Thursday, June 28, 2012

Make Believe

The last couple of days have been like living in a pretend world. I have no baby, no husband, no dog to take care of...what the heck? Totally, totally weird.

If it weren't for the fact that I am sneaking up to my room to pump every few hours, I might even forget about my "Mommy" identity all together for a few days.

So weird, right?

Clearly, I know that I have a family at home to go back to and take care of, and I do in fact miss their faces and snuggles and personalities. (And my bed, because I woke up one big ache this morning from the hotel bed. Yikes.)

But, there are literally no men here to remind me of my husband and how I miss him and holding his hand. I am spending the day with 800+ women, no men in sight, so no couples to see and think, "oh, that would be nice."

Also not here? Babies. Ok, being totally honest, there is ONE baby here, but I have only seen her from afar, so I haven't had the chance to flirt with her and see those adorable baby expressions that would make my heart ache.

We are so busy during the day (as I type this I am sitting on a couch in the atrium marveling at the efficiency with which a few hundred women are lining up to meet National Council at a special reception) that there is literally slim to no time to actually think about and miss my fam.

Tomorrow though.

When I head to the airport in the morning and I am facing back east, I am pretty sure the anticipation will be unbearable.

I have had a lovely time in this world of make believe, but I think my return to the real world will be pretty damn great too.

Evelyn Rae is almost twelve months old

...and snuggling that bug is number one on my list. If husband is lucky, I might let him snuggle her too.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Leaving Baby

Courtney here, blogging from my sorority's national Convention in Louisville, KY.

I am so, so, so (times a million bajillion) excited to be here. It has been quite a few years since my last convention experience (2006-Houston) and Only a few things in life have changed since then. Ha.

This is also my first time away from Ev for longer than, um, 12 hours? Since she was born. So far, no tears on my end. Hopefully none on hers as she hangs with grandma at the beach.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Evelyn Rae is eleven months old

...and the estrogen from 800ish women surrounding me for the next few days should keep me totally unemotional per uze, right?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fit for a Friday.

Some fun shots, as promised, of the sneakers.

Happy Friday y'all!

Evelyn Rae is eleven months old

...and seriously. I love those shoes.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yay Daddy!

Why Daddy? Because he is the one who come home early today, which enabled me to nab a last minute appointment at the salon to get my hair did.

Also, he's cleaning while home and taking care of the baby.

Also, I get to go get a spray tan tomorrow. (I am slightly nervous for me too. Cross your fingers mkay? )

Also, I am getting my nails done on Saturday.

Yay Daddy indeed.

Evelyn Rae is eleven months old

....and I also made dentist and doctor appointments. In case you were wondering. Yay Mommy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cloth Diapering Continues

Way back in February we bought ourselves some BumGenius Freetime AIOs.

As you may remember from my very first post about cloth diapering, I was jazzed because I thought this would be such an upgrade and beautiful love child from my two other favorite BumGenius products - the old All in Ones (discontinued) and the 4.0s.

First full day of cloth diapering - was she ever really that little?!
Pictured - old BG AIOs.

Well, see, here's the thing.

I don't love them.


It's not that I don't like them, I do, they just aren't my favorites. Why? Who knows why. There is nothing wrong with them. I repeat, nothing wrong with them.

They work great and are absorbent and come in super cute colors and patterns.

But, I find myself reaching for the 4.0s pretty darn consistently as my first choice in diapering. And recently, when I headed into Diaper Junction to pick up a new cloth diaper to add into rotation - that's the one I bought. (And FINALLY in the Dazzle color I have wanted for so very long!)

I honestly don't know why they appeal to me so much more, but in my gut, they are my favorites. They are just solid. While the design of the Freetimes is genius, there are a lot of moving parts in there and it just seems so...messy? I dunno. So, we are happy with the three we bought, but I think we will stick with the 4.0s from here on out.


In other cloth diapering news, since I last posted we have encountered SOLID POOP. Lots and lots of it. Ugh. Poop is gross, we all get it, and sometimes it is gag inducing in its smell or just mind boggling amount.

