Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day in Our Life: Evening


We pick up approximately five minutes after where we left off...

3:20 pm
I bring a sleeping baby into the house...and she has decided that 10 minutes of sleep in the car is enough of a nap for her. Check this energy. "Wow Mom! That was such  refreshing little siesta!"

3:25 pm
We are another diaper change down -I think that's 5 so far- and I have grabbed the iPad to keep me sane while I try and get Ev to go back to sleep for at least a short nap. It's already pretty late in the day for a nap, and she slept for so long this morning I am not optimistic. On the same hand, I'm not totally worried either if in fact she does not show signs of wanting to go back down, since she usually does three hours across two naps.

3:50 pm
My waiting has paid off. Once she started rubbing her eyes and doing her tired routine, I knew it would be worth it, and turns out, I was right! She is asleep for at least a little while.

4:00 pm
I head into my room and decide to give myself 15 minutes of quiet time with Twitter and Facebook.
Mr. Bingley notices that I have no baby with me and decides it is his turn to cuddle with Momma. Don't worry pups, we still love ya, buddy.

4:15 pm
I head downstairs and realize our champagne glasses (toasting flutes from our wedding! How romantical.) are still on the table and need to be washed.
As does the rest of the kitchen mess I left earlier. Whomps.

4:40 pm
By now I have emptied the dishwasher, reloaded it, washed down the delicate stuff, swept the floor, changed over the laundry and my whole kitchen smells like lemon verbena thanks to this stuff - Yum. I also pull out some split chicken breasts to defrost for dinner.

Then, since the kitchen is semi-clean I decide to take a few photos since the hubs and I are thinking of submitting the quirks of our kitchen to HGTV for a show. Momma needs a new kitchen! (those counters are hideous, yes? Laminate that looks like butcher block? Gah. Such a tease.) Plus, we've got that awesome Chinese, er, something on the idea about that. It's attached with about a thousand nails on the back though, so we can't remove it without ruining the cabinet door. 

4:45 pm
I head into the laundry room to put my detergent into my new solution container that I found earlier at Target (the trip was mostly a failure, by the way, did you know they don't sell individual sheets anymore? just the sets? lame.)

...and I get about as far as cutting off the wrapping when the monitor starts showing those familiar red lines. I head upstairs to find one super unhappy baby. I mean look at that face! I grab her, change her diaper (6!) and head downstairs to settle in for a nice long feeding.

5:00 pm
We are settled in, watching the DVR show that I didn't finish from earlier, when in walks my sister from work. Why, hey Aunt Ashley! Daddy seems to be running late so we will need to bump dinner back a little bit.

Which means a later bedtime. Oy.

It shouldn't be too big of a deal because Nana might be swinging by later tonight anyway.

5:20 pm
Ash plays with Ev and the puppy while I head in to start dinner. Chicken Shephard's Pie...since I didn't make it to the grocery store this morning, we are rocking a dish I can make up as I go with what's already in the fridge and freezer.

While I'm in the kitchen Daddy comes home and I miss getting a good shot of him and his baby before he heads up to take a shower. Booooo. He's also not feeling great, it seems that his lunch is upsetting his stomach. Hooter's food can be like that. Uh huh.

5:45 pm
Dinner is well on its way, and Ev is hungry, so she gets a little preview. A stick of celery and some attention from the pup. I think he is warming up to her. Couldn't have anything to do with the food.

6:15 pm
I throw dinner in the oven and A starts the kitchen clean up so we won't have as much to do after dinner. Love that man. Making up for that lunch at Hooters with the waitress "who wasn't even pretty."
Mmm hmm. Sure husband, suuuuure. ;)

7:00 pm
Dinner is served. Evelyn is getting some chicken, sweet potato chunks and mashed potatoes, plus the rest of the Spinach, Apple and Rutabaga puree. The grown ups get the pie and a salad. Tons of veggies on tonight's menu.

