Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Big Bunny Trip

After last year's big Bunny visit…

{which is still one of my all time favorite photos ever in existence}

…I didn't have much hope for this year's visit to see the fluffy guy.

But, we loaded up anyways.

We got to the place, were first (the only people) in line, (the bunny wasn't even there yet - we were ten minutes early - who the heck am I?) and my girl was so excited!

So excited she decided to practice some twirling.

…and then she saw him!

The Easter Bunny!

She started waving and jumping.

I started getting a GREAT feeling!

…that lasted about a half a second.

Because then, tears. Both kids. Refusal to go near Mr. Cottontail.

Eventually they calmed down and consented to be put in the chair, but Evelyn was not the only kid side eyeing the giant rabbit this year.

"Umm, Mom's not just gonna leave us here, right sis?" 

"I dunno. She seemed pretty content to just keel over from laughter last year..."

"In these situations, I generally like to throw as much shade as possible so she knows this is absolutely NOT COOL with me." 

"Oh, that's a good one. I've developed this duck face thing."

"Whaddya want from us, here Mom? What's the end goal?

"A smile? Sitting next to this creepy large stuffed animal thing that can't even be bothered to look straight ahead and pretend to be happy with literally the first customers of his shift?!"

"Hmm. Maybe we can pull something off that isn't entirely awful."

"This is the best you are getting, Ma. 
Now - where are those cookies you keep promising?"

Evelyn Rae is 2.5, Liam is 14 months old

…and…SIGH. Just, SIGH.