Tuesday, February 7, 2012


We're so trendy around here. Definitely on the forefront of the fashion industry.

Of cloth diapers that is.

Evelyn is modeling her new BumGenius Freetime All-in-one One-size cloth diaper in Lovelace. I just couldn't resist picking up this pattern when I saw it in person at Diaper Junction. They got so few of these in in Hook and Loop, that they didn't even put them on the website for order. Score one for shopping locally. Woot!

These are still on a "test drive" so we kept our receipt just in case, but so far...I like 'em. We picked up three of the new stye and have been incorporating them into our regular rotation. I'm not yet in love, but only time will tell on these babies.

Evelyn Rae is six months old

...and I will definitely review these further in the future. But, I couldn't resist sharing a photo of a cute, cloth diapered butt.

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  1. I couldn't resist getting a couple of the new colors and the Albert pattern! We stuck with the 4.0s...anxious to hear how you are liking the free times :)