Tuesday, December 23, 2014

28 weeks

*I'm just gonna post this over here on time like it's not the very first bump date I have done this entire pregnancy. Let's roll with it. Thank God for self timed cameras.*

Pretty good - Japan is a *lot* drier in the winter than Virginia was, which is crazy, because island, right? - but I think it's maybe the heaters? Not sure. But everyone is experiencing the same, if the availability and variety of humidifiers at each and every store is any indication. I have been trying to pamper my skin a bit more, call it vanity at the ripe old age of 30, so it's been feeling better as of late.

I have been embracing loungewear a lot more this go round. Probably because I am mostly…at home. I have been getting dressed and going out and twice this week was told I make pregnancy ooh adorable - which is super nice to hear, but still, strangers commenting on bodies…weird. I weigh way more than I did when pregnant with Liam at this stage, but I don't feel like I look it, so…we shall see how that goes. My midwives assure me all is on track, and I do have to remember that I started at my all tim high of pre pregnancy weights this go round, but le sigh anyways. This may in fact be the highest gaining pregnancy. Crossing my fingers that isn't the case.

Eh. Food. I like it. No cravings.

Im having some cramping and painful moments when laying down and shifting positions at night, but other than that, only if I really over exert myself during the day.

Starting to be more and more uncomfortable. The heartburn is not good and I am starting to wish I had a Snoogle, but my cheap self probably won't buy one because, hello, almost done already. The comfort level of my sleep could have a lot to do with two toddlers pretty consistently crawling into bed with us as well.

Up and down. Most days, up. Taking Zantac as needed and combining with Tums when I need to. Blerg.

Fetal Movement
Off and on. Swift kicks to the innards every time I think about the fact that I haven't felt a kick in a while…but then again it may just be that I am too busy to intentionally think about it and my placenta is in the front. G3 kicked the doppler at my midwife appt today though when she pressed down hard, which was pretty hilarious.

The Girls
Never in my life have I felt such an urge to go braless. It's really helping my put together, let's get out of pajamas attitude, let me tell ya.

New this time around
I am eating sushi. We live in Japan. All the preggos do here. (Even though the naval hospital still strongly recommends against it, yadda yadda.) The broiled salmon with basil sauce at our local establishment is TO DIE FOR. So good.

Oh yeah, this again.
Discomfort. Trouble bending. Out of breath at the top of the stairs. Realizing that my body will not be my own again for a good long while. Etc. Etc.

Mental State
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I am missing my family and traditions (and grandparents to help out with toddlers who insist on injuring each other with the fierceness of their emotions) while at the same time so starting to deeply enjoy this experience and opportunity for our little family. Plus hormones. 

It is a strange time in my head and heart.


Evelyn Rae is three, oh so very three, Liam is almost two, what the actual heck, and I am 28 weeks along with Baby G Number 3

…and that means third trimester. Guess we'd better stop using the baby's room as a storage area. Oops!

28 weeks last go round. And the time before that.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Working on it.

I have some goals.

For example, to be caught up on finally posting all of Liam's monthly updates and photos…you know, the ones from over a year ago? …before this baby is born.

And you know, maybe before Christmas.

And to maybe get some bump photos or some sort of documentation of this pregnancy up before announcing that we have a new baby.

So…I'll just be quietly updating back posts over here. And maybe some new stuff. Maybe.

{Like the new background and header. That poor pregnant lady in yellow. She was just supposed to be temporary until I, you know, had my baby and wasn't pregnant anymore. Alas. Here she remains.}

If you subscribe or have a feedly thing set up, you should see the old posts as they go up, even though they are back dated. If not…just poke around a bit. Like today I posted his 9 month update. You know. A few months late. Just a few.

{{Insert embarrassed emoji here}}

And I started a new label, where you will find the first couple of posts I had saved in draft from finding out about G3. Click on the label on this post "III" and it should show them all. All two. From like, July.

Until next time, friends.

Evelyn Rae is three and almost a half, Liam is 22 months (!!!) old, and I am 26.5 weeks along with G3

…and that is almost out of the second trimester, kids. STFU.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Why am I so tired?

Oh, right.

Evelyn Rae is (so, so) 3 years old, Liam is *almost* 22 months old, and I am 25 weeks pregnant with Baby G Number 3

…and sometimes I like to brush up on my Excel skills. You know, for fun.

