Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Can we talk about what a difference a year makes?!



Evelyn Rae is 15 months old, I am 25 weeks along with Baby Bump

...and can you believe next year's photo will be a two year old and an EIGHT MONTH OLD BABY?!

Happy Halloween! Round One.

A few weeks ago, we hit up the Isle of Wight County Fair with Nana Leslie - where she bought this adorable Halloween headband.

But, Ev had nothing to wear it with during the day of Halloween. 

So, I made something.

This little dress, which I whipped up yesterday afternoon, using this tutorial and this free pattern (yes, it is for a shirt, I just lengthened it to be a dress) on some orange gingham seersucker fabric I picked up a few weeks back.

 If you are going to try it yourself, the pattern runs a leetle big, in my opinion, but then again my baby is a string bean, so... (this is the 12-18 month pattern)

It was super simple and easy, and now we have a dress for today, and for Thanksgiving. We added these adorable little purple polka dot tights to keep her warm, and bam. Cute outfit.

I seriously would have never, ever thought I would be "that" mom who makes clothes for her kids - but this was easy. I love being the mom to a little girl. We headed outside this afternoon to enjoy the sunshine and a snack after so many days of rain. I think someone likes her new dress.

 And then we were off to wave at passing cars and puppies.

More Halloween photos to come y'all. Have a great one!

Evelyn Rae is fifteen months old, I am 25 weeks pregnant with Baby Bump

...and can we just TALK about these little blond curls in the back?! I can't stand it.

Monday, October 29, 2012

25 Weeks

I feel like this is getting to be a boring topic. It's all fine and stuff. It's not like legit winter yet, so my skin isn't dry like it was at this point with Evelyn. Though I am Bio-Oiling it up to keep more stretch marks at bay (hopefully)

Feeling pretty good. Turns out I am right on track with my last pregnancy, or a little under, on the weight gain side of things. 

At my last appt, the assistant gave me the number and I was like, "Oh, have I gained any weight since last time? That sounds the same..." She looked it up and was like, yup, that's an EIGHT POUND GAIN. Bahahahaha. Me and my preggo brain. 

Overall though I am still under a 20 pound gain at almost 25 weeks. Better* than last pregnancy for sure. Feeling pretty good about it. Especially since crappy weather has put the kibosh on our activity levels lately. Cue the holidays and stuff. Whomps.

*Better is a relative term, etc.

Um, I like cheese a whole lot. And mexican food. And pickles. Annnnnnnd, other than that I am not really hungry. Though a nice fresh salad sounds awesome right now.

I really have to stop moving so quickly,a s that is the cause of any twinges I have...however, I have a 15 month old who moves quickly, so chances of that happening are slim to none.

Sleeping lightly, still haven't bought a Snoogle, and the dog has suddenly gotten really really cuddly. And so I am hot at night. Such is my lot in life.

There is still an inferno going on inside my body. OY.

Fetal Movement
Woke me up a few times this last week. Also, feet and/or hands have been all up in my ribs and stuff lately.

The Girls
Good, bigger.

New this time around
The midwife told me at this appointment that a lot of the things i have been experiencing are typical second go round preggo symptoms because my uterus is now LIKE MY FAVORITE OLD T-SHIRT. "A little stretched out already from last time and nice and cosy, been washed a couple of times, you know..."

Um, thanks midwife Jennifer. That is just the visual I 'stretchy' uterus.

Oh yeah, this again.
Glucose test. Boo. They gave me the orange drink at my appt last week. Ew. Gross. On the upside, Jennifer reminded me that this is about my body's reaction with the DNA of my baby and not what I eat the week before, blahbity blah. And when I told her I had failed my one hour but sailed through my three hour last time, she said, "Oh good. So you know you don't need to be dramatic about the results of the first one - you've already been through the 'heartbreak'" Bahahah. Um, yes.

Mental State
Good - getting really itchy to get started making my home into the proper nest. But, I have some external factors and repair that need to happen before I can begin executing my plans for the family bedroom switcher, etc. Trying not to let it drive me insane.

Evelyn Rae is 15 months old, I am 25 weeks along with Baby Bump

...and there is a whole conversation happening in this photo. The same conversation happens every single time girl has pigtails in.

Um, Momma? There is something in my hair.

I know baby girl, it looks so cute and Momma worked so hard making it look that way.

Yeah well, I'mmmmmm gonna yank it out.

Oh really? We will see who wins this battle.