But, it's all part of any diapering. What I like best about cloth diapering is that it isn't just sitting in a bin in my house hanging out for a few days till the trash gets taken out. Ew.

It goes right down the toilet, just like all the rest of the poop.

annnnnd, let's pretend I never said that.


Dealing with solid poop is no joke, especially out in public and stuff. When we first started Ev on solids, I ran out and grabbed these babies.

We used them at first because, well, we didn't really know what to expect, and we didn't want to commit to the larger purchase of a sprayer if we weren't sure about it, blahbity blah. Silly beginners. Spoiler alert - we bought a sprayer. 

We continue to use these, however, when we are out in public, running errands, out to dinner, etc. because it is so nice and easy to be able to pick this up from the clean ends out of the diaper and flush away any poop in a public toilet quickly and easily, and we don't have to cart it home with us. No thanks.

As I mentioned above, we did indeed end up buying a sprayer.

It attached in no time flat to our toilet tank and has worked perfectly for us. I turn the strength only about half of the way up and am able to do what I need to do to with no mess.

The other thing we have added to our repertoire since the last post is...

We had a little bit of an issue with some ammonia irritation a while back and after doing some research we incorporated this into our routine. Perfect.

We also changed detergents from Charlie's Soap, since some other folks mentioned that they had some issue with ammonia while using Charlie's too. We picked these guys up from Diaper Junction and have been nothing but pleased so far.

We use the detergent for everyday wash, and maybe once every two months or so do a soak with the ammonia bouncer. Both are awesome.

I may try making my own cloth diaper detergent here shortly since the recipe doesn't vary much from the normal detergent I already make for our everyday laundry. We shall see, we shall see.

In any case, those are the big changes around here in regards to diapering.

If you are thinking about it, DO IT. Don't be scared.

Evelyn Rae is eleven months old

...and I think I might swing by Diaper Junction and grab some more 4.0s here shortly. 

P.S. If you're local - have you SEEN their new (since the last time that I blogged about it) storefront? Gorgeous. Go soon.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This whole weight thing.

Le sigh.

I promise that I am truly very happy with our newest, and littlest (the size of a lentil bean!) surprise.



No one else knows!




Like, not chunky chunky.

But damn. I was looking GOOD.

And now.

The bloat. The damn bloat.

Remember how quickly pregnant looking I got last time??

8 weeks with Ev.

Welp, I guess I am really in for it this time. 

How did I never notice how clingy my cotton summer dresses were before now? I always thought they would be great for hiding early pregnancy. JUST KIDDING. They are all like, oh hey! Look at this belly growing already!


I just hate that people will think I'm fat for a while. Just when I was feeling all rejuvenated by getting my body back.

There's always next time, right?

Evelyn is eleven months old, I'm six weeks pregnant with "Baby G: The Sequel" (husband's vote for a nickname - ugh.)

...and please let me believe that there is body recovery after the next time. Please.

Out of Balance

As of late, I have been feeling a little out of balance on this blog.

It's as if I lost my way for a little while and now am trying to meander on back.

There have been a lot of photos and not a whole lot of well, substance. Mainly because, hello, I have been out living my life and taking photos of my darling baby girl and then throwing them up here.

But, I have been reading back through old posts. And I realize that I used to actually write on this here blog. Like with opinions, and thought, and a small dash of awesomeness from time to time.

I am still that person. But, instead of sitting at a (mindlessly boring) desk job all day, and having the time to really reflect and write without compromising time with my family...

I am now chasing my extremely fast crawling, stair climbing baby, swatting the dog away from her food, changing and washing diapers, trying to keep my house clean enough so that my husband doesn't sigh when he comes home (a losing battle, btw, WINNING), and you know getting dinner on the table at a reasonable hour so bedtime routine can go down.

...and so is every other mom in the world. Nothing special here, I totally, totally know.

But as I wrote back here (look a post with substance!) this job is both the best one I have ever had, and undoubtedly the most challenging.