Friday, October 17, 2014


*I am fully aware that I have so many things to catch up on, but I'm gonna go ahead and just write this anyways, because I feel like it. And that's how this whole shebang started in the first place.*

We have officially been without our things for two months. Two months ago, the packers and movers arrived and boxed up our whole lives. You know, minus the suitcases and carry-ons that we brought with us, which even though my mother in law claimed looked like enough stuff to be the Beverly Hillbilles, has been woefully sparse.

And then, we set off on our journey.

There have been so many exciting and "We are in Japan!" moments along the way. Trying to find our way about in just our "small" little town of Yokosuka, let alone our mini adventures to Yokohama, Kamakura and Tokyo, has been filled to the brim with a feeling of strange, new and happy adventures that only the new can bring.

All that being said, as a new friend very honestly admitted - thankfully - when we arrived, it is the little stuff that will creep up on you. And indeed, it has been the little stuff. Sure there have been bigger issues and stresses along the way - hello trying to close on a house while across the globe and in direct opposite of all business hours!

It's the little stuff that seems silly admitting, but the 8+ weeks without routine, or your things in a new country are…sort of crazy. Trying to get kids back to a routine when they haven't been on one since… July? and doing it without any of the things that make them feel "at home"? Not for the faint of heart.

Life without trashcans or a toaster, or a coffee maker…or even bath towels…let alone your own bed - also not for the faint of heart. It allows you a bunch of time, too much time, to focus on the little things making you feel uncomfortable in every day life.

{Especially when you just made everything in the last house perfect…and your new house has even more little things that you dislike and can't change. The transition from homeowner to "renter" is…tough for me.}

We have been so grateful for the things that do allow you to transition to this life a bit easier - loaner furniture from the Navy, Fleet and Family services having loaner kits with some plates and silverware and (very basic) cooking utensils. New friends. Being able to keep in touch with old friends. Lots of Skyping and Facetiming with family.

But there is nothing that will throw you for a loop like realizing that you are completely illiterate in a culture that seems to move at lightning speed. The Japanese language is comprised of three alphabets. With thousands of character combinations.

…None of which we recognize.

Thankfully, there is quite a bit of "Romaji" or romanized Japanese out in town - meaning that the Japanese words are written in familiar letters (to us) and we can sort of sound things out. This is especially helpful at train stations when identifying where to get on or off. Or you know, on road signs when driving about out in town on the left side of the road. Yikes!

The Japanese people have all been so friendly, and we have learned a handful of terms to help us get through without feeling like we are impeding upon too many folks.

But it is completely surreal to look around and realize that you now live in a country where you cannot even sound out signs. Ha!

There has been quite a bit of progression on the cultural adjustment spectrum.

But it hasn't just been adjusting to Japanese culture. There has also been an interesting transition to immersed military culture. For a girl who hasn't lived on a military base since she was seven years old - over twenty years ago, mind you - it has been…interesting.

I have been so grateful that there are such a collection of women ready and willing to embrace and be open to new friendships. We are all in the same boat, after all…or rather our spouses are, haha! Navy joke! There have been social clubs that have had plenty of introductory events right on the timeline of us arriving which has also been wonderful.But as we were just discussing the either day - every thing you try to do, is a "thing", or quickly becomes one.

There are no choices for anything, and I am spoiled by a culture of choices. There is one commissary (even though I have begun doing a bunch of food shopping off base) and it may or may not carry your favorite food items or brands. Varies by day. There is one post office. And the hours are wonky. And you have to go there to pick up your mail because there is no delivery service. Which means that with kids in tow, something as simple as picking up your mail seems…daunting.

Many places on base only accept cash (which is super common in town, Japan is a cash based economy - Dave Ramsey's dream) - and some places only accept American dollars rather than US currency or Japanese currency. Which means my wallet is constantly filled with a mixture of paper and coins that may or may not go together. For a girl who has been a religious debit card user…pretty much my entire life…this has been a tough hoop to jump through.

All offices seem to take a lunch break and close down at the same time…and they all close by 4. Before A left for the ship we remarked and reflected so many times that it was a good thing indeed I wasn't planning on working while being here, because everything "business" related for a family has to occur during working hours.

