feeling better about it. There is moisture in the air folks, as it is now spring time in Southern VA. I am excited for my skin to resume softness and sleep with the windows open to give Herman the Humidifier a little break before Baby G arrives.

Pretty good. Spring is coming, baby is growinig by leaps and bound, and yet, I feel like since i popped so ealy, my body has made pklenty of room for baby already - and the rapid gfrowth has slown a bit for now. Thank goodness.

I really do like showing off my growing bump now though, and since I really look pregnant now, people are treating me with delicacy which is also sort of nice. Weird, but nice. It is almost like living in georgia again with all the doors i have had held open for me lately.

In other news, I spill.everything. on my boobs and belly. Awesome.

The other day I spilled iced coffee at 8:30 am and looked slovenly all day. (Admittedly, that one wasn't all my fault as my coffee guy had left coffee trapped between the lid and the cup which later dripped on me. But still. Spilling on myself? Gah. I hate being dirty in pretty clothes.)

Pretty good, I am starting to get hungrier again, but I am keeping a pretty balanced diet - I hope. The cravings for sweets have defintiely been on the rise lately. 

Also, I am so sick of dirnking water. Bah. It feels good and it is beneficial, blah blah blah, I just want to be able to go get a huge Sweet Tea already. No one carries decaf Iced Tea in restaurants. Can we get on this food and beverage industry?

I feel sort of like a creaky old door. I make "ugghhh" or "ooof" sounds involuntarily as I sit, stand, attempt to bend over to wrestle on my new super cute cowboy boots or try desperately to paint my toenails with belly in the way.

Comes and goes. Sometimes I sleep like a rock, sometimes I am up every half hour. I still haven't had much of the wake int he middle of the night to pee thing, though I definitely have to go first thing every morning. My bladder o' steel seems not to have failed me quite yet.

Mental State
Excited. Anxious. Nervous about the list of things that needs to be done. It is weird to incorporate another list of needs into my equation. Balancing my needs, A's needs, Baby G's needs (which I know will become more numerous upon arrival) and the puppy's needs. 

Look at that face. He knows change is coming...he just has no idea what it is.

Not bad, but weird.

Mostly I am heading to the point where I am "too excited to sleep" and I just wand baby here.already so that we can try different techniques and things and figure out what baby actually likes.

But then again, I really enjoy being able to just feel baby kicks and rub my belly and just sort of marvel at this whole pregnancy thing.

Stuck in the middle.

Comes and goes. I think it is more reflux than heartburn, but yeah. sometimes I have to sit up in the middle of the night because it is so all.of.a.sudden.

Nasal Issues
I can breathe. Shhh. The universe may hear this if we celebrate too loudly. (yay!)

The Girls
Tender and itchy. This usually means growth...yay?

Fetal Movement
Still there, kicking away. According to all my baby countdown stuff, baby should be moving into head down position anytime now, which is exciting. Hopefully soon I will be able to tell and feel where there is a baby foot, head and bottom. That will be tres cool.

Not too bad, but trying to take it easy. When I wore my killer wedges on Friday last week, and didn't drink enough water or get up and walk around enough, I ended the day with slightly puffy toes. Still not enough that others, other than my sister would ever notice, but enough for me to see. Water, water, water.

Weird Stuff
Nothing weird this week to report. Just that I am raring to go on getting a nursery put together.

Oh, and the pup seems to know something is up finally. He has been alternating between super cuddly and super distant. Sad faces. We still love you buddy!

The winning weekly "outtake" photo...

25 weeks, 4 days pregnant

...and this post is super late, but you can blame all the fun I had this weekend at wedding festivities for that. More to come on all of that soon!

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