Thursday, February 9, 2012

Baby G Pool - Part II

Remember way back before Evelyn was born, when I created a birth pool?

{Like a betting pool, not a reservoir of water where you give birth...}

Welp, I never posted the results and distributed the promised Starbucks gift card to the winner.

Why, you may be wondering.

See...the thing is...

I won my own birth pool.


I know, I KNOW.

Here is the rundown of results. Sorted, of course.

Should I have actually entered my own birth pool? Probably not. But, I did. People encouraged me I did. And I won. And the second and third place folks are A's mom and his grandmother.

The thing that killed most people was the time of day/date as those were the largest swings of numbers.

Fun observations -

  • Only 6 of 29 folks thought we would have a girl. 
  • The latest due date guessed was 7/7/11 by Linds. (Ev was born on the 11th. 4 days after the latest date. Bless all your hearts for being optimistic with me <3)
  • Earliest date guess - 6/23/11 by Kari and Brandi.
  • Biggest baby guess - Andria at 8 lb. 14 oz.
  • Smallest baby guess - Wilson at 6 lb. 13 oz. (You are such a nice man.)
  • Most people were within an inch or half an inch of length guess.
  • Whitney had the closest size guess at 21", 8 lb. 12 oz. She was only off by half an inch and one ounce!

Since I should probably disqualify myself - though I already gift myself Starbucks all the time, and this is a rationalization! Whee! - I will declare Nana the winner of this one.

Good job Nana! I will buy you a coffee next time we see you. Which I am pretty sure is this afternoon, maybe?

Evelyn Rae is six months old

...and I did this math a really long time ago.
But then I was embarrassed.
So I didn't share.
My bad.

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