Thursday, June 28, 2012

Make Believe

The last couple of days have been like living in a pretend world. I have no baby, no husband, no dog to take care of...what the heck? Totally, totally weird.

If it weren't for the fact that I am sneaking up to my room to pump every few hours, I might even forget about my "Mommy" identity all together for a few days.

So weird, right?

Clearly, I know that I have a family at home to go back to and take care of, and I do in fact miss their faces and snuggles and personalities. (And my bed, because I woke up one big ache this morning from the hotel bed. Yikes.)

But, there are literally no men here to remind me of my husband and how I miss him and holding his hand. I am spending the day with 800+ women, no men in sight, so no couples to see and think, "oh, that would be nice."

Also not here? Babies. Ok, being totally honest, there is ONE baby here, but I have only seen her from afar, so I haven't had the chance to flirt with her and see those adorable baby expressions that would make my heart ache.

We are so busy during the day (as I type this I am sitting on a couch in the atrium marveling at the efficiency with which a few hundred women are lining up to meet National Council at a special reception) that there is literally slim to no time to actually think about and miss my fam.

Tomorrow though.

When I head to the airport in the morning and I am facing back east, I am pretty sure the anticipation will be unbearable.

I have had a lovely time in this world of make believe, but I think my return to the real world will be pretty damn great too.

Evelyn Rae is almost twelve months old

...and snuggling that bug is number one on my list. If husband is lucky, I might let him snuggle her too.

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