Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Weekend

Yes, I realize it is WEDNESDAY and typically these posts come on a Monday. But, we were busy having family time Monday, and yesterday was rainy and gross and altogether unproductive. So, here it is.

This weekend was our 10 year Class Reunion! WHAT?! How are we that old?

This was pretty much the theme of every conversation this weekend, btw, that NONE of us felt old enough to be considered "real" grown ups with houses, kids, careers, etc. and yet, there we were.

A and I had an altogether great time, though mine would shave been better with a glass or two of wine, ha. I kid.

But, not really.

This is me being uber cool in the bathroom, taking a photo of my name tag (with senior photo!). The caption on Instagram read "Apparently my hair hasn't changed since my senior photo." which isn't strictly true, as I had a few years of short hair in college, etc. but here we are back to loose curls.

It was awesome getting to catch up with some people in person, rather than just on the book of faces.

Personally the most surprising/flattering thing about this weekend was just how many of my classmates follow this here little blog.

Women that I graduated with kept saying, "This is probably weird, but..." and then telling me how they actually read this thing!

I mean, whaaaa?!

That is so not weird. That is so, so flattering and I was v. v. thrown as to what to say in return, but am so touched. In case I never got it out properly when we were chatting and you are still reading beyond any awkwardness of my self this weekend...


I love that people read this blog, and I love hearing about it. I love reading blogs myself, so knowing that this little thing could even be a moment of entertainment or laughter for someone else is amazing and humbling. I am not gonna lie, like any other person out here on the inter webs, comments make my day on some days. So thanks for all your feedback and support.

Life is pretty hectic at the moment, hence the light blogging as of late, but I promise that I am not planning on "retiring" anytime soon.

Evelyn Rae is 14 months old, I am 22 weeks along with Baby Ferris

...and husband promised that he will be the designated driver at our 20 year reunion, so watch out! 38 year old Courtney is gonna be C-RAZY. ;)

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  1. It was fabulous to see you and the rest of the people who came! What a blast! It lived up to all my expectations. :) Oh, and yea for blogs!