Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Out of Balance

As of late, I have been feeling a little out of balance on this blog.

It's as if I lost my way for a little while and now am trying to meander on back.

There have been a lot of photos and not a whole lot of well, substance. Mainly because, hello, I have been out living my life and taking photos of my darling baby girl and then throwing them up here.

But, I have been reading back through old posts. And I realize that I used to actually write on this here blog. Like with opinions, and thought, and a small dash of awesomeness from time to time.

I am still that person. But, instead of sitting at a (mindlessly boring) desk job all day, and having the time to really reflect and write without compromising time with my family...

I am now chasing my extremely fast crawling, stair climbing baby, swatting the dog away from her food, changing and washing diapers, trying to keep my house clean enough so that my husband doesn't sigh when he comes home (a losing battle, btw, WINNING), and you know getting dinner on the table at a reasonable hour so bedtime routine can go down.

...and so is every other mom in the world. Nothing special here, I totally, totally know.

But as I wrote back here (look a post with substance!) this job is both the best one I have ever had, and undoubtedly the most challenging.

I will freely admit that though most days, I feel like I have got a routine down and am rocking this whole thing, on others...well it seems that I never will. The elusive "perfect schedule" is floating just beyond my reach. I can see it, I can taste its misty goodness, but I just can't quite grasp it.

I want to make writing here a priority, truly, I do.

It keeps me sane. It's good for my soul.

I know that might sound crazy, but...it's true.

I have been trying. Just not very well.

I am going to try harder.

Evelyn Rae is eleven months old

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