Sunday, June 10, 2012



I told A last night.

I insisted that after the birthday dinner for my friend Jessica, we meet up down at OpSail 2012.

And ride the Ferris Wheel.

And then, when we were at the top, overlooking the beautifully lit harbor of our hometown with ships and people and a beautiful summer breeze blowing in the air...

I told him I had something for him.

Immediately his face filled with the panic that comes whenever I get him an unexpected gift.

(WHAT?! A present?! But, I didn't get you anything! Was I supposed to get you anything?! Our anniversary is in two days still right?!)

And then, I handed him two positive pregnancy tests tied up with a bow.

His jaw dropped and he grinned like a little kid.

He is thrilled. Like, thrilled thrilled.

He asked if I was joking (pretty elaborate ruse if I was, amiright?) and we both giggled a whole lot, and then he kissed me and said,

"Court, you make me so happy. This is amazing"

In short - We are thrilled.

And shocked.

And I am writing everything I am feeling here, because I can tell no one else just yet.

Evelyn Rae is a day shy of eleven months old, apparently I am four weeks-ish pregnant

...and wow.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Court! I can only imagine all of the emotions that you must have been (and probably still are) feeling. So excited for you guys! Love the way you told the hubs! That is pretty stinking special (this coming from the woman who told her husband while standing in the bathtub trying to get good enough light to see the preggo test results). Love you friend!