Monday, January 3, 2011


I am huge! How hilarious.

Now that the big FB announcement is out there and everyone has seen the photos...the reviews are in. Now, don't get me wrong, everyone has been so nice and supportive, but I have definitely gotten a few "Are you sure there aren't two in there?! HAHA"

Yeah, "haha" my butt, friend.

a. pregnant women are sensitive anyway
b. after the recent "pop" I am feeling huge anyway and am very nervous about the wedding photos I will be in at 7 months pregnant and then at 3 months post-partum

At least the husband loves the bump. He actually asked me if I have gotten more "hot" looks from men in the last few weeks. Ha!

Here is the thing. My genes are not great for this "size" thing. My mom was tiny when she got pregnant with me, and I ended up as a whopping almost 10 pound, 22 inch long baby. Everyone said she was huge by the end of it and thought she was having multiples...I think she looked great :)

When I was home, I took the liberty of scanning a few photos of her in her later pregnancy stages.

These were taken in early May at my dad's college graduation and commissioning...
(they had been married for 5 years y'all, no scandal here)
Reminder: My birthday is in AUGUST.

These are from her surprise shower in late July

Like I said, I think she looks fab for having such a huge baby in that tiny frame, so we will see if i am destined for the same...

14 weeks and 4 days along

...and I don't have a tiny frame excuse, so maybe I can go with proportional?


  1. big babies are totally normal!! unless you have a anomaly like gestational diabetes (that makes the baby big) or rickets (that makes you pelvis wonky)women don't normally make babies they can't push out. and the longer the baby cooks, the more relaxin (a hormone) you will have in your body. The more relaxin you have, the wider your pelvis and nether regions get. wo0! bodies are magic!

  2. Whoops I commented on Facebook saying you were as big as me but that is because I'm jealous! My bump feels tiny and inferior to yours is all! You are of course super fabulous looking and I agree with Austin, you hottie you. : )

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