Friday, July 25, 2014

Oh, hell.

Here it is.

The nausea.

The rampant, sweeping, all of a sudden, coughing and hacking and make you want to lay down in a state of zombieism nausea. The super smell that I achieve in the beginning of pregnancy is a definite helper in this arena.

I keep asking my husband these things when I am so tired and sick feeling laying on the couch. All.the.time. I still haven't actually thrown up, just like my other pregnancies, but the constant state of - ugggghhh - is just there. All the time.

Could it have ben this bad before?  How can one little bundle of cells the size of a chickpea be impacting my bodily functions so much right now?! Is this time worse than the other times?

I say YES.

Mainly, because I am *in* this time right now.

And…it sucks.

Guess I will go chow down on some pistachios and hope for the best.

I feel terrible.

Evelyn Rae is three, Liam is 17 months, I am six weeks along with Baby G #3

…and holy crap this is miserable. The miracle of life, y'all.

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