Monday, February 13, 2012

Schedules, ugh.

Why would I ever have my first theme week on this here blog on something that we all detest, like scheduling, meal planning, chores and such and...blech? Maybe we don't outwardly hate it, but inwardly, I don't think I am the only one that groans at the thought of such 'grown-up' ideas and chores.

Well, I am doing this week because I think the majority of us all strive toward more of a schedule anyway, regardless of our comments to the contrary.

"We're just free-spirits, man, you can't pin us down. Just living this Rock and Roll lifestyle." Maybe we felt like that and really lived that way at one point in our life.

Really, most of us, have more of these moments than anything else as we get older.

It's so true. I feel for the lady in this picture. I have been there, at two am. completely in over your head in a project that you sort of wish you had just paid somebody to do for you. In some ways life was better when you just didn't care. Amirite?

College, man. College was so damn fun. But, as you grow up...things change. I know I am not alone in this if only because of the outlandish number of Pinterest ideas on ways to organize your life.

In fact, I pinned this the other day after reading it.

Go ahead, take a minute. I'll wait.

The point is, I hope you all know that I do not take any of this shizz too seriously. Getting organized and creating routines are not the most fun things in the world, and I am certainly not very good at it. Well, I am GREAT at creating them, just not sticking to them.

You should see my husband roll his eyes at my color-coded, excel spreadsheet, cutesy scheduling and organization attempts and purchases. I love getting it all together and figuring it all out and putting them on the fridge...but when it comes down to actually living them? Well...different story.

Here's the thing, kiddos need schedules, or at least a pattern of predictability. It's just what has been rattling around in this little brain of mine lately, so I am writing about it.

Sleep Training/The Nap Time Race
I am a great Stay at Home Mom, but not a good Housewife.
Day in the Life.
Making Time for Relationships.

All coming your way this week.

Evelyn Rae is seven months (!!) old

...and I hope that she sleeps well enough this week to allow me to get all these posts done. Those damn teeth. <3


  1. I'm truly looking forward to your posts! I feel like I am not alone in these feelings, and I might even be able to convince me husband to read these so he doesn't feel like I'm the only one!! I'm especially looking forward to "I'm a great stay at home mom, but not a great housewife" because as I was cleaning the bathroom the other day, Hannah was crying because she wanted to play with mommy( and until she's more mobile, it's impossible to do both) so I thought, man... How do these women do it?!?! Something has to give (and I'm leaning more towards the chores being what gives ;) )

  2. My dear Courtney, I know you thought your mom was crazy at times. But if you recall that I did try to keep you guys on a schedule as well as possible, why because it made my life easier. Kids are more content if they know what to expect. There are lots of things that help to like when they nap, do dishes or clean one room a day. Cook meals ahead and put in the freezer. Somedays they just need you all day to be with them. Laundry can be folded while your talking with your little one. But remember I told you once that the only person that was crazy at the end of the day was me because I was the only one that cared if everything was spotless and picked up. Dont make yourself crazy, do what you can and if your lucky to have your husband home have him help when he gets home. Because when he is out to sea you are mom and dad and sometimes that gets really hard at the end of the day to stop and think what did I accomplish today. But if your child is happy and healthy, they had loving arms to shelter them, then you did a lot. Love you mom

  3. I love the someecard. Did you find it on Pinterest like I did? ;)