Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On being sick and pregnant

I am sick. And pregnant.

Insert pity party here.

Seriously, I am already like the worst sick person in the world, and now I am unable to take medications to make this go away, or the symptoms go away. That may be a slight exaggeration, as you are totally able to take some medications, but these are what I call "baby" medications.

Don't give me that Sudafed PE stuff that they sell on the shelves - I want the good stuff from behind the counter. Regular strength Tylenol? I had to go out and buy it. We don't even keep that in our home. There are few bottles that don't say extra/maximum/don't take too many or you could die strength on them a la Casa Accelerated Baby.

Alas, none of the "good" drugs are available to me now, so I take this opportunity to throw myself a pity party. Partly because I had to take a sick day, which I have been trying so hard to save up for when the baby actually comes.

Partly because I had a little moment of fear on A's shoulder last night and said, "I am miserable, and I can't imagine having to do this and take care of a baby too...What were we thinking?!" Yeah, moms don't get sick days. (Hardest job in the world? check.)

Partly because every now and again when I cough, or sneeze, or blow my nose too hard I get awesome shooting round ligament pain. (That was the first link on Google y'all, I don't even know if it's a good graduate professors would be so proud.)

And partly because, mostly because, I worry that being sick while pregnant is not healthy for my baby!

I know, I know, irrational and all. But, I worry.

The late 16 week update will be coming later (since tomorrow I am 17 weeks! Woo!), along with how my midwife told me not to worry about not feeling the baby move yet, every pregnancy is different, yada yada...but still. It's there, in the back of my mind. So still, I fret.

Since I worry, I clearly will not cave and do any of the "good" drugs anyway - I will live by my Herman the Humidifier, blow my nose until it is raw, reek of Vick's vapor cream and ignore the fact that my husband guzzled all sorts of good drugs while he had whatever this is that he gave me and the bottles are still lingering on nightstands and bathroom sinks beckoning to me.

16 weeks, 6 days along

...and I am sick of being sick and feeling so pathetic.


  1. I don't recall feeling my baby move until 17 weeks at the EARLIEST, if that makes you feel better. If your placenta is anterior sometimes that makes it so you don't feel them very early. I have another pregnant friend who is two weeks behind me and just felt her baby move around 21 weeks because of that. Probably not making you feel better....sorry! You are well past 12 weeks and safely in the happy zone so try and remember, baby G is in there, just gaining the strength to punch you in the gut all day!

    Try and practice your relaxation for labor ( and know that pretty soon you will be feeling lots of movin' and shakin'!

    Also if it makes you feel better, we also had to go buy some plain ole' regular strength Tylenol, and I have been living slathered in Vicks sucking down my frog humidifier mist. And you will know me by the trail of tissues....(HIGH FIVE for winter pregnancies!) XOXO

  2. I'm glad I saw on FB you were feeling better! Hopefully there won't be a next time, but let me know if you need some chicken soup this weekend! It must be going around because I was out sick on Friday with a stupid cold thing that only got worse through the weekend. Thank goodness for having Monday off...I know it had to be TERRIBLE dealing with it without medicine!! Makes me do we get better without medicine these days really!?

  3. saline spray/neti pots. best medicine free inventions ever.

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