Tuesday, July 5, 2011

{Accelerated Nursery} The Reveal.

I had such good intentions of revealing bits of the nursery as I was doing it, but alas, that is not the case. In good news, however, I have everything for you to view all at once!

One thing I really love about my current bedroom is the feeling of peacefulness and serenity that I get when in there. Sometimes I just hang out up there because I need that vibe. I wanted the same sort of serenity and calm for the nursery, without being too stuffy. I think we may have achieved it.

On to the photos! (I will try to keep the commentary to a minimum.)

We opted for a subtle gray for the walls - Mountain Fog, I think.

That pillow will not live in there when the baby does, no worries folks.

I designed these prints after seeing some similar ones on Etsy.
The last one says "If all the raindrops were lemondrops and gumdrops"

Love my glider! So comfy.
The embroidered piece hanging above it is one that my mom made for us when we where children and hung in our rooms growing up, just popped it in a new frame.

My sister painted the "dream" painting for us and my dear friend Whitney painted the cross to match our fabric print - she gifted it to us at the shower. The classic Pooh Bear is a gift from Uncle Corey.

I really wanted to paint and distress the mirror and frames for this wall, but spray paint = no bueno for preggo ladies, so that project will have to wait. I like them much better than I thought I would dark though! They bring some of the darker wood tones over to the changing table area.

Warning: Gratuitous photos of my pride and joy, handmade crib bedding ahead.

We opted for the zip on and off crib sheets, and I may have mentioned that the edges should be ironed...to which my husband merely shot me a look that said, "lady, you is crazy." Blame it on nesting.

We will be on the hunt for a smallish toybox/chest to go under that window in the future, as well as a wooden distressed stool for me to put my feet up at the glider. They just haven't found their way to us yet, but I know they are out there in the universe!

So, that's it! Whaddya think?

40 weeks, 5 days along.

...and oh yeah, I had to keep moving these bad boys along in the room to get out of the photos. Hospital bags and diaper bag! It's probably the preppiest collection of bags ever brought to one place (L.L.Bean, Longchamp and Vera Bradley, naturally). They just need a laboring lady and baby to attend to now!


  1. So cute!! Can't wait to see the baby in all the photos!!!

  2. GORGEOUS!!! Love, love love! The homemade bumpers/pillow are just precious. You are so talented! =D Now for that tiny, stalling, adorable finishing touch... =)

  3. it's beautiful. i love it.

  4. Adorable!! Such a nice job and will fit either a boy or a girl really nice! Vera Bradley diaper bag is the BEST!!!!!!


  5. Gorge! Love the gray paint. Where is the dresser/changing table from? It looks like Ikea. (I found your blog via your comment on YHL some weeks back. I've been following along ever since.)

  6. Thanks everyone! We are really happy with it :) I appreciate the comments!

  7. Courtney you did a fan-tab-ulous job! Your sewing skills are amazing too! (I need to finally wrap up the last things in Malcolm's room so I can take photos. Wall art needs framed and the rug needs to arrive.)

  8. LOVE IT!!! Can't wait for baby G to arrive!!