Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Card Outtakes

Yes, I realize that I am waaaay past Christmas, and that everyone else in the old blogosphere is doing New Years resolution posts, etc. BUT, I never shared these photos, mainly because I was all caught up in crafting and baking and all sorts of other stuff.

Plus, I have nothing exciting to share regarding resolutions. I don't really do 'em...other than the same ones as everyone else 1. Get organized 2. Exercise more...etc. If they ever actually happen I will let you know.

(Expect a couple of Christmas catch-up posts over the next few days.)

So, as I complained about before, it took ALL DAY to get the simple little photo shoot I had in mind set up and actualized. Mainly because I don't like to learn how to do things until I am in the moment...oops.

In the process of figuring out lighting, aperture, how to balance my camera on my dresser, you know the use, I snapped a couple of these cuties.

After a while, my model fell asleep while her daddy was in the shower...

And then my first child decided he wanted some photos too...even though I made him wear a ridiculous Christmas scarf.

I love that dog.

Evelyn Rae is almost A HALF A YEAR OLD

...and holy crap, when did that happen?!

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  1. Man, Bings is one good-lookin' dog! I mean, I know Evie gets all the attention but give the pup a little credit...he's quite photogenic!

    And I got my Christmas card in the mail the other day. So cute!! =)