Monday, July 21, 2014

Round Three.

Welp, it's official.

We are insane.

…and having another baby.


Let's back up.

My cycle has been doing weird things to me since I weaned Liam. I used to have a super normal, albeit long, schedule after I went off the 28 day prescribed pill cycle. Like 30-32 days. Since even approaching weaning Liam, my cycle was running at more like 26 days, even 24. Super weird. But then the last few cycles have gotten progressively longer.

My period tracking app does not allot for that and the averages are all whackado since I had to get a new phone, the old information didn't save and transfer to the new phone, etc. So, when it said I was a few days late, I was all, "Eh, whatevs, I bet this is my cycle going back to like 30-32 days"

But then.

Day 34 came. Still no Aunt Flo.

I thought back to the one time that something could have happened. It shouldn't have been a "good" day. So it was one of those times that we decided the odds were in our favor and that we would roll the dice. Knowing full well of course what can happen.

It did.

I took a test last night, and there is was - Positive.

{We are like a walking ad for Sex Ed class - "It only takes one time, kids!"}

We looked at each other, over that plus sign and we just started laughing. We laughed for about an hour. We are so happy, and so excited, and so overwhelmed.

Somehow, this newest development seems to make all the other stresses in our life right now a whole lot smaller. House? It'll work out. Moving? Guess we will hit that weight limit after all - break the baby stuff back out! Travel and weddings and 30th birthday? It will all be just fine. We are having another kid!


Baby G Number 3. Here we come.

Evelyn Rae is just 3, Liam is 17 months, I am 5ish weeks pregnant with Baby G #3

…and here we go. Again!

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