Thursday, December 15, 2011

Five Months

Evelyn Rae,

Here we are - five months into this crazy roller coaster of your life. I love you so much little bug that every time that I sit down to write these letters to you, I get so overwhelmed that I stump myself as to how to put those feelings into words. Someday, you will experience love that is so big it feels like your heart might burst from the size of it. That, my dear is how I feel about you every day. Especially when you greet me in the morning with your big gummy smiles.

Speaking of gums, I am pretty sure you are legit teething now. You have been a little fussier as of late than your normal happy self, and drooling like nobody's business. Sometimes you have little wails and moans of pain, and it But, we are going to get through this together.

You have been such a big girl this month. You rolled over! 3 whole times. That may have been a bit sarcastic. You have been rolling up on your side almost since you were a newborn, so I thought you were going to roll over well in advance of what the "experts said". Buuut, you are also a chill baby. You like kicking your legs around, but are pretty content just chewing on Sophie or any other of your fave toys that happen to be around (those dang teeth).

So, you just hang out on your side most times, and don't actually throw that leg over to get all the way around. You did this month though, and looked at me like, "So? I could have done it this whole time, but I like my side, mk?" Truth be told, I missed your first one, because I left you on your tummy on the floor and ran to grab my camera...and when I came back, there you were looking up at me. No big deal. Alrighty then, check that box, moving on.

Also this month you went to your first Norfolk Grand Illumination parade! We went with your best friends Caroline and Charlotte Mazzio, who love to help with you and call you "Baby Evie". We rode the Tide down to downtown Norfolk, and you slept the whole time. You loved all the lights of the parade, and did so well. We also went to Christmastown with Nana, Haley and Justin. Again, you did so well and looked so cute in your little red coat and hat.

This month was your first Thanksgiving and you had a great time. You did your first art project (hand turkeys) that I think we will make a tradition so you can see how you grow! I certainly am a proud mama with my very first art project hanging on the fridge.

You have definitely evolved into the flirtiest of babies as well. You have always smiled at people when we are out and about, but now you smile and coo, and duck your head and act all coy. You keep chattering more and more, and everyone comments on how talkative you are. Ha. I can't imagine where *that* came from.

Bingley and you are becoming better friends this month, which I think will continue when he can lick you and get some actual food off of you in the future. Speaking of which, we will be starting you on solids next month. You are definitely interested in the food that your dad and I eat, and even more so interested in my straw tumbler. You try to grab it out of my hand and put the straw in your mouth at any given opportunity. Since I am anticipating you eating us out of house and home, I have already begun stockpiling some homemade baby food...though we are considering something called Baby Led Weaning too, so we shall see how it all goes down. You can bet there will be photos.

You are growing and getting so big and curious. I sometimes cannot believe that I grew you from a tiny little dot inside of my body and now here you are - a thriving baby and soon a child. I can't wait to keep watching you grow, bugaboo.

All my love,


Evelyn Rae is five months old

...and I am really trying to call her Evelyn more now, for fear she will think her name is "Bug".

...and since I couldn't decide between photos this month - you get a lot. Plus two GIFs. (If they may have to click them...) Merry Christmas!

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  1. Evelyn you have grown so much. Grandpa and I can't wait to see you. You have a wonderful mommy and daddy. You are very lucky! Merry Christmas! see you soon Gma Barb