7:30 pm
...and we have successfully destroyed our dinner. There are even potatoes in her hair. Geeze. We get the phone call that Nana is not in fact coming over so we get the hurry up defense going on protecting some semblance of bed time. 

7:45 pm
Ev gets some snuggles from Daddy before we head upstairs to get her cleaned up and ready for bed, while Daddy does the rest of the dishes. Once up there, she proceeds to act like a crazy baby smiling and yelling and laughing. 
Oh boy, we are in for it tonight.

8:00 pm
We rock out our goodnight feeding, and then this crazy baby decides to have one last surge of energy while we get ready for story time. In that last photo she had just launched herself forward off my lap to shimmy down my legs toward the dog. Because she ALWAYS wants to play with him. And sadly, he only wants to play with her if there is food involved. Poor baby.

8:30 pm
Daddy finishes reading and we stick Ev in her crib. WIDE AWAKE. And yet, strangely there is no fussing. We do three rounds of "You are My Sunshine" and boom, she's out. Preferring to not question this miraculous occurrence of a tear free bedtime, we tiptoe out of her room and congratulate ourselves. Only a half hour after normal bedtime! Wee!

9:00 pm
By now I have poured myself a glass of wine and gotten caught up with husband about his day, while I finished my little detergent project from earlier. Much more scoop able container, and the excess went into an old clean milk jug until I need to refill it. And, the new jug was only $7. Check that off the list!

9:15 pm
I decide to reward myself with a few Girl Scout cookies for a job well done. Pat self on back, and we get the cute new Valentine's gifts from Grandma ready to go in the wash.

9:30 pm
I get these blog posts going and try to start uploading some pictures while my loving husband brings the trash bins out to the curb. We decide to head upstairs to catch a couple of DVR shows before bed. Wednesday night comedy = awesomeness. Modern Family, Happy Endings. Yay TV.


Evelyn Rae is seven months old

...and whew. I am exhausted from all this posting. Still my favorite blog project to date.


  1. Such awesomness! :) Thanks for sharing! I think you should definitely do this kind of a post again when you have TWO little ones to keep you even busier. ;) Evelyn is such a cute little thing! Her little tongue is sticking out so much. I also hate it when the 10 minute car nap is all they think they need. I love your healthy food choices and I love the nursing pics (since I just weened Ben I'm missing it).

    1. Haha! I will definitely do this again, I can't even imagine life with two little ones right now! <3

  2. I am a crazy picture-taker on these days, too - it's hard not to be! You will be glad to remember all these little details in the future. Really enjoyed reading about your day!

    1. Thanks so much for the inspiration! I always enjoy reading about your days, but they used to especially brighten my day when "all I did" was sit at a desk...thanks for the opportunity to participate in the roundup!

  3. While I don't envy the early wake up, your girl sure can nap with the best of them!! I think I also took about 400 pics for my day in the life too :) My motto is always better to have too many than too few :)

    1. That's always my motto too Erin! My husband thinks I am nuts...

  4. What a cute little girl you have! My daughter is almost 6 months so it was fun to read about your day and get a sneak preview of our life in another month.

  5. I took few pictures this time around, but I feel so inspired to take more next time. I wish my 5 1/2 month old napped as well as your baby. Wow! And your dog is just the cutest!

    1. Haha! Diana, when Evelyn was 5 1/2 months old she barely all. The dog, however, has always been cute ;) Thanks for reading!

  6. You have painted fingers AND toes! I'm so jealous. It's funny - we have all the same baby play toys around our house - I mean, exactly!! And, great staple outfit too. Seriously jealous of your awesome painted fingers and toes...with a seven month old! You rock!

    1. L - It's only because it was Valentine's the day before, haha! You should see them now! Thanks for reading!

  7. Your daughter is adorable! Love all the photos - more is definitely better to document these days, I always feel like I take too few!

    1. Thanks! It was a crazy day, that's for sure!