Saturday, February 11, 2012

Seven Months

*This post is very, very late - but my theme week on scheduling got in the way of its posting. Ironic, eh? It's been in the drafts though since February 11th, so I'm posting it as that date. Also, I included TONS of photos to make up for lateness. That equates, right?*


Today you are seven months old. That seems so.grown to me for some reason. You have had a big month! Your first solid foods, settling into a great sleeping routine, and your first ODU v. VCU game today.

(We lost.) But, we still had a great time. You are wearing your game day outfit in your photos - it was a white out game, so that's why you are rocking your white onesie instead of your ODU one. Daddy's friends and fraternity brothers from college reserved a party box for the game so you had quite the VIP experience. Along with all the other little babies there...times sure have changed for those boys since college. 

You did so well, and only got scared when the place went wild after the first shot. You were in the Ergo with your dad and looked out the side right at me and your face crumpled into tears after the look of shock wore away. it was...adorable actually. I grabbed you and cuddled you and you calmed down really fast. You were so happy the rest of the game and even napped int he Ergo with your dad a little bit later. I wish your first big rivalry game could have been a win, but alas, it was not. A really close game though, down to the last few seconds. So that's cool too.

Onto your bigger month long things. Let's! You like food. What a surprise, considering your gene pool - ha! So far you have eaten all sorts of veggies, fruit, bread and meat. Fruits and Veggies - cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, greens, sweet potato, rutabaga, squash, zucchini, green beans, avocado, tomato, pears, peaches, bananas, potatoes, nectarines, cucumbers, celery, oranges, carrots...all sorts of stuff. But, I think that covers most of it. You have also had bread, pasta, eggs, chicken, pork and steak. Look at you. You are a pretty adventurous eater, and Baby Led Weaning (letting you feed yourself with bigger pieces of food instead of purees) has been going really, really well for you! 

You have been sleeping so well and trying to crawl all over the place, which is so crazy. You sit up on your own like a champ and stand when leaning against things still. You haven't quite mastered pulling yourself into either position from straight off the floor, but you are getting there. Your teeth are so close to coming through (post edit: both bottom ones poked out mere days later!) and I think that's why you have been such a serious little baby lately.

All this food certainly had you getting bigger. You are not only growing in length, but you are also getting a little heavier - how much, we don't know until your 9 month appointment - but you are still a pretty skinny baby! You have started drinking some water with your food, but you don't really like it so far. (Neither do I, baby girl, but water is a must, so we deal.) You are still nursing on demand during the day, and loving it, so we are still on the full swing of all of that. I was sort of worried when you liked solid food so much that you would start weaning yourself a bit, but no way jose. 

We have had some really nice weather here and there this month, and you love being outside, so I absolutely cannot wait for summer to play outside with you. I am thinking of signing us up for a Mommy and Me swimming class at the Y, so we shall see if that happens. You like singing along with, well, anyone singing really and have really found your voice even more this month - and you LOVE being loud. Despite all my attempts to say Mama to you eight million times a day, you haven't said that - or anything really - yet. You also dance along to inning, by beating your feet on the floor and grooving around, and you are also sometimes even on beat! Look at you.

You do make this funny little hooting noise when you see your puppy though, and you only make it for him. I like to think it is your impression of his pitiful little noises when he is waiting for you to feed him off your high chair (of which you do plenty). You have definitely realized that when you hold food down to him, he comes to lick your little hands - and you love it. So, we are dealing with that right now, but you think it is hilarious, so I don't know how much headway we will make.

It's really pretty cute.

You are getting so big, and loud. You are becoming such a little person, our little Evelyn. I cannot wait to hear all of what is going on inside of your head. Soon enough. Soon enough.

All my love,


 Oh hey Mom, just chilling here, eating my hands.

Oh, haaaaaai paper!

Get over here!

But, Mooooom! You are the meanest.

Look, I promise, Ill be nice over here.

Look, chewing on my fingers again...

HA! You fell for that crap. Can't believe it.

Evelyn Rae is seven months old

...and I call that last one "Baby in Motion"

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