Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What you want when... are a new mom. AKA Courtney's Favorite Things. Just like Oprah! But, you know, without cars and vacations and stuff.

A few weeks ago I put together some packages for my friends who were/are about to give birth, Shelby and Leigh Anne. Well, Shelby scooped me and gave birth before I could get it in the mail...and then Leigh Anne scooped me and sent me a Facebook message asking for my opinion on the very stuff I had already bought for her!

My friends, man, my friends.

Anywho, I got Shelby's in the mail on time, but then the WORST DOG ONE THE FACE OF THE PLANET (I say that with so much love) ripped into Leigh Anne's package and destroyed everything (grumble grumble grumble), so hers had to be redone and took a little longer to get out the door then I thought.

They have both received them now though, so I thought I would share. My idea was to put together a few of my favorite things for a new mom, with little notes. You get plenty of stuff for that cute little bundle, of course, but since both of these ladies are too far away for me to bring them a home cooked meal...I wanted to do something for them!

(I have included Amazon links for everything, but they are almost all bulk items. Apparently, Amazon doesn't think people would go online to buy a $1 pack of gum. Whaa? So, if you *really* trust my taste...ha.)
  1. PerrierCitron - Because sometimes you get sick of plain water.
  2. A little note from moi.
  3. Nature Babycare wipes- Because you will always need wipes. And these are my absolute favorites.
  4. Ibuprofen - Because you will need it at some point, period.
  5. Medela Pump and Save Breastmilk Bags with easy-connect adapter- These are my favorite breast milk storage bags, mainly because of the adaptor, which is clutch. The adaptor is the new design and I find it soooo much easier than the old design with the sticky strap thing to attach to a pump. 
  6. 100 Calorie Packs of Nuts- "Healthy" snacks for a mom on the go. I love these little packs, especially the cocoa roasted almonds. I sent both those and the walnut almond mix packs. You need to keep those calories up when breastfeeding and these are always easy to throw in a purse...or diaper bag.
  7. Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares- as my dear friend Leigh Anne said when she received this, "I like how there was no note for the chocolate - because chocolate needs no explanation." Truth. 
  8. Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads- These are my favorite nursing pads, hands down. I have never had a leak with them, they don't show through shirts, and I don't even adhere them to my bra...just stuff em in there. 
  9. Boogie Wipes- Because there will be a first cold, and nobody likes to be covered in snot. These are saline wipes that smell awesome, and clean up a snotty face like none other. I am in love with these things, seriously.
  10. And finally, Trident White Gum- Because, inebvitably, unannounced visitors will drop by before you have a chance to brush your teeth.
So, there it is, my new mom care package. Between this post, and the fact that I clearly post better when on some sort of a schedule, I would also like to take this opportunity to announce a new blog feature - "What You Want Wednesdays". The plan is that I will be doing product reviews/recommendations every Wednesday. Of course these companies are not giving me stuff for free, nor do they have any idea who the heck I am, etc.

I am thinking of incorporating a giveaway of said products, as well, every so often. Because they are my favorite things and because I want to share. Almost like a "real" blogger. Ha! I dunno how any of that would work just yet...maybe if I get at least 10 comments or something, I would randomly pick one of y'all to send whatever it is. We will try it out and see what happens.

Sounds like a plan, glad we had this little chat.

Evelyn Rae is seven months old

...and let's face it, I was kind of glad the dog destroyed Leigh Anne's first package...because that meant leftovers from the second one for me!

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  1. =D Loved everything! I can't wait to *actually use* it all!!!