Friday, July 1, 2011

40 Weeks!

TWO sets of photos today. Work outfit and Appointment outfit. 
Why not? It was DUE DATE DAY!

Staying relatively the same. This and stretchy, though as I posted earlier in the week I had a legit breakdown over stretch marks. Thanks hormones. I am in a better place now, it was just a special moment.

Up a pound. WHAT?! I am blaming the Subway that I had right before my appt yesterday to get weighed. Oh, and all this retained water in my legs and ankles and feet...and face. Boo. Still under 200 though and the midwives are unconcerned.
Meh. I am giving into sweets this week, but that's about it. Hello lemon cupcakes.

Pressure, contractions, all of it. Happening. Little baby ones granted, nothing I have had to breathe through or anything, but man do they catch you unaware!

Really good nights, and wide awake nights. I blame the whole "holy crap we are having a baby" feeling for keeping me up wondering at night  after I get up to go to the bathroom or anything. I just sit there and try to picture a baby in our house, and it is so surreal. still. weird.

Mental State
Totally whacked out. I am either all zen and calm or SUPER hormonal this week. I have cried like three or four times which is NOT usual people. I dunno what is going on. Oh yeah, that whole pregnancy thing. Hmm.

Still mostly excited for baby to get here, though I have a leeeeetle tinge of worry mixed in that baby will not come and interventions will become necessary. Everybody will this baby out in the next week!

Thanks goodness for target brand Zantac. Love you.

The Girls
Waiting to feed a baby.

Fetal Movement
Rocking and rolling, the non-stress test was so fun to watch yesterday. All the heartbeats going up and down, yay! it was fun and textbook beautiful according to my midwife.

Puffy feet. And ankles. And legs. The curve of my calf is like almost gone. What the heck. Again, my blood pressure is still "beautiful" (she really likes that word) so there is nothign to worry about and apparently will all go away post partum. One can only hope. I don't like that my legs are looking chunky just as "show them off weather" is starting.

Appointment Updates
Met with Jenn yesterday, and I'm not gonna lie it freaked me out a little bit finding out about all the additional appts now that I am officially past due date. I know that this is all important for the baby's health, and our baby is totally healthy and happy... but wow. I had the non stress test yesterday, and it went SUPER well, so baby is definitely healthy and happy. 

But, I have to have another one on Monday. And if baby is still not born I have to have an ultrasound and another NST next Thursday. And then we will go from there. Again, everything appears fine and dandy, but I would rather have this baby sooner rather than later and avoid all that mess. 

Weird Stuff
Everything is getting...finished? It is weird. Like almost everything is checked off of the list and now I am just sort of wondering what to do with myself? Procrastinators do not finish early. There is no "whew, got that all checked off so now I can relax" feeling. I just feel like I should still be on the go.

Also, the cute little girl at Subway yesterday deserves honorable mention. I have had SUCH a good time this week telling people that I am due in "4, 3, 2..." days and watching their eyes bug out. 

The girl at Subway yesterday said, "When are you due?" and I replied "Today." and she flipped. And then got so excited, and said "Look at how happy you are! Smiling and everything! Your baby is sure to be happy too with a mom like that. I love it! Best of luck darlin." And I just thought she was cute.

40 weeks, 1 day along

...and if anyone has any advice for getting this baby to come, just let me know! I am willing to try (almost) anything once!


  1. Take a nice long walk that might help! I was induced so I really have to advice but maybe it will work for you!! Super excited for you!! Can't wait to find out what you are having!!

    Jen :)

  2. sex! what gets them in gets them out! lovey snuggling feelings, nipple stimulation, and orgasm all stimulate oxytocin release (oxytocin is the hormone that stimulates uterine contractions). Semen is filled with prostaglandins that soften the cervix.

    also, breast pumping is awesome for nipple stim. pump 1 breast for 15 minutes every hour for three hours up to three times a day. if the contractions are more than a minute long stop. xoxoxo