Monday, October 29, 2012

25 Weeks

I feel like this is getting to be a boring topic. It's all fine and stuff. It's not like legit winter yet, so my skin isn't dry like it was at this point with Evelyn. Though I am Bio-Oiling it up to keep more stretch marks at bay (hopefully)

Feeling pretty good. Turns out I am right on track with my last pregnancy, or a little under, on the weight gain side of things. 

At my last appt, the assistant gave me the number and I was like, "Oh, have I gained any weight since last time? That sounds the same..." She looked it up and was like, yup, that's an EIGHT POUND GAIN. Bahahahaha. Me and my preggo brain. 

Overall though I am still under a 20 pound gain at almost 25 weeks. Better* than last pregnancy for sure. Feeling pretty good about it. Especially since crappy weather has put the kibosh on our activity levels lately. Cue the holidays and stuff. Whomps.

*Better is a relative term, etc.

Um, I like cheese a whole lot. And mexican food. And pickles. Annnnnnnd, other than that I am not really hungry. Though a nice fresh salad sounds awesome right now.

I really have to stop moving so quickly,a s that is the cause of any twinges I have...however, I have a 15 month old who moves quickly, so chances of that happening are slim to none.

Sleeping lightly, still haven't bought a Snoogle, and the dog has suddenly gotten really really cuddly. And so I am hot at night. Such is my lot in life.

There is still an inferno going on inside my body. OY.

Fetal Movement
Woke me up a few times this last week. Also, feet and/or hands have been all up in my ribs and stuff lately.

The Girls
Good, bigger.

New this time around
The midwife told me at this appointment that a lot of the things i have been experiencing are typical second go round preggo symptoms because my uterus is now LIKE MY FAVORITE OLD T-SHIRT. "A little stretched out already from last time and nice and cosy, been washed a couple of times, you know..."

Um, thanks midwife Jennifer. That is just the visual I 'stretchy' uterus.

Oh yeah, this again.
Glucose test. Boo. They gave me the orange drink at my appt last week. Ew. Gross. On the upside, Jennifer reminded me that this is about my body's reaction with the DNA of my baby and not what I eat the week before, blahbity blah. And when I told her I had failed my one hour but sailed through my three hour last time, she said, "Oh good. So you know you don't need to be dramatic about the results of the first one - you've already been through the 'heartbreak'" Bahahah. Um, yes.

Mental State
Good - getting really itchy to get started making my home into the proper nest. But, I have some external factors and repair that need to happen before I can begin executing my plans for the family bedroom switcher, etc. Trying not to let it drive me insane.

Evelyn Rae is 15 months old, I am 25 weeks along with Baby Bump

...and there is a whole conversation happening in this photo. The same conversation happens every single time girl has pigtails in.

Um, Momma? There is something in my hair.

I know baby girl, it looks so cute and Momma worked so hard making it look that way.

Yeah well, I'mmmmmm gonna yank it out.

Oh really? We will see who wins this battle.


  1. And that is why I love Jennifer! She's real and to the point. When I told her I was taking organic chemistry she even told me how she failed it the first time also. lol

  2. i have a ton of bio oil you can have! They sent me like 6 bottles of it! Remind me when you are here in December!