Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Odds and Ends

Yesterday my girl turned a week old! Craziness.

I am currently taking both weekly and monthly photo series, because I just wasn't sure which I really wanted to do/could keep up with. One of them will probably bite the dust here shortly, but I didn't want to wait for the month photo and then be sad I didn't do weeklies, etc.

Once I decide which one we will stick with, I will share.

Yesterday I also got a present in the mail...birth photos! My sister in law did such.a.beautiful job! You know what this means, birth story coming soon!

I really didn't know how I was going to feel looking through the photos and I was a little afraid to see them, to be perfectly honest. Why? Because birthing Evelyn was such a unique and almost out of body experience that I was sort of worried that the photos would alter my feelings/memories. But seriously, they made me just relive all the moments of the process and again feel so damn proud of myself. Excited to share.

I will probably be sharing the birth story in parts, mainly because I think if not, it would take me forever to write it. This whole new two hour rotating schedule of feedings, diaper changes, etc. would sort of put a cramp in writing a long story all at once...and I don't like to lost steam once I start writing. Plus, you know I am not the most concise of writers. Ha.

Ok, you read a post mainly about nothing, so I will reward you with some baby photos <3

Thank goodness for cell phone cameras.

Yay for Moses Baskets!

We love sleep sacks...even when our feet hang out of the bottom.

Nap Buddies.

Evelyn is 8 days old

...and I don't really let her sleep on the couch with the dog.


  1. awww. i would! the picture with bings made me misty!!

    i will wait patiently for the whole birth story. I think installments would murder me. ;)

  2. She's amazing!! Congrats!!