Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Puppy Love

For a long time, tummy time had many faces, but most commonly they looked like this:

or this...

My girl hated tummy time. Hated it. We couldn't really figure it out, because from birth on she had great head control and neck strength - the pediatrician always commented on how strong she was...she just refused to exhibit it while on her stomach. She would just lay there, head on the ground, crying. Occasionally she would push up to look to see if we were still there listening, and then put her head back down and keep right on blubbering. Stubborn.

But, then one day, we realized that all our girl was missing to make tummy time enjoyable was...her puppy!

Evelyn l-o-v-e-s Mr. Bingley. As long as she can see him while on her tummy, she is a happy baby.

Problem is, her love is not returned.

It's not that Bings is mean to Ev, or that he gets grumpy around her...he just prefers to pretend that she doesn't exist. Occasionally he comes over to lick her if she is on the floor, and will pay her the same amount of attention as any other non-food new object in the house. Like a book I may bring home, or a new pair of shoes.

I think when she starts eating real foods he will become her biggest fan, but until then...

She will just keep having her first experience of unrequited love.

I know baby girl, I know.

Evelyn Rae is almost 5 months old

...and I think it's the cutest thing ever when babies give you such grown up facial expressions.