Thursday, January 12, 2012

Six Months

Miss Evelyn,

Welp, you are getting this letter a day late, because you didn't want to give your momma any time to write it yesterday! You and your daddy have both been a little under the weather, and while it was crazy at times to take care of you both - you guys were awfully cute cuddled up all snot-nosed together on the couch.

You have had such a big month! Your first Christmas and first New Year's all this month. We went on your first airplane - technically four of them - to travel to Wisconsin to be with my side of the family. You had your first snowfall while you were up there too! Not too much of it, but enough to grab some pictures. You even helped open your own presents, though you just wanted to rip the paper to put it in your mouth.

You are now a rolling machine, though you are still pretty unhappy about the whole thing. You especially do not like it when you roll yourself over onto your stomach to get a toy. Tummy time may never be your thing my little lady. You are sitting up on your own now, and standing when leaning against things, like the ottoman in the living room. You are scooting yourself around too, how I have no idea, but whenever I put you one place and turn around you have spun yourself around or scootched somewhere else. Your hand-eye coordination is amazing, and you are grabbing everything in sight that you want...which is pretty much everything. I can't believe how big you are getting!

This month we have started sleep shaping too, which has been a little rough on mommy and daddy. We don't like to see or hear you cry, but you have been pretty unhappy about the new no-nursing-to-sleep rule. You have recently come out on the other side of that though and are sleeping like a champ!

We have started a bed-time routine which includes story time, and your parents are having so much fun reading baby nonsense books. After a baby book at bed time, we hang out quietly for a while and daddy reads for a little bit from some novels, for mommy and daddy story time. And then, you hit the hay, round about 8 or so. You have been sleeping in till about 7 or 7:30 which is awesome.

You did already have some solid foods, and you are going to have more tonight! You have gnawed away on a piece of cauliflower and some bread, and tonight we are going with some squash puree, and maybe a few chunky solids so we can continue feeling out baby led weaning. You are still really drolly, but those teeth haven't popped out yet. We bought you some sippy cups, both with little straws and without, and you have figured out how to use them both! We figured you wouldn't have too much trouble with straws, since you are always trying to grab ours, but we weren't sure. You don't seem too fond of the water that was in the cups though! I think we will try a little breast milk next time.

You are definitely finding your voice, and are really just the smiliest, happiest baby. You are a huge flirt whenever we go out in public and flash big ol' gummy smiles at everyone you meet. Sometimes it is even hard for me to get things done because everyone wants to have a conversation about how adorable you are! You keep the tantrums and unhappiness a secret from everyone except mommy and daddy, you little sneaky baby, you.

You recognize familiar faces and flash them all a big smile when they come your way. I do have to say that it is somewhat adorable how much you are hugging us back lately, throwing your chubby little arms around our necks when we pick you up and hug you. And your little baby giggle doesn't hurt either.

You are just the most lovable thing. And we love you like crazy. Even the puppy is warming up to your presence now. He lets you pet him and grab his hair and ears, and he even licked your cute little face a couple of times this month.

I cannot believe you are a big six months old! You bring so many smiles to my face, bug.

All my love,


Evelyn Rae is six months old

...and we may or may not be having a "half-birthday" dinner for her tonight.


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