Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Waxing Sentimental

On the day that my baby girl hit six months old, and we did our little celebration with her daddy and I, I got all sentimental after putting her to bed and went and read her birth story.

Sidenote: Advice to all moms-to-be or those who are already moms who never wrote a brith story - WRITE ONE. I am so glad that I got down all the details that I remembered right after the fact. (Something I dismally failed at for my wedding...two years later and my wedding blog recaps are still "in draft." Ooops.)

Again I got all teary-eyed reminiscing on that feeling when I finally saw my little love for the first time. I already loved her so much and yet had no idea how much I was going to love her now.

I also reflected on the fact that I had at least 12 or so typos in that novella of a story, but then I got tired (it was late!) so never went back to fix them. Maybe next time I read the story. Forgive me.

In the spirit of that sentimentality, I realized that there were a few forgotten birth story moments that I never shared, or, er, corrected.

See, first of all, if you read my birth story, you know that I *claimed* there was no one else in the elevator with us as we went up to the L&D floor at the hospital. Turned out, there was. My sister in law pointed out to me that there were three other people in the elevator! Welp, I guess that is some serious labor haze for you. Try and try as I might to remember those folks, I absolutely cannot even remember their presence, let alone their faces. Apparently they wished us good luck on our day, so I hope I said thanks at the time and if not, they didn't find me rude - lady in labor!

The other things that I forgot to include are my first observations of my darlin' girl. When she first came out, I suddenly understood what the phrase "bow-shaped lips" really meant. Girl had perfect bow shaped lips. Still does. Two perfect little points at the top of her lip, and a full bottom one. They were a little swollen from birth upon arrival, so were a little plumper then, and I was instantly in love with those lips.

I also noted, upon seconds after her birth that Ev had detached earlobes! I hadn't even consciously known that I was looking out for that. I have detached earlobes also, but her daddy has attached. Literally, one of the very first things I said to A after she was out was, "Look! She has detached earlobes! She can wear earrings!" (Not that you can't if you have attached earlobes, I was just delirious with happiness.)

So those are my forgotten moments of Ev's birthday. And now I must go get my big, chunky cheeked, detached earlobed, perfectly plump lipped baby girl up from her nap, as she is calling out to me from her crib. 

Evelyn Rae is six months old

...and I get the biggest smiles when I go in to get her from her morning nap.

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