Monday, December 5, 2011


Saturdays stink.

Have you ever had one of those days, where nothing huge happens to ruin your day, but there are tons of tiny little things that add up into a ho hum kind of a feeling? Sort of like a windshield with all those little spider cracks, everything threatening to fall apart if just one more thing happens?

One of those days where you wake up thinking that all you want to do is take a nice picture of your family for a Christmas card, and then you get up and take a shower because it's Saturday morning and your husband is home and you finally get your one shower more than two seconds because someone else is watching the baby but then your husband doesn't think about it and does laundry while you are in the shower and you end up with hot and cold shower lottery and you can't really be mad because the man is doing laundry! and then you get out to get ready and the baby is losing it and the dog is into things he shouldn't be and then you can't figure out your fancy camera because you were an English major, not a photography one, and who has time to read a manual when the baby needs to be fed some more and then you finally get the whole family ready and the light is almost gone and you have to force everyone through it anyways and try to keep your husband and baby and puppy all happy and excited and then you finally get a somewhat acceptable photo and breathe a sigh of relief because of course that coupon is going to expire tonight for that site, so you have to do this right now, and then think wow, things are looking up because your husband is going to take you out for Mexican for dinner and then things are really looking up because you head out to do a little shopping, and hey you are wearing your size 6 pre-pregnancy jeans and that is awesome, but then it gets all blah again, because a customer service lady who has just by handing you the coupon you didn't get mailed even though you signed up for the mailings like twelve times looks at you holding your baby and then looks pointedly at your midsection and asks, "and when is this one due?"


Yeah, me neither.

Evelyn Rae is four months old

...and according to my husband that lady looked like a toad anyways. Harrumph. Happy Monday!

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  1. AHHHH! WHAT THE F?! It would've taken everything I could do not to kill that lady, especially after such a ho hum day... Bitch!