Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Obsession

Marketing Genius.

That's what this is.

Have you heard of these new things, these "auctions" on Facebook?

I am obsessed. Specifically with "Smocked Auctions". I love smocked clothes on a little kid (I blame my time in Georgia). But, they are typically SO expensive. Like, ridiculous. Well, this business out of Dallas, has a genius marketing strategy to sell every.single.item. in their inventory, twice a week.

What is smocked clothing? Oh, honey. Bless your heart.

This, this is an adorable smocked dress that would be PERFECT for the 4th of July, or any little girl whose daddy is in the Navy. Like mine. Sigh.

What you do is "like" the group or page or whatever on Facebook. The on Tuesdays and Thursdays CST, they have an auction. But, how do you have an auction on Facebook, you might be wondering?

I was confused at first too.

They post pictures, "previews" all day - like of that lovely up there, and then everybody gets "on" at the designated time. They post the pictures again, with a list of sizes and how many they have in each size and the price. The first however many people to comment under the picture with their size, until they run out, "win" that item. They invoice you through paypal, and you are good to go, free shipping, on its way to your door.

Usually the items are $35-$40, which is really a reasonable price with free shipping for smocked items.

Or so I tell myself.

AND they usually have bubbles for sale. What is a bubble? This is a bubble.

And this is how a little girl wears a bubble.

I die of cuteness overload. Perfect summer outfit, amirite?

We may or may not already have a few items for this summer. And seeing as bothe the anchor motif and the strawberry one that I have posted here are up for bidding tonight, we may have more on their way soon.

I really didn't think I would be quite so into this, but as I sat there a few weeks ago, ready to bid, I started feeling adrenaline rush through my body - the thrill of the hunt! And as I saw my name appear, against hundreds of others, as the very first comment below the dress I really wanted, I threw my hands up in the air in triumph!

My husband, sitting next to me on the couch noted dryly, "Just what you need, competitive spending."

These women are genius, I tell ya, genius.

Evelyn Rae is six months old

...and you can learn all about this if you are really interested here - http://www.smockedauctions.com/

...though I can't believe I am sharing this and increasing the competition.

...Oh, they have boy stuff too, for those of you out there with sweet little men.


  1. Wow, I really wish I didn't read this one!!! Maybe we can team up , so one of us always "wins" the good ones ;)

  2. We would love for you to check out our facebook auction, It's a smocked world. We are very new and have our auctions on Wednesday nights at 8 pm CST. We are having a contest right now to win a FREE outfit! We hope you will join us!
    Julie and Jaime