Thursday, January 13, 2011

Do you know what is funny?

Boobs. Boobs are funny to many people, or have been at at least one time in your life - it's ok, admit it. And if you are one of those people, then you will love this post. Why? because it is all about boobies!

It is sort of weird and awkward to write a post for the whole world to see about your breasts (Hi Dad! Aren't you proud?), but they are a huge part of this whole pregnancy and motherhood journey that I am headed down, and I want this to be an honest account of all the experiences of said journey.

So, here we go, all about the far.

Ladies out there, have you ever noticed that your bra size has become, almost, a part of your identity? Well, mine did. Hi, my name is Courtney and I am a 34 B. Or, I was. I was totally happy and fine with my B cup lady lumps (lets see how many slang terms for breasts I can use in one posting, shall we?).

But, then, well then I got pregnant.

And, they started to ache. They were sore to the touch all.the.time. Apparently this was because they were growing and changing, all so that I can supply my baby with nutritious and delicious ovaltine breast milk, when the time comes. Fine, cool, on board, can't wait.

But, along with that growth came the realization that I would need new bras. I figured that I would not need new bras until right before and after the baby made his or her grand entrance. But, that was not the case. Many sad faces came upon me. I love my bras! I have spent years finding the perfect ones, and the cute ones, and the special occasion ones, that would do what I needed them to.

Alas, there I was, a mere 13 weeks along, and I could tell - it was time for a new bra. The VS semi-annual sale was staring me right in the face so I headed over to get some new bras to last me until...I don't know until. Hopefully until I give birth? I happily went into the fitting room with a 36 B, and a 34 C. Surely, I would only need to go up a band size or a cup size, but certainly not both!

Let me tell you that I speak the truth when I say that I left that day with two size 36 C bras.

Identity changed. Tears shed.

(Over bigger knockers, I know. But seriously, I am hormonal and emotional, so I am going to let myself off the hook on this one.)

In comparison to my old bras, these things look ginormous. I should take a photo. Of just the bras. Not me in them. That would be super awkward.

They sure are comfy though.

Overall size of my bosoms is not the only thing increasing and changing though.

How do I say this delicately? My once perfectly pink and dainty 'rosebuds' are now evolving into not-so-dainty and significantly darker full bloomed roses.

Get my drift? (I don't need to hit all your NSFW filters here on this innocent little blog)

I have been assured by other recent moms that they will go back to normal once done breastfeeding for a while, but it is Weird with a capital "W" to look at yourself in the mirror before taking a shower and go - "whose boobs are these?"

I know that there will be many more fun and exciting changes to come, especially when breastfeeding starts and all that loveliness sets in, but it is certainly amazing what a woman's body can do in such a short time. Go biology.

And with that, we will wrap up this edition of "Changes in your Cans with Courtney"

16 weeks along

...and my husband is not complaining about any of the aforementioned changes.


  1. oh pregnancy boobs! they are great! I went from a 36 B to a 38 C when i was pregnant with zelda. Holy bananas was that a big bra!

    When you do get nursing bras don't waste your time with cheap ones. Go right for the bravados or equally nice ones. You will thank me later.

  2. Ok so the one thing I WAS psyched about pre-pregnancy was the lovely full sexy boobies people said I would get. WRONG. Besides some nip darkening my sweater kittens look and feel the same. I know they will get giant when my milk comes in, but I wanted some cleavage to flaunt around for a few months before that!

    PS Courtney I love that you blog about your "cans". Hugs!

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