Friday, January 27, 2012

P.S. I made it.

Since the last two days have been somewhat mushy posts, today I bring you some EYE CANDY! At least, I hope it is eye candy. I love it, so hopefully you will too.

A few weeks back, I started shopping around the inter webs for a shelf to put in Evelyn's room. Not just any shelf though, a shelf I could hang her growing collection of jackets, coats and hats upon.

(Yup, I just used 'upon' instead of plain old 'on'. I may have been reading a little Jane Austen lately. Swoon.)

Anywho, I couldn't really find anything that I loved. AND THEN. Hold up, wait a minute, something I liked on Etsy! Who would have thought? I never find anything I love on there. (Can you hear the dripping sarcasm? Is that coming through here?)

So, I liked the shelf, but I wasn't in love. I didn't really love the hooks, and I didn't really love any of the colors...and the size wasn't just perfect. With plaster walls in our house, I hate hanging anything I don't l-o-v-e because it's not as easy to patch up holes and move on to something else as it is with drywall.

Plus, it was $35. Which isn't awful. But then $15 in shipping too? $50 for something I don't absolutely love? Maybe in a past life. But not now.

So I decided to make my own.


I know.

With wood and drills and a few trips to the hardware store and everything.

And I made it the size I want, and the color I want, and everything. CUSTOM shelf, for round about $25.

So here's the shelf. Please excuse the Target stuff still in the frames, I have to figure out which photos to stick in em, but was too excited to share.

So there it is.


Evelyn Rae is six months old

...and the title of this post was inspired by a new blog I love.

A. It is DIY CUTE stuff.
B. I went through a huge "p.s." phase in college
C. Did I mention this stuff is adorbs?

Check out P.S. I made this

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