Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What you need when...

...your iPhoto won't load and everything on your computer is going crazy all of a sudden.

...a little common sense.

(I know this is sort of a crap "What you need when" post, but I did actually find myself in need of this recently.)

Turns out, the solution to my problem wasn't all that different from what I used to do with my PC.

Restart the dang thing.

And, all is back to normal now.


Here are the TONS of photos I promised a while back. Like Friday.

Oh! Hey there Mom...just playing with the dog toys - nothing to see here. 
(Also, you can really see those bumps in these photos. Poor baby.)

Umm, why are you still watching me?

Alright, alright - I will leave.

Look! I am crawling away!


Checking out the new patio furniture...which will be getting its very own post here shortly.

Pupster came to guard his baby. He is all about her now. 

"Uh Oh. "
About what? No idea. 

Hey puppy...

I bet you'll eat this leaf.

I knew it! Hilarious. 

Wait...where did he go?

Don't mind me... just a topless baby here.

Whew. Even the grandmas should be pleased with THAT amount of photos.

Evelyn Rae is 11 months old

...and girl has some crazy hair these days.

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  1. Such a great photo dump! Well done! And oh my heavens she's cute! Love her outifts too. It was pretty difficult to for me to let McKenna's hair grow out. Gotta have such patience. :)