Thursday, January 19, 2012


Well, I am officially that kind of mom.

I did it. I threw my kid a half birthday party.

Now, in my own defense. I didn't know this was a *thing* when my sister and I came up with it one day. We just figured it would be super cute, and we would do something small - have the grandparents over for dinner, you know.

Welp, when I googled ideas for foods I could serve in halves (as you do), I came across TONS of pictures of all this cute over-the-top stuff people had done for their kiddos! Then I really felt like an underachiever (damn my competitive spirit). Alas, it was already the day of the party, nay, dinner, so I didn't have time to whip everything into super mode. The word of the day was casual.

I still think it came out pretty cute though.

I don't claim to be a great baker or decorator. But, look - it's a half of a cake! Get it?

Menu: Hamburgers (that were supposed to be served in halves, but husband didn't get the memo), Twice Baked Potatoes, halved, naturally, and Broccoli Slaw.

The "birthday" girl noshed on some tomatoes (BLW style) and ate a bit of homemade Butternut Squash puree. Also, she drank some water out of both cups there. 

The elusive "old lady face."
And, she was naked under that bib. See her clothes on the piano behind her?

Evelyn is six months old

...and I know she ate some of the tomatoes, as I was, erm, blessed (?) enough to find some tomato seeds in her diaper the next morning. 

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