Tuesday, October 16, 2012

23 Weeks

The break outs have officially stopped. HALLELUJAH! 

I got to do my first real foray into fall clothes this weekend as I headed to the mountains for our annual friend/family trip. Besides the fact that it was SO FUN, I really liked my fall preggo clothes. I think I am going to wear the HELL out of my boots and am currently searching for a back up pair for my camel colored ones.

P.S. Clothes this week are again, non maternity ones, and though I LOVE these red jeans when I put them on in the morning...they sort of stretch out weirdly by the end of the day in the hips and um, crotch, area. (IS THERE A BETTER WORD FOR THAT?! SOMEONE TELL ME.)

I snack. I eat. I am overly NOT hungry most times. However, I still get cranky if I haven't eaten in a while. Weird.

Lots of car riding this week so RLS and Sciatic pain were fun friends that came along. WHOMPS.

Just trying to get cozy, night after night. Sleeping so lightly is an especially hard curse when you have a baby monitor next to you all night. All those little noises Ev makes in the middle of the night as she is turning over or just getting cozy or whatever sit me STRAIGHT up in the middle of the night. For no reason. Oy.

Taking Zantac on the regular now. Only thing that helps.

Fetal Movement
Crazy baby kicking. Except when other people who are not my one year old are around. And she doesn't care. Which is pretty hilarious.

The Girls
Samesies. Interested to see when I might start producing colostrum again. It's not like it's been that long since I stopped lactating, my body better remember how to do it!

New this time around
Um, I am like the worst keeping up with pregnancy preggo ever. Like, I have no idea how big baby is supposed to be this week, etc. Occasionally, when I remember I check the Alphamom Pregnancy Calendar. That's about it.

Oh yeah, this again.
BOO HEARTBURN AND GENERAL FEELINGS OF DISCOMFORT. Maybe I just remember pregnancy with rose colored glasses, but the discomfort I feel like didn't come until later last time, though the midwives say it's totally normal, etc. etc. for second babies...still. It makes me cranky. And I don't like being cranky.

Mental State
See above. Cranky and unintentional about pregnancy. What the heck. Worst preggo ever, amirite? On the upside, I got to hang out with Shelby and Jessica this week and dish about pregnancy which made me feel SO NORMAL AGAIN. Oh yeah, others feel this too. And not just "other" but some of my best gal pals.

Evelyn Rae is fifteen months old, I am 23 weeks with Baby Bump

...and here is one for fun!

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