Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Knocked Up Bridesmaids

Now that I am starting to feel great about my look and body while pregnant (a happy development for sure) I am also starting to enjoy maternity fashions.

Now, maternity clothes have come a loooooong way. But, what i have experienced so far int he US has nothing on European fashions. Cute, affordable, and bump embracing. Done, done and done.

Some of my most lip chewing worry about maternity fashion has come from the fact that I am going to be a bridesmaid for a dear friend while exactly 7 mos pregnant. When a few minutes after I saw those two pink lines I put the facts together that I would be so far along, admittedly I freaked for a second.

Putting aside that I will need concrete makeup to hopefully not look like an overheating whale in Texas on the spring/summer borderline, I was mostly concerned about the dress. Now, this gracious and fashion savvy bride who I-love-so-much-for-this already decided that we would wear black, and we could all pick out our own dresses. YAY!

So, off I set on the journey to find a bridesmaid worthy LBD for preggos. Let me tell you that there are a LOT of casual options out there, but casual will not do for a wedding.

I started at, where I actually found quite a few cute things.

All cute, all around $80 on sale ($150ish originally) and every single one had mixed reviews on the fit. Too big in the bust not big enough in the belly, unless altered perfectly a week before your event will make you look like a whale, etc. Plus, all the fabrics seemed sort of chintz-y to me for the prices.

Online shopping is already a nail biting experience for me, because I like to try things on - how does it fit? how does it flow? is the fabric as cheap looking as it seems in the photo? etc. Couple that with the whole I-have-no-idea-how-big-I-will-be-in-the-next-few-days-let-alone-in-April thing, and you could call it a mini meltdown.

But then, then I found the company that has solved all of my problems in the UK based Asos.

The beauty of this website is not only the photos and the pure chic of the clothes, but that you can view every.single.item "On the Runway" so you get the flow and fit of the items much better than just from flat photos. Also, the prices are awesome + free shipping to the US. done and done.

I ended up finding this dress for the bridesmaid category:

 In gray you can see more detail, but I was of course looking for black...

Yay. Cute, black, not jersey material and $50 + free shipping. Done, done done. Best of all, I tried it on for the bride and she approved. Double yay!

While I was perusing the website I ended up finding another cute and affordable dress that I ended up ordering for the Rehearsal.

Let me just tell you that I l-o-v-e this dress and trying not to wear it pre-festivities is going to be even harder come warm weather.

Overall these are some of the cutest and most varied collections I have seen. There are definitely some other great sites out there, but the variety and cost of these items is a-mazing.

Mission be a cute knocked up bridesmaid accomplished.

The next task will be to be a cute 3 months postpartum bridesmaid for my lovely sister in-law. Wish me luck on that gamble :)

17 weeks, 6 days along

...and I cannot wait for the weather to get warmer so I can live in cute dresses and sandals again.


  1. I love the dresses you went with! So cute! Random...but do you think those models are actually prego or just sporting a padded belly like in the maternity stores?!

  2. Thanks for ASOS, I bought this swimsuit!

  3. WHERE was this blog post when I was looking for a dress for the dining out???

  4. Aww, you're gonna look so cute at Sherb's wedding! ^.^

  5. I can't wait to have the most BEAUTIFUL Mommy-To-Be standing there with me! LOVE YOU TONS!

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