Cabin Fever

It's Monday.

Daddy got the day off thanks to Sandy, so this has been a super awesome long which we've gotten nothing done. We are trapped in the house thanks to Hurricane Sandy's continual drizzle outside.

After a few days, we pretty much feel like this...

Hope you are warm, safe and dry if you are in the path of Sandy too!

Evelyn Rae is fifteen months old, I am 25 weeks along with my not so little bump

...and at least we have been clearing our DVR of some stuff? Reframe.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Toes in the Sand

One last time.

Daddy came home from work super early today to play with us, so we decided like any crazies in a town with a hurricane bearing down on us in the next few head to the beach!

Evelyn loves playing in the sand, so why not take this one last opportunity of temperate weather and have an impromptu picnic lunch?

So we did.

And then we "cheesed" in the sand...

We also chased some seagulls...

And waved and imitated them...

And gave funny looks...

And laughed at Daddy...

And explored the sand...

And climbed the dunes...


Umm, Mommy? I think you should look behind you.

Yeah baby girl, that's starting to look ominous.

I dunno what "ominous" means, but I do know I am getting out of here.

Evelyn Rae is fifteen months old, I am 24 weeks preggo with Baby Bumps-a-lot

...and I hope everyone facing down Sandy with us this weekend stays warm, dry and safe!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Molars are officially the worst.

They are ruining my life.

Seeing your baby in pain, whilst all raging with preggo hormones, equals one soft momma bear.

So, I'm tending to my poor, miserable child.

As you do.

Evelyn Rae is 15 months old, I am 24 weeks along with Baby Bump

...and I may have been a bit hyperbolic when I said these molars are ruining my life, a bit, but not much. Damn you teeth.

Monday, October 22, 2012

24 Weeks

Glow is on. When I am not so tired and haggard looking from my baby and her molar issues. BOOO MOLARS.

Why is it that I always seem to have some sort of formal event while preggo? This time around was a little later in the pregnancy (ru roh, I thought to myself), but it was the husband's fraternity reunion formal, so I knew we would have fun...and that I would probably be the only preggo there. Hrm. 

So, I decided to pull this non-maternity formal dress I bought last year out and try it - lo and behold, it worked! No photos with Ev on my hip this week though because we took this after we got home from the event, and after we swung by a swanky local place we love for coffee and dessert. Needless to say it was late, and Ev was staying over with Nana for the night.

I am feeling pretty good overall, though I have no.idea how much weight I have gained. Appointment this week though, so we shall see!

Not hungry. Yet, eating, and growing. WHOMPS.

Luckily feeling pretty ok during the day, but I have begun requesting back rubs at night from the husband. I think the moving and picking up and grabbing a 20 pound toddler all day is pulling a number on my muscles. Going from non-stop to being still at the end of the night is also wrecking havoc on me.

DREAMS YO. Just like last time around this time, weird. They are so vivid and most of them are awful and scary. Have I mentioned before how much I hate Zombies? I legit had to read so late the other night because husband was just TALKING about the episode of The Walking Dead that he had just watched. CREEPY.

HOLY GOD I AM BURNING FROM THE INSIDE. This is officially worse than last time. If the wives' tales are true, this kid is coming out with more hair than me.

Fetal Movement
Yay for big movements and kicks. Hubs finally felt and saw definitive movements in the last two weeks. 

The Girls
Feeling ok, itchy. Weird.

New this time around
I really, really miss a glass of wine. I know, I know. That's probably not new. Did I miss it this much last time?

Also, I have to admit, I gambled the other day and ate a Jimmy John's sandwich. It was delicious and the only thing that sounded good. For two days afterward I officially freaked the hell out any time that baby was not moving (aka napping) aaaaaaand, I don't know if I will do that again. 

But, it was seriously so good. MMMM.

Oh yeah, this again.
The hubs hates giving me back rubs. BUT, he is much better about it this go round. In fact he is in general much more supportive of everything going on this time 'round because he isn't as weirded out by the girl he has known since we were 16 suddenly looking like a blimp and you know, growing a human and stuff.

Mental State
Hello mood swings. I have such a short fuse these days. Annnnd, that stinks. Because I know I am crazy. Buuuut, that doesn't stop me from being crazy. So. That's cool. And totally sane. Right?

Evelyn Rae is fifteen months old, I am 24 weeks along with Baby BUMPING ALL THE TIME

...and at least we finally got our Halloween decorations out.