Tuesday, January 4, 2011


To all of those arriving (all two of you - Hi Mom! ha.) now that this here blog has gone public, welcome!

This blog started as a way to chronicle my journey through trying and getting pregnant. I have kept more up to date with it than my original blog, since I know that I can't get this time back, but hope to be back to regular blogging on both now that my first trimester is OVER and energy seems to be slowly returning.

You can check out the archives over to the right if you want to read anything and everything I have ever written about, or if you are just really bored at work.

Or you can check out the Just Arriving? page for my faves and the highlight reel.

If all of this baby talk proves to be too much for you, then my best advice is to not read. I will throw highlights up on the regular old blog every now and again now that Baby G is known to the public, but this blog is for me to really remember all of these fun details.

If, on the other hand you are down for all the dirty (not that dirty) details, keep on reading!


14 weeks and 5 days along

...and we will see if anyone besides me reads this thing.


  1. I'm all caught up! Thanks for the fun details! It's certainly been eye opening as I'm sure it will continue to be. Keep those posts coming. You know I'll be out there keeping an eye out for updates.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Dear None,

    I see that you removed your lovely comment. But, really, welcome if you are still reading! This is up here for the whole world and i am glad you are/were enjoying the blog!


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