That being said - base life is so convenient in many, many ways. There are like 200 playgrounds on this tiny little stretch of land, and the kids and I have visited almost all of them. There are some comforts of home, including a Starbucks (which of course only takes cash, isn't Gold Card member compatible and does not have pumpkin spice lattes - I'm holding out hope for a Peppermint Mocha come winter. Cross your fingers for me!).

As in the rest of life, there are plenty of pros (Japanese foods! The sushi y'all. Wow. New cultural experiences! Adventure around every turn!) and cons (being far from family, no Target, language barriers) but it is all part of the adjustment and experience.

As we let go of some of our routine comforts, the adjustment becomes easier. I think it will be aided even further by finally being able to begin feeling "at home" when our belongings arrive early next week - the dorm lounge loaner furniture, while immensely appreciated, can only go so far in making you feel cozy and well rested.

In any case, we are here, and we are adjusting. We are finding ourselves more and more comfortable on and off base. Making small strides here and there. Not being too hard on ourselves.

Just trying to keep the creeping at bay, by recognizing the small stuff, acknowledging and moving on so that we have the capacity to enjoy all the opportunity at our fingertips.

Evelyn Rae is 3, Liam is 1.5 and I am 18.5 weeks along with Baby G3

…and there is certainly more adventure to come.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Here we are!

Well folks, we've done it. We have moved to Japan.

I am still slightly in awe of this gigantic change in our lives and that for the most part - minus the actually having all of our stuff - we are through the majority of the hard parts of this move.

{Crosses fingers, knocks on all the wood}

It has taken me a while to get back on here, mainly because everything was coming up in Japanese for a while! Ha. Silly inter webs.

Clearly we are all still moving through this transition. The kiddos have been in RARE form, let me tell you. The sleeping has been rough, the behavior has been rough and well…it's all been very roller coaster-ish.

And just when we think they are settling in we throw a new curveball at them. Like, Daddy leaving to join his ship.

Which he did a week ago.

I have been hearing all sorts of terrible, heartstring pulling phrases from my darling three year old since Daddy has been gone:

"I want to go back to Norfolk!"
"I want my friends to live here too!"

and the real kicker

"This is not our home!"

Cue all the sadness and all the preggo hormonal tears.

...Oh, right. That.

On the off chance we aren't friends on Facebook, or you don't follow me on Instagram - we are expecting Baby G Number 3! Due to arrive St. Patrick's Day, 2015.

Year of Adventure, indeed!

Needless to say I have tons of catching up to do.

All those last monthly updates of Liam's first year... which are now about a year late.
All those last few house photos… which will probably make me cry.
AND all those bump photos/updates from this go round! Spoiler alert: We have been terrible about taking photos every week, so they will be truncated. Poor Baby 3.

Now that I can use the internet in English, I'm hoping to be back around this space more often to share our adventures with you.

Evelyn Rae is three, Liam is 19 months, and I am currently 17 weeks along with BG3!

…and - we live in Japan. Weird.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Goodbye Twenties, it's been real.

Tomorrow, I turn the big 3-0.

In honor of the eve of the big occasion, and saying goodbye to a decade that taught me so much, here are the top 20 things I learned in my 20's.
  1. It is ok to be honest. Whether that is with yourself or others, a little tact and honesty can go a much longer way than agreeing to things because you feel guilty or have a need to be the "Yes." person. Admit the hard stuff. Be genuine. Be you. It will still give you anxiety, but it's way less anxiety producing and better in the long run.
  2. The perfect ratio of cream is essential to a good cup of coffee, and there is no easier way to ruin a good cup of coffee than by making it too sweet. Ick.
  3. You really can push a baby out of your lady bits. Who knew? And, it comes out a real, live person. Crazytown.
  4. Related: Pregnancy is not my favorite state of being, and that is ok. It is emotional and hard and exhausting and nausea inducing. And though it will prepare you for motherhood, not liking being pregnant is in no way a reflection that you will not like motherhood.
  5. At the beginning of my 20's I wanted nothing more than to be out with people having fun and achieving things all the live long day. {In fact, when I turned 20, I became a sorority president, so yeah. All that that entails.} But as time wore on, I came to be able to really enjoy quiet time at home, by myself {/with small children who endlessly need your time and attention}.
  6. I am a better person when I find time read.
  7. And travel. Let's go see the world.
  8. My children are the only people in the world that can drive me so completely and totally nuts - and then wash it all completely away with a quick kiss on the cheek. Poof. Bad mood gone.
  9. It may - in fact - be a life long journey to try and get addicted to running. I've been trying since I was in middle school - still haven't gotten there.
  10. That goes for water, too. Still trying to be a better water drinker. The struggle is real when all you want in life is a fountain Diet Coke with crushed ice and a wedge of lemon.
  11. Marriage is tough sometimes - even if your spouse is your absolute best friend, you were together for 8 years and lived together for two of them before you got married. Being a grown up is hard work, and being intrinsically linked to another human while being a grown up, with their own thoughts, feelings and opinions that may differ from you is challenging and reassuring…all at the same time. 
  12. I can sew things. Like pillows. And clothes. And crib bumpers. And it is fun. So domestic.
  13. Hangovers are way worse as time goes on. {I imagine that this will probably be present in ten years when I reflect on the things I learned in my 30s.}
  14. I am content to have a really good meal be the entirety of the program for a night out. No need to see a movie, go to a show, whatever. {Though I still love those things} But a great meal - appetizers through dessert - to be savored and not rushed, that is something that soothes my soul.
  15. Your metabolism really does slow down as you age. Screw you, biology.
  16. I will probably never be the girl who leaves a party early or goes to bed at a reasonable time. Eh. It is what it is.
  17. Glorifying busy is really just terrible and exhausting. Our culture really beats this into you, and it is just soul consuming. This is something I am trying to conquer about myself every day.
  18. The right angle in a photograph really makes all the difference. Same goes for the right attitude, though.
  19. Confidence ebbs and flows in every facet of life. This is normal. But when you feel it ebbing away, learn what helps you to stockpile it back up. And then go do that. Nothing will solve problems like confidence.
and finally -

20. I will probably never, ever feel like a "real" grown up. 

Fake it 'till you make it, I say. 

Cheers, friends.

Evelyn Rae is 3, Liam is 17 months, I am signing off on my 20s

…and I am pretty ecstatic about the decade to come.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Oh, hell.

Here it is.

The nausea.

The rampant, sweeping, all of a sudden, coughing and hacking and make you want to lay down in a state of zombieism nausea. The super smell that I achieve in the beginning of pregnancy is a definite helper in this arena.

I keep asking my husband these things when I am so tired and sick feeling laying on the couch. All.the.time. I still haven't actually thrown up, just like my other pregnancies, but the constant state of - ugggghhh - is just there. All the time.

Could it have ben this bad before?  How can one little bundle of cells the size of a chickpea be impacting my bodily functions so much right now?! Is this time worse than the other times?

I say YES.

Mainly, because I am *in* this time right now.

And…it sucks.

Guess I will go chow down on some pistachios and hope for the best.

I feel terrible.

Evelyn Rae is three, Liam is 17 months, I am six weeks along with Baby G #3

…and holy crap this is miserable. The miracle of life, y'all.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Dreamy Bungalow {Upstairs Bath}

Hey there! Remember when I was giving you all a tour of our home? A little ode to our Bungalow of Dreams? Yeah. Well.

I went off on some adventures and then got super distracted and busy by trying to sell said home - STILL FOR SALE IF INTERESTED - but here I am again!

Back in action.

Let's move on.

Let's talk about our upstairs bathroom.

When we moved in, it looked like this.

Ummm. I know, right? Terrible. 

What is immediately obvious is that this bathroom was *not* original to the house. We aren't sure when it was added, but we do know that it.was.added. Fine by us, but the planning for the plumbing and all is totally not how we would have done it if we were planning this bathroom from scratch.

Anyways. Those hollywood style dressing room lights? Bad. The random hanging cabinet around the corner? Bad. Plus - underneath of it, on the floor was a litter box. Which. I mean. Yeah, you gotta have when you have kitties. But, right where you would put your feet when sitting on the commode? No thanks. It is such a narrow space, we didn't know immediately what to do to make it better.

But, we made some surface upgrades to at least make it look like grown ups lived there.

My husband always makes fun of me for wanting a clock in the bathroom, but he is definitely the one who also complains if I am running late!

We painted the same green from our dining room and guest room downstairs (mainly because I had just enough left over to do the bathroom and I was so sick of picking out paint colors). We changed out the lighting to these sconces (mainly because they were cute but cheap and came in a pair at Home Depot). 

I grabbed a bookshelf from Garden Ridge on the cheap that would fit perfectly in the little nook between the end of the shower and the window and would give us some storage for the time being, and there it was. We lived with it this was for quite a while.

After a while, the issues with this bath just kept grating on us. It was fine, but it wasn't great. It certainly wasn't a "sanctuary."

We went back and forth and teetered and tottered on what to do with this space. The mirror was tiny, everything was tiny! It is such a narrow space we felt really limited as to what sort of sink we could put in and still be able to function in the bathroom. We wanted more storage, and storage that wasn't so open, and counter space! There was none. Plus the floors were these terrible peel and stick vinyl tiles that had not been stuck all that well.

Literally the only counter space in the bathroom.

(Please don't mind the dirt in these photos, I took them right as we started demo.)

We knew that while we would love to move the entire bathroom around to function and use the space better (stay tuned for the "What I would do if I won the lottery" post!) - we didn't want to put the cash into moving plumbing when we knew we wouldn't be here much longer.

So we searched and searched and planned and planned. The narrow confines of the space were so limiting! (That sink only came out to about 18 inches from the wall, which is TINY in the world of bathrooms, but still made me feel like I had to stand in the shower to get ready when I was at the height of my pregnancies!)

Finally, we found a sink.

At IKEA! Now, this was before our kitchen renovation, so we hadn't already fallen in love with the genius that is IKEA. We were nervous. BUT. It only came 16 inches from the wall, and was 31 inches long! That was astounding to us, and such a better use of our super narrow space.

So, in we plunged.

Things got worse, before they got better. Much, much worse.

A. Who covers original hardwood with peel and stick vinyl tiles? (Not us)
B. Who then after much hemming and hawing over trying to restore said floors realizes they have to take a circular saw to the original hardwood in order to put in an appropriate subfloor for tiling? (Us.)

This is about the point where we looked at each other at midnight with no floor and said, "What the hell have we gotten ourselves into?!?"

But then, it got better.

…and then, it got much, MUCH better.

Ah, so much better than looking at your home's own infrastructure, yes?

We decided to add a tile that had a slight wood grain look that we fell in absolute love with - it picked up on the gray and blue tones that we wanted to bring into the space and still managed to bring a warmth as well. No regrets there.

We added a board and batten treatment to the walls to help brighten the space and give it some of the same level of interest and character as the rest of our home. We brought in new and polished elements, but old ones as well. We also put a treatment on the glass of the window to give it a "haze" which allows in all the natural light, but keeps the privacy as well. Goodbye mini blinds!

I did a bunch of modifications to the cabinet that came with the sink - white laminate was not the look we were going for, and I really, really didn't feel like building my own - and it ended up amazing. As you can see in the mirror (much bigger and nicer than the previous one!) we added a giant hutch that fits perfectly in the space and added so much storage that I honestly can't fill it.

…and I have a LOT of bathroom stuff.

We changed out the mirror and the sconces to better take advantage of the space that we did have, but everything is much more flush to the wall. These sconces project an entire inch less than the previous ones, and draw the eye upward. Same with the mirror which is twice as tall as the previous one, but doesn't project out as part of a medicine cabinet - we recouped that storage, and then some, in other places.

One of my favorite projects.

I found this toilet paper roll holder at a local antique shop and I am absolutely obsessed with it. 

As I said before, we really didn't change the layout of this room, but we did recoup some of the breathing room with very intentional choices, and really improved the storage and function.

Let's take a look at how far we've come.

Theirs / Ours

Evelyn is 3 (!!), Liam is almost 18 months

…and is it weird if the bathroom is now one of my favorite rooms in our home?

Round Three.

Welp, it's official.

We are insane.

…and having another baby.


Let's back up.

My cycle has been doing weird things to me since I weaned Liam. I used to have a super normal, albeit long, schedule after I went off the 28 day prescribed pill cycle. Like 30-32 days. Since even approaching weaning Liam, my cycle was running at more like 26 days, even 24. Super weird. But then the last few cycles have gotten progressively longer.

My period tracking app does not allot for that and the averages are all whackado since I had to get a new phone, the old information didn't save and transfer to the new phone, etc. So, when it said I was a few days late, I was all, "Eh, whatevs, I bet this is my cycle going back to like 30-32 days"

But then.

Day 34 came. Still no Aunt Flo.

I thought back to the one time that something could have happened. It shouldn't have been a "good" day. So it was one of those times that we decided the odds were in our favor and that we would roll the dice. Knowing full well of course what can happen.

It did.

I took a test last night, and there is was - Positive.

{We are like a walking ad for Sex Ed class - "It only takes one time, kids!"}

We looked at each other, over that plus sign and we just started laughing. We laughed for about an hour. We are so happy, and so excited, and so overwhelmed.

Somehow, this newest development seems to make all the other stresses in our life right now a whole lot smaller. House? It'll work out. Moving? Guess we will hit that weight limit after all - break the baby stuff back out! Travel and weddings and 30th birthday? It will all be just fine. We are having another kid!


Baby G Number 3. Here we come.

Evelyn Rae is just 3, Liam is 17 months, I am 5ish weeks pregnant with Baby G #3

…and here we go. Again!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our Dreamy Bungalow {Liam's Room}

Onto Liam's Room!

I have, of course, given a tour of this room when it looked very, very similar to right now, over on this post when I first made it into the nursery. If you want to see more detailed shots of my pride and joy, first triumph with a sewing machine, crib bedding - look there.

When we bought the house, this room seems like a tiny afterthought to us. It is in between the other two and is definitely smaller than the anchoring rooms on either side of the floor.

Though, let's be honest, it was probably an afterthought to us, because it was styled as one? Random sofa and two arm chairs…no lighting or decor. Definitely an afterthought.

When we first moved in, this room became the "Man Room"

…and I have no photos of it? Or can't find them in any case. We painted the walls some dark tan color, and accented with navy blue and we had a TV, an Xbox and a Lazy-boy recliner in it…and that was essentially it. A place for the husband to play his video games in peace.

Naturally, when we found out we had kiddos coming along…his room got nixed.

Sorry, hubs.

The room looks fairly similar to the first version of the nursery, though I changed a few things when Liam arrived, and we have added more storage to accommodate the growing amount of toys from two kiddos.

One of my first projects after Liam arrived was this mobile above the dresser (at the time it was a changing table as well, though he got moved to the floor for diaper changes pretty early on because he was such a wiggly thing). When this was Evelyn's room, I had a flower wreath mobile hanging above the table that my friend Lisa had lovingly made for her girls and delivered to me when Evelyn arrived.

This, again, was one of those awesome free projects that just sort of came to me. I had wire, an embroidery hoop, this neutral yarn to wrap it in and precut squares of card stock that had colors on both sides. So, during nap time one day, I turned all that into this mobile. The pinwheels actually spin, which is the part that gives me the most pride…because I am a dork.

We added this shelving unit not too long ago, shortly after Liam's birthday. This one was a hard choice for me, because I loved how open and clean the room felt before and I was sure that putting something like this here would wreck that feeling - it totally doesn't. Still tons of open floor space for playing and all his fun toys are within reach. We bought the shelf that matches the bookshelf that was already in the nursery, and we may buy another piece before we head to Japan as we think they might come to live in our living room.

My lovingly handmade crib bumpers have a new life these days as teething guards. They get the job done, though it causes me so much sadness to see them abused this way. If only my little pregnant seamstress self had known how destructive kiddos actually are in real life. Sigh. The crib skirt is also totally hidden now that the mattress is down as low as it can go. Oh, the sadness.

Perchance there will be some other sweet baby to enjoy my sewing skills…and subsequently help destroy them further.

I also made this little hook system for Liam not that long ago. When Evelyn switched rooms, the shelf that I made for her went along with her, so this space was strangely empty. I didn't know how to style a self with a mason jar for Liam, and then this idea occurred to me. It cost like $10 to whip this guy up one day in the garage. I did it while I had stains and brushes and such out for the kitchen counters anyways, so it was a nifty side project.

It hangs right over Liam's fantastic little PB Kids Anywhere Chair. We love these dang things, and the kids do too. I also love coming up the stairs and having my little man sitting in this chair, reading a book as the very first thing I see.

I just love his little room, too. I have spent so much time in this room rocking and cuddling and changing and reading and playing with my sweet babies.

This afterthought of a room, may be the room I will miss the most of all.



Evelyn Rae is 2, Liam is 15 months

…and I may have just shed a little tear thinking about this room. Sniff.