I will freely admit that though most days, I feel like I have got a routine down and am rocking this whole thing, on others...well it seems that I never will. The elusive "perfect schedule" is floating just beyond my reach. I can see it, I can taste its misty goodness, but I just can't quite grasp it.

I want to make writing here a priority, truly, I do.

It keeps me sane. It's good for my soul.

I know that might sound crazy,'s true.

I have been trying. Just not very well.

I am going to try harder.

Evelyn Rae is eleven months old

Harborfest/OpSail 2012

We went. We had fun.

I love this town.


Evelyn Rae is eleven months old

...and we went back the next night with no kids. <3

Monday, June 18, 2012

Holy Crazy.

The next few weeks round these parts are going to be insane. I can't even go into it without stressing myself out, except to say, here's what's coming -

  • Mom, Grandma and two aunts visiting
  • Outer Banks
  • Leaving my baby for four days
  • Sorority Convention in Louisville
  • More Outer Banks
  • Flying to Wisconsin
  • Cabin time
  • Flying home
  • Ev's First Birthday
  • Ev's Birthday Party!


Eleven month update is coming, I promise. But now I gotta go mail birthday party invites. Which I was supposed to do last week. ::Sigh::

Evelyn Rae is eleven months old

...and holy crazy life. Amiright?

This again.

Ugh. Nausea.


Can just one of my pregnancies go the way of my own mother's? And by that I mean no.freaking.nausea.

Waves of it, coming and going.

Here's the one change though.

A few months ago, I saw some coconut water in the grocery store. I had just seen the stuff mentioned on Pinterest, or a blog, or something, and thought, what the heck? I need a non soda drink to fall in love with...let's give this a shot.

I brought it home, and LOVED it. Like, so refreshing and awesome - and not even the flavored stuff. Just the plain.

UM, how come NO ONE told me about Coconut Water when I was so nauseous last time??

(Um, probably because you kept the whole thing a super secret for a v. v. long time last time, you might be remembering or saying to me...but still.)

I swear to you. Anytime I am feeling nauseous, drinking just a little bit sweeps it all away!

Magic, I tell ya. Magic.

Well, alright, apparently it is actually science. Not magic. "Coconut water has low acidity, and therefore, has an alkalizing effect to relieve the nausea commonly associated with pregnancy." Yes, I know that site probably isn't a legitimate source, but whatevs. It is also pretty commonly used to rehydrate from dehydration, another common cause of nausea (though I swear to you I am drinking water like a fish again these days).

And, of course, (NOT a doctor) does, in fact say, "Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Not enough is known about the use of coconut water during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use." Blah blah blah.

Is it a little pricey? Yes. Will I pay it every time anyways? Absolutely.

Yes, I plan to ask my midwife about it at our appointment and make positively sure that it is safe, but until then, it is my savior and I will worship it as ambrosia.

Evelyn Rae is eleven months old, I am six weeks pregnant with Baby Deux.

...we are still working on the nickname for New Baby.

Why do all #2 names sound like a bathroom joke? Ugh.

Round these parts we were going with "Poppy Seed" and then "Sesame Seed" last week...this week would accordingly be "Lentil Bean."

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy (Grand) Father's Day!

Yes, it is indeed that time again - Father's Day.

A and I have a downhill slope once April hits with so.many.holidays all in a row for us!

His birthday, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Father's Day, Ev's Birthday then MY Birthday. All from the end of April to the beginning of August. Not to mention those national holidays like Memorial Day and my ALL TIME favorite holiday, the 4th of July.


For those military families out there who shop at the NEX, you will know why A got his Father's Day present a little early (yesterday)'s SCRATCH OFF TIME!

Like 4 times a year, maybe less, the NEX sends out these scratch off tickets. They can have 5%, 10%, 15%, 25% or 50% off ... your entire purchase hidden underneath those shiny gold buttons. You, of course, have to have your entire purchase selected (no take backsies) before you head up to the register where the cashier scratches your selected button off.

The husband and I have been hankering for a grill for over a year now, but just never could bite the bullet. So, finally, yesterday I surprised him with one - after using a scratch off coupon. (5% of course. Whomps.)

Yay for Husband! He got a brand, shiny new grill that I promised to use to make him steaks on Sunday, and a HILARIOUS Phil Dunphy Father's day card. ("I'm hip. I text. LOL - laugh out loud, WTF - why the face...")

But, as you may have inferred this post also includes the GRAND Fathers. Who are getting cute as a button pictures from their grand baby.

Now, as much as I hate to ruin a surprise, here is a little preview of the photos being sent to each.

We had to interrupt her v. v. important phone call to snap this one. 

A little back story, as long as I have been alive, 
and even before that my Dad has had red high top Converses. 

Please note the shoes in this photo.

Evelyn Rae is eleven months old

...and I will tell you this - more photos from our little high top shoot will be shared after my Daddy gets all SEVEN photos I sent to him. <3 

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Well folks, I am still shell shocked.

I can't believe that I am pregnant.

Getting my mind back wrapped around all the pregnancy info/stuff is crazy. Considering I felt like I was such an expert on the whole thing the first time around it is amazing to realize all the info that went right out the window the second Evelyn was actually here.

It's sort of like cramming for a test, and then brain dumping it all onto that one exam and walking away.

I literally just had to look up the due date calculator AGAIN and confer, to myself, how you count how many weeks preggo you are. I mean. This is beginner stuff. Am I right?

Over the last couple of days, I have been bouncing all over the place with emotions and stuff. And nausea. And heartburn. And exhaustion. And sore boobs. And oh yeah, all those pregnancy symptoms.

Wow. I still can't even wrap my brain around it. I think it's a little harder because this is what we (in grad school) called an "unanticipated transition."

Don't get me wrong, I am totally happy when I think about another little baby and that newborn-y smell and a whole 'nother personality to love and adore and snuggle

But, I am definitely having my freak out moments too. This was/is so out of the blue!! I mean, as I mentioned to my husband, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. We are two adults, sexually active, in our reproductive prime, so... yeah.

But still!

I worry about how this will affect Ev, and our relationship. Is it better that she is so young? She won't really remember what it was like to be the only kiddo? Or is it worse because we can only explain everything to her so much?

And then...

Sometimes I forget entirely. The other day I walked up to a soda machine thinking how delicious my Diet Coke would be... and then I remembered... I should probably have water instead, because I had already had a small cup of coffee in the morning. And dang it, I had already paid for a soda! I could have had water for free!

How do you forget you are pregnant? I mean, it's just so cray.

And just when I felt like I was getting this whole "Mom" thing down.

I know some people say that the transition from one to two is NBD, but I cannot conceptualize changing two kids diapers, one of whom will be running around and wanting to play and have fun and the other who will be breastfeeding every three hours around the clock.


Husband remains like a little kid at Christmas. So flipping excited.

Thank goodness. He keeps me from freaking myself out too much.

Evelyn Rae is eleven months old, I am 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant with G2 (still working on the nicknames)

...and excuse me while I go chug some water to quell my nausea.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What you need when...

...your iPhoto won't load and everything on your computer is going crazy all of a sudden.

...a little common sense.

(I know this is sort of a crap "What you need when" post, but I did actually find myself in need of this recently.)

Turns out, the solution to my problem wasn't all that different from what I used to do with my PC.

Restart the dang thing.

And, all is back to normal now.


Here are the TONS of photos I promised a while back. Like Friday.

Oh! Hey there Mom...just playing with the dog toys - nothing to see here. 
(Also, you can really see those bumps in these photos. Poor baby.)

Umm, why are you still watching me?

Alright, alright - I will leave.

Look! I am crawling away!


Checking out the new patio furniture...which will be getting its very own post here shortly.

Pupster came to guard his baby. He is all about her now. 

"Uh Oh. "
About what? No idea. 

Hey puppy...

I bet you'll eat this leaf.

I knew it! Hilarious. 

Wait...where did he go?

Don't mind me... just a topless baby here.

Whew. Even the grandmas should be pleased with THAT amount of photos.

Evelyn Rae is 11 months old

...and girl has some crazy hair these days.