Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Odds and Ends

Ready for a photo dump? Here we go!

Once upon a time we took Ev to the Grand Illumination Parade. Yay!

And then we put up our tree and realized the best baby toy in the WORLD is a lit tree. Calming. Soothing. Amazing.

And then *we* put Christmas lights outside!

Oh hey honey! Glad it's you and not me up there...notice Ev and Bings supervising from the front porch. 
I made myself busy by trimming and pulling out plants.

For years, A has been promising me a nice Advent calendar...and yet I have never found a perfect one. So I made one this year to make do, until that perfect one comes along. Look! I can make things!

Who are those dressed up folks? What?! That's us?! Look! My hair is even done! And I am wearing shoes that, like, make me taller and stuff. Wow.

The day after the grown up party, we went to the squadron's kids party!

Look! Santa arrived on an F-18.

And Ev met Santa...

Apparently Daddy can make things too! Check.him.out.

Small aside, when I was a kiddo, one of my FAVORITE things about anything Navy related for my dad was the fact that there would be bubble wrap available to jump on. Don't asked me what genius aviator realized this, but apparently it is still a party staple! Even in these high tech times! Be still my heart.

More kids came running once this kid started it, but I didn't want to be that creeper taking photos of other peoples' kiddos.

Ev got her early Christmas present from us! And LOVES IT.

Don't let this sweet face fool you, shortly after this I picked her up and she had filled her entire outfit with baby gravy. Yikes.

I made goodies for my neighbors.

I like to do things like this to distract from the fact that I am the and can never remember anyone's names.

Then we went to Wisconsin and Ev got to enjoy her VERY FIRST SNOW!

Evelyn Rae is five months old for a few more days

...and it turns out we had a busy December. Huh. So, that's where I was.

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