Thursday, October 18, 2012

Preggo Pals.

It seems that in every pregnancy I have been uber blessed by having some lovely preggo pals to share my journey!

With Evelyn, my co-worker, and officemate, Cheryl was pregnant and like 4 weeks behind me or so. It was so fun to be able to sit in our office and chat about all of our experiences as our pregnancies went on. Plus, it was nice to have someone to hold me accountable for drinking enough water and eating healthy enough! ;)

She and her daughter Sophia are just the most adorable things - I wish they still lived here so we could play all the time, but alas, life happens and they now enjoy life in rural Pennsylvania.

I was also blessed to have Andria from Illinois a few weeks ahead of me when I was pregnant with Evelyn. We met way back when we were just wee things at our friend Megan's wedding, and had much fun squealing secretly together over our pregnancies before we made the big ol' Facebook announcement.

Us as babies, pre-babies. 
Don't mind my face, I had been boo-boo-ing at all the Rehearsal Dinner speeches.

Andria and her son Malcolm do super fun things all the time in Illinois.

Honorable mention preggo pal also goes to my friend Sherbs, who called me to tell me she was pregnant while I was mere weeks away from delivering Ev and I laughed like a crazy person.

Though we were only pregnant together for a short while, she is my all time favorite person to share mommy stories and advice with.

Our girls hanging out in Tennessee.

Now, this pregnancy, I am blessed to have another preggo pal! My dear friend Jessica, who took these awesome sauce pictures of us when Ev was six months old.

Full disclosure, I may have just gotten teary eyed about how much of a BABY my baby was in these photos! Argh, damn you preggo hormones.

Jessica and I have been friends since high school. Taking it way back. And now she is pregnant with Baby BOY Herndon (we all just found out at our annual cabin weekend this past weekend!) and due 10 days before me! So far, she is the closest due date preggo pal, and the fact that we could potentially end up having babies only a few days apart from one another is SO MUCH FUN.

Here we are this past weekend, hours before we found out her peanut is a baby boy! 
P.S. you may see this outfit on me approximately every possible day 
it is clean from now until February. Amen.

Jessica and her husband Adam moved from Chesapeake, aka right down the road, to BOSTON this summer right after we both found out we were expecting. While it is lame she lives so far away now, us old school girls are super duper excited to go visit her and new baby when we can this Spring! Hooray for new destinations.

I also get to hang with this lady this afternoon as we act like ladies who lunch together. Jessica blogs over at the Herndon Herald, and you can follow her preggo journey there, as well as see pictures of her SUPER cute nursery in progress.

Hopefully before this pregnancy is over, I will have acquired a few more preggo pals - friends, you know who you are ;) - but until then, I count myself so freaking lucky to have had women to share these journeys with. 

Or with whom to share these journeys. 

Or whatever. Pregnancy makes my grammar suck.

Evelyn Rae is fifteen months old, I am 23 weeks along with Baby Bump.

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  1. I agree! I've been lucky enough to have two of my sisters-in-law pregnant at the same time as my two pregnancies. SO FUN! And that "terrible person" post is too funny!