Friday, January 7, 2011

15 weeks

15 weeks and husband is really settling into his role as paparazzi. Now if we could only get some better lighting in our house, or if either of us could get home before dark...then we can get rid of those pesky shadows. Also, I think I am going to go back and add the text to all my photos...I kinda like it. go the updates:

Gone. Knock on wood. Seriously. Please, please, please don't come back! I really like being able to brush my teeth again.

Clearing up, but I wouldn't say glowing.

Ha! Well, I have definitely popped, though I am still able to wear some normal things. The shirt in this photo, for example was on the non-preggo racks at Target a few weeks ago so I snatched it up. Length? check. Not too preggo looking? check. Defined area under the girls? check. Hopefully some of the things I pick up like this will be able to be flattering post-partum.

I haven't weighed myself, but I will get weighed at the appointment next week. I have noticed some gain in areas other than my belly - mainly in the chest area (ahem, see below), a little bit on my hips where I used to feel bone (I now feel a teensy bit of squish), and I feel like my arms, but A thinks I am crazy. 

I need to start looking for tighter shirts than what I am currently wearing in these weekly photos (rather than whatever I happen to have on) so I have a true representation (that shirt is all bunch in the back - end whine)...add to mental list.

No cravings other than for food. Seriously, now that the nausea is gone I want to eat everything in sight! In my head I am not hungry, because my normal eating patterns are well established, but all of a sudden my stomach will be growling. Very strange. I had breakfast and what I had intended to be my morning and afternoon snacks (a clementine and a fiber one bar if you must know) all before 10 am yesterday. I mean, this is weird, yo. 

P.S. I am trying to not actually eat everything in sight, but also trying not to deny needs of my body. Balancing act in full swing.

I am still getting a few pains every now and again (round ligament) but I think most everything has stretched to where it needs to be for the time being, so they have laid off a bit. Yay! No more swift make you sit up in the middle of the night pains just because you coughed. Success.

Mental State
Pregnancy brain is in full effect. I did not really believe this was a real symptom until I got pregnant. I will be totally honest and say that I thought all my preggo friends were totally making up lame excuses with this one, but amazingly - it's true. I hope it goes away soon. This week alone I have:

  • walked out the door without my packed lunch three times
  • forgotten to bring in things for the office that I intentionally left by the front door so as not to forget them
  • ended up at a store with no idea what I needed from said store - it is really awesome when the helpful employees come up to you and ask "Can I help you find something?" and your response is, "Not just yet, I have absolutely no idea why I am here at the current moment"

Completely new stuff:

My hair doesn't seem thicker to me yet, but it is definitely dryer, which means it doesn't get greasy nearly as fast. That is awesome. 

It is amazing. It does not matter what I eat. Technically, as I understand it, this is due to all the relaxin and progesterone in your body that relaxes other things for a healthy pregnancy...but also relaxes the valve keeping stuff down in your stomach from your esophagus - which leads to heartburn. Awesome. The girl with the cast iron stomach continues to learn about new and exciting sensations.

Nasal Issues
I am starting to experience more stuffy nose/slight bloody nose issues from dried out sinus cavities. Yay! A and I puled out our humidifier (his name is Herman, and I bought him in college - you can find him here) last night so hopefully that will help things. 

The Girls
The girls have gotten bigger. I had to buy new bras. Husband is excited, and I am sort of off kilter about it. A whole post is coming on this new adventure.

So, that's where we stand at 15 weeks. We took this photo last night, and as I mentioned, A is really getting into being paparazzi, in fact, he started being hilarious last night and shouting out directions and snapping pictures so fast that he also managed to get these:

15 weeks, 1 day along

...and sometimes I find my husband hilarious.


  1. I know that you don't think that you have the glow, but you look amazing and you seriously are getting some great preggo pictures. I always looked exhausted in mine...

    Tums were my best friends! I maxed out on them everyday...

  2. Pregnant BFF I have the frog humidifier next to my bed too for the dry nose issue stuff. High